Saturday, 22 January 2011

Merkel Lauds Israeli Barbarians

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The Rothshite bankster crime syndicate’s ‘American Jewish Committee’ has honoured German Chancellor Mangy Merkel for her outspoken support and praise of Israel, and Zionism as a whole – and for totally ignoring the growing ground swell of international political censorship over the plight of the marginalised Palestinian population of the country they stole via the medium of terrorism and an ethnic cleansing policy that bordered on genocide in 1948 - and whose hapless Arab Muslim survivors are today confined behind the kikester’s rabid racist Great Apartheid Walls in the shitty enclaves of the daily diminishing West Bank and the DU-contaminated Gaza Strip.

The AJC group's executive director Seymour Scattstein presented the pudgy Merkel with its hypocrisy-ridden ‘Light Unto the Nations Award’ (Or LaGoyim) last Thursday - ironically - or perhaps only too appropriately - in the reception area of the Berlin chancellery's War Crimes Museum.

However, totally ignoring the subconscious urges of her Aryan master race DNA, and the rogue Zionist state’s despicable human rights record - which should have prompted the Kraut muppet leader to tell the psychopathic kikesters to stick their award up their arse - the conscienceless dumpy hausfrau accepted it on behalf of the German people – most of whom, the Neo Nazi factions especially, might hold polarised differing views towards Israel and their Light Unto the Nations bullshit.

Elevating Israeli brazen chutzpah and gross hypocrisy to an all-new level, Scattstein praised Merkel for her "outspoken support for international Zionism and God’s Chosen People, and the values of human freedom and human dignity that are hallmarks of Chancellor Merkel's visionary political leadership."

Since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1965 under the dystopic leadership of the porcine Chancellor Slugwig Erhard, Germany has become one of Israel's strongest apologists in Europe – adopting a continuing policy of saying ‘sorry’ for their responsibility for the Holohoax and throwing their support behind Israeli efforts to shut down Iran’s nuclear energy programme – which might well threaten the IDF's current Mid-East military hegemony.

Previous pro-Zionist and career Israeli apologist recipients of the Light Unto the Nations Award include former U.S. scumbag and draft dodging criminal Bill Clinton and the diminutive French dwarf Nicolas Sarkozy - and former Colombian cocaine warlord cum President, Alvaro Urinal.

Thought for the day: Do you believe that Zionist Israel’s homicidal policies of ethnic cleansing towards the Palestinian Semite Muslim population of the country they stole via the Nakba in 1948 – or their continuing belligerence in the Mid-East region - qualifies their claim to be God’s Chosen People or a stellar example of international morality as stated in the Book of Isaiah - that their outlaw state is a ‘Light Unto the Nations’?

Alas the ironic hypocrisy of these self-promoting global pariahs, for as the delusional Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak once stated “I have no doubt in my heart that the IDF is the most moral army in the world”.

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