Friday, 7 January 2011

Will Lib-Dum’s Clegg Bring Down Government?

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PM Posh Dave Scameron has been forced to intervene and put national insecurity ahead of civil liberties in a furious behind-the-doors debate on the future of anti-anarchy and terrorist suspect Control Orders, which effectively allow a person’s freedom to be significantly restrained without charge indefinitely and with our sacred Habeas Corpus being thrown to the wind alike so much redundant chaff.

This frenzied row has broken out within the pre-fragmented Libservative Coalition over Control Orders amid the ongoing review of Britain’s EUSSR-breaching Nazi counter-terror legislation, with Tory whips defiant that the orders will not be scrapped or have their inherent potency to place any terrorist suspect with the forename of Mohammed under close supervision (similar to house arrest, and includes curfews, electronic tags and bans on who they can - and cannot - meet) diminished by one single iota.

Ms Fellatia van der Gamm, the official Downing Street spokeswoman, made clear yesterday that demands by the Lib-Dums, who, pre-election, swore to scrap Control Orders (just as they were going to oppose university tuition fee hikes) – will be blocked unless they are replaced by plans which guarantee the safety of the public – which Ox-Rat, the government abuse watchdog charity, claim must include a clamp-down on allowing MI5 and Mossad to blow up London Tube trains and double decker buses with impunity then blame it on some hapless Muslim patsies from Yorkshire.

Cabbage Patch Dave is set to stage a crisis summit with Deputy Prime Minister Mick Clogg and Home Secretary Theresa Maybe to thrash out their differences over the treatment of Muslim terrorist patsies – whether to ship them off to extraordinary rendition centres in some Third World shithole for ‘questioning’, lock them in the Tower and give them a fair trial with judge and jury, or save all the fucking around and simply have the Met’s CO19 Armed Thug Squad terminate them with extreme prejudice somewhere around Canary Wharf – or on Stockwell Tube Station - in mistake for a Brazilian electrician.

The Conservatives are hot to trot in preventing Lib-Dum leader Mick Clogg from making a premature announcement about the scrapping of Control Orders during a House of Conmans speech this Friday, in which he will focus on civil liberties. Since his pre-election promise (made on a stack of holy books consisting of Korans, Bibles, Torahs and a copy of the Book of Moron) to thwart any attempts to hike university tuition fees was consigned to the porkie pies trashcan, Clogg is out to try and re-establish whatever semblance of honesty and credibility he might once have been seen to possess.

The controversial Control Orders were conveniently heralded in under 2005 anti-terrorism legislation, straight after the sinister Mossad / MI5 false flag joint venture operation blew up three London tube trains and a double decker bus to generate anti-Muslim sentiments and blame the action on non-existent Yorkshire-based Islamic terrorist cells, plus usher in this Orwellian panopticon close-circuit society – this Big Brother state run on intrusive surveillance that we’re now stuck with.

While there are currently a mere eight Control Orders in force, all on British citizens - (albeit the immigrant origin type with perma-suntans who kneel down and bang their foreheads on the floor five times per day) – the terrorist laws will eventually cover Anglo-Saxon anarchists and anyone else who disagrees with government policy or says ‘boo to a goose’.

The UK’s disingenuous government further maintains that regardless of the established and sacrosanct precepts of Habeas Corpus, these eight Muslim ‘patsies’ cannot be prosecuted because revealing the conjured evidence against them could compromise the intelligence services – by exposing the truth behind the false flag terrorist threats – that they’re all more at scent than substance.

PM Scameron’s office insists that any review of the Control Orders will not lead to a watering down of the propaganda campaign to demonise Islam and its Muslim adherents as a bunch of deranged suicide bombers out to destroy our democratic freedoms. (What those?)
“We’re not going to announce anything that compromises national security or our ability to put the frighteners on the stupid public oicks and make a fuck up of the on-going “Operation Help – Save Us!”

Scameron’s big bad toughie stance was endorsed yesterday by career Tory sycophant and brown-nosing rim-jobber Sir Malcolm Rifkind, now chairman of the parliamentary insecurity committee, who told one reporter from the Beano “There’s a lot of quite dangerous people out there - besides the MI5 scumbags who helped Dr Kelly with his suicide bid and committed acts of murder and treason on 7/7 – who are walking around with Semtex vests on and cannot be imprisoned without trial – so at least our Control Orders make sure they can only blow themselves up in the comfort of their own homes.”

Typical of Tory scheming and Machiavellian double-dealing, Scameron and the Home Office will be happy to drop the name Control Orders, in order to let Mick Clogg win a much needed political victory by fulfilling his election manifesto promise to scrap them – but only if the same rigorous programme of restrictions and surveillance are maintained against anyone the government decides to label as nihilistic political extremists.

Conversely, one senior Librarian-Dummercat MP told gutter press hacks “We will not be a party to settling for a simple re-badging of Control Orders as the Home Office proposes and call them ‘Restriction Decrees’. These orders severely limit an individual’s freedom and personal liberty and Mr Clogg, who’s badly in need of a confidence and popularity boost right now, following the humiliation of his pathetic U-turn on university tuition fee hikes, is determined to see them abolished – even at the risk of splitting this daft coalition down the middle.”

Former Tory Cabinet minister Lord Norman Rabbit, of the Warren, told Fux News “Home Secretary Theresa Maybe should consider her position if she is denied the powers she believes are necessary to deal with terrorism in order placate the Lib-Dums, who grow cockier every day - which isn’t surprising as they have it in their power to bring this dysfunctional mess of a Tory-dominated coalition down and make a total fuck up of things.”

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