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Zionists Finger Hezbollah for Hariri Snuff Job

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Lebanon’s Unity government has gone tits up following the resignation of eleven ministers led by Hezbollah and its allies due gross dissention in the political ranks concerning the continuing witch hunt instigated by shifty Shylocks in Tel Aviv and Washington four years ago under UN Security Council Resolutions 1164 (2006) and 1757 (2007) to coerce the United Nations and corrupt stooges inside the Lebanese Republic’s government to establish a hybrid international court - the ‘Special Tribunal for Lebanon’ (STL) - to probe the February 2005 assassination of Sunni Muslim ex-Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in Beirut – along with his accompanying bodyguards and twenty-three pedestrians – plus a cast of hundreds injured in the blast proximity of the St George Hotel.

Thus it came to pass that the Zionist-dominated US global bully government of the late moronic George Dubya Bush, with a spot of prompting from the bottom feeders running AIPAC, forced the UN to establish this Special Tribunal for Lebanon to investigate the propaganda-driven pre-concluded indictment that elements of the Syrian military and Hezbollah were responsible for snuffing ex-Premier Hariri - and to totally exonerate the Israelis of any complicity in such a plot to murder, with malice aforethought, a foreign head of state.

Hmmm, really, as if God’s Chosen People would ever do such a thing.

However, now the STL in the Hague have unanimously concluded that Syrian agent provocateurs were not involved with Hariri’s killing, the on-going plot to indict Hezbollah not only thickens but also quickens in an all-out attempt to cover up and whitewash the fact that the St Valentine’s Day blast that targeted Hariri’s car was an Israeli Mossad operation utilising a nano-tech’ micro-nuke missile, launched from a Predator drone.

The blast that hit Hariri’s limo and left one hell of a lunar-sized crater was deceptively labelled by US Zionist stooges as being due to the detonation of 1,000 kilo ‘pick n mix’ pile of TNT, PETN and RDX loaded in the back of a Mitsubishi van. However, as is the case so many times with this type of false flag deceit, it was actually caused by a radiation-free (alpha wave only) Israeli micro-nuke of the one-eighth kiloton range – supplied to a team of Mossad’s hi-fiving art students and removals men by the then-head of the Israeli Army’s Operations Directorate - Major General Yisrael Ziv.

This was an identical micro-nuke detonation to the one outside the Sari Club at Kuta in Bali in 2002 (concealed in a storm drain) to snuff a bunch of Ozzie tourists and then blame it on the Indonesian ‘Mohammed al Patsy’ terrorist front, further demonise Islam and provide the required excuse to get the stupid John Howard and Canberra involved in the illegal invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq along with the rest of the NATO-led criminal coalition in Operation Never-Ending Warfare.

Much speculation and opinion has been flaunted and voiced concerning the impartiality of the Zionist-controlled Special Tribunal for Lebanon, with Hezbollah themselves denouncing it as a ‘sick joke’ that not only infringes on Lebanese sovereignty but one that is being politically exploited and subverting the truth to ensure the establishment of a new Pax Americana colonial order in the region.

This ‘subversion of the truth’ factor has now reached critical mass since October 2010, when the STL's forensic investigators carried out a "controlled car bomb detonation" at an air force base in Captieux, France to reconstruct the results of the assassination device detonation and - post-Ka-Boom! - still maintain that Hariri’s motorcade was stricken by a car bomb (Mitsubishi van) - not an explosive device buried under the road - and most definitely not a ‘dial-a-yield’ tactical nano-enhanced Plutonium-239 core micro-nuke missile launched from an Israeli Predator drone.

Syrian and Hezbollah’s own military ordnance and explosive specialists, supported by the immutable Laws of Physics, declared to the STL’s deaf ears that conventional explosive car bombs, no matter how big, DO NOT make craters – and most definitely not the lunar-sized monstrosity at the scene of the explosion. Nor do they create EMP’s or intense flash burns on human flesh.

While the primary purpose of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon has always been used as a vehicle to besmear Syria and Hezbollah – what the Zionist-dominated Washington government and war criminals in Tel Aviv are now aiming for are the indictments of Hezbollah members and to generate a polarised atmosphere between the country's rival March 8 and March 14 alliances.

Thus Tel Aviv is counting on the fact that such will further serve to direct any and all focus away from the fact that “the Israeli’s did it!” – with a secondary ‘Machiavellian’ aim that dragging Hezbollah into this legal and political quagmire in Lebanon is a very positive issue for Israel – as Hezbollah presents precisely what the Knesset and IDF fear most – a fundamental Shi’ite Muslim militia with the deterrence potential that serves to threaten their very existence - and one with the clout to ignite a Pan-Islamic Jihjad against them.

Applying 20/20 hindsight, by the immoral rules of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s great global chess game, Hariri's murder led, as planned, to massive political change inside Lebanon, including the Cedar Revolution and the withdrawal of Syrian troops. Hence anything that causes further political dissention, unrest and instability to such an aggravated degree that it might well kick start another ‘Fitna’ (civil war) in Lebanon.

Plummeting the region into new depths of bloodshed and violence is much to the Zionist’s advantage – and will present the opportunity to be manipulated to provide Israel with an excuse to flagrantly tread on the brink of the abyss of Armageddon with their customary unqualified arrogance and invade the once-peaceful ‘Pearl of the Levant’ - yet again.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck Israel and the Rothshite Zionists and their New World Order.

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