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Conscience Attack gets Wonk Snuffed

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Further fascinating evidence appertaining to the demise of US citizen John Parsons Wheeler III, a former US Army officer who served in three Republican administrations, was a Special Assistant to the Air Force Secretary, a member of the shady Council on Foreign Relations, and a consultant to the Mitre Corporation (read Defence and Intelligence, Aviation Systems and Homeland Security), who was recently discovered quite dead – due an act of homicide - in a Delaware landfill site dumpster on New Year’s Eve, has come to light via the medium of the whistle-blowing iconoclastic WickedLeaks website.

Apparently Wheeler, suffering a second bout of mid-life crisis coupled with an attack of moral conscience, confided to Billy Bob Madeupname, a lifetime friend “These goddamn lies just keep getting bigger – every time I hear it – Islam’s the enemy – Muslims are radicals and they hate out bullshit Democratic freedoms - and with Joe Q Public being so stupid and indoctrinated by all this kikester-generated crap TV and media propaganda, they believe this shit – and it’s not all for the greater good either.”

“Okay the Muslim faith ain’t perfect and often at loggerheads with our Western immoral capitalist materialistic values – that’s why they call America ‘The Great Satan’ - but Islam’s not the Roman Catholic Church and their homicidal maniacs with the Inquisition.”
“But the lie’s got so big now and out of all original proportion, just to maintain US and Israeli Zionist hegemony on a global scale – and that’s what they want – global domination – and some fucker or their dog’s gonna get nuked before these military-industrial cartel maniacs and Shylock banksters running the US government and Israel are through – then it all goes tits up and to shit and we’ll be totally fucked over – especially when it kicks off on a global scale and they let loose with the bio-weapons.”

Hence an attack of moral conscience, brought on after almost a decade - since the Israeli false flag attacks on 9/11 - of stifling his own, has proven fatal for Wheeler after he decided that catharsis of his evil secrets was the only chicken soup for his soul and he forwarded, sub-rosa, an entire portfolio of documented revelations to WickedLeaks in a bid to gain spiritual dispensation, a pardon of sorts – maybe absolution for his past sins – and thus attain some modicum of redemption from his eternal damnation.

However, like Alice Liddell’s rabbit hole, the further you venture down, the more the damning implications and revelations complicate the mysterious death of a prominent national defence expert – which now starts to make Dr David Kelly’s assisted suicide look like an open and shut case of “The butler did it!”.

Wheeler was in a superb key position to know exactly what was happening on 9/11/2001. He knew who nixed the order to intercept the four commercial airliners which had supposedly been hijacked that day. He also knew the actual missing commercial jets were shot down over the Atlantic by US Navy missiles that morning. He knew it was missiles that hit the WTC 1 and 2 towers – and the Pentagon – and sweet fuck all hit the deck in Pennsylvania – apart from the Dubya Bush administration’s credibility – but definitely not United Airlines Flight 93 – that’s in pieces on the ocean bottom off Martha’s Vineyard.

Oh yes, Wheeler was seeking Redemption – not due the fact he caused or contributed to the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks but simply that he knew who was responsible – and it wasn’t Mohammed al Patsy & Co.

Further, he knew the truth behind the 1995 Oklahoma City micro-nuke bombing of the FBI’s Alfred P Murrah Building and the patsy Rider truck ANFO explosion; he knew what actually brought down and atomised the concrete of the WTC Twin Towers at the molecular level - and what caused the massive EMP’s as each tower came down and made car parks of vehicles spontaneously incinerate and melt body panels and door handles and engine blocks yet not crack the windows nor scorch the interior seat fabrics or vehicle tyres. And he knew the truth surrounding the hi-fiving Mossad removal men - and Larry Silverscum ordering the WTC Building 7 pulled. But worse still, he knew the identities of the people behind the ‘new Pearl Harbour’ attacks.

However these were but a sampling of the sinister and toxic secrets Wheeler was carrying around inside his head - the provenance of which revelations now lie with the hand-written documents and communication cables submitted sub rosa to WickedLeaks.

Wheeler was a man with knowledge of VP Cheyney’s and Rumsfeld’s attempt to steal six W80-1 ‘dial-a-yield’ thermo-nuclear warheads ‘armed’ on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles that got ‘lost’ in an unauthorised transit between Minot USAF base and Barksdale USAF base – with the latter being an operational bomber base that just happened to be the staging area for aggressive military operations in the Middle East war theatre.

As it takes fourteen ranking signatures to move a nuclear warhead from secure underground storage to a B52 transport, the lax security was not the result of procedural negligence within the U.S. Air Force, but rather the consequence of a deliberate tampering of these procedures and the weapon’s electronic tacking devices being removed – on orders from Cheney and Rumsfeld.

And as to the why and wherefore of this belligerent plot? To have them deployed in Iraq, ready to stage a false flag attack that pointed directly back to Iran - to justify ‘retaliatory’ strikes and a land invasion – all to forward the ultra-Zionist Neo-Con Project for a New American Century and Agenda 21.

Ah well, just like the JFK assassination and the Iraqi 45 minute launch dodgy dossiers – a lot of loose ends to tie off and clear up – a lot of assisted suicides to fake. Thirty-plus snuffed so far that were directly connected to the Minot-Barksdale nuke theft plot – and with Wheeler joining that number on New Year’s Eve,
obviously the count is still on the up and up for anyone who dares kiss n tell.

Hence one reason the US Department for International Revenge have concocted these piss-ant ‘rape’ with a torn condom charges against Julian Blancmange - with the assistance of the compliant Swedish intelligence services - is to get him incommunicado – and then on an extraordinary rendition flight to the US on further concocted / trumped up charges of terrorism / espionage / treason etc to shut the fucker up.

Not that will stop what they fear more than fear itself – that sheaves of official documents and intelligence cables passed on to Blancmange and WickedLeaks were not from the US Army whistle-blowing Pte Bradley E. Manning alone but a host of other like-minded men of moral conscience sickened by the wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan – with the recently-assassinated John Parsons Wheeler III being amongst their contributors.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Thought for the day: Fuck the US Neo-Cons and the New World Order.

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