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UK Child Grooming Hypocrisy

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Barnardo's, the UK orphanage charity for vulnerable children, today released a press statement to the Kiddie Fiddler’s Gazette that it is working with more than 1,000 British sprogs who have been groomed, abused and trafficked for money, and claim the problem is growing like Pinocchio’s whatsit. The call comes as the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre coincidentally commences a Ministry for Wasting Time & Money-funded study "to identify any patterns of offending, victimisation or vulnerability" – such as targeting girls with blue eyes and blonde hair – or simply the fact they possess three holes.

Children, specifically females so young they are just beginning to sprout hair they can sit on, are being sexually exploited by organised gangs of what Jack Straw, the Labour MP for Thatched Cottage, recently, in a most racist stereotyping tone, referred to as “Scallies of Paki and Pikey descent”.

As part of it’s current fund-raising ‘begging bowl mission’ Barnardo's claims it had 22 teams of do-gooders spread out across the UK and all have come across organised child trafficking – especially so around Roman Catholic seminaries, Freemason’s lodges, and Scotland's Holyrood Parliament.

Glenda McSlagg, a spokeswoman for Barnardo's, told the Pederasts Review the problem was far more prevalent than it had previously thought and the 1,000 or so victims identified were merely ‘the tit of the iceberg’.
"Children, both boys and girls, are being trafficked and passed from man to woman and back to man, home to home and city to city for money. This problem is getting worse in that the grooming is becoming more organised using cellphone technology and online computer social networks and websites – such as Fuckbook and Twatter.”

McSlagg claims the children at the heart of the issue have "been forgotten as discussion has been controversially focused on the ethnicity of perpetrators in high-profile cases by clots like Jack Straw.”
"What we need is a minister with overall responsibility for kiddie fiddling – and by this I do mean to either regulate it – and preferably stamp the practice out altogether – otherwise the government response is likely to remain, as always, totally piss poor. Too many children and young teens are being sexually exploited in the shadows of society, groomed in secret by heartless gangs of sexual predators, bogus boyfriends and priests who shower vulnerable children with gifts and lure them to bed with promises of multiple orgasms to die for.”

Ms McSlagg further elaborated that there were typical signs parents should be on the look out for.

"First of all, that children get gifts they couldn't possibly pay for on their own – such as 25 carat solitaire diamond rings that obviously are not from Pound Stretcher’s bling shelf – or boy’s coming home with gold sovereign knuckle duster rings and two ounce gold chains around their necks – gifts from some wrinkled granny for being their toy boy gigolo – or for playing the catamite for a fudging sodomite who wanted to show them his ‘one-eyed trouser snake’.”
"Secondly, children that get involved begin to be a bit more quiet and secretive about their friends and phone calls from shifty bank managers concerning new deposits in their numbered Swiss bank accounts.”
"And thirdly, that these boys and girls start to have very suspicious sleep-overs. Suddenly, sleep-overs become more prevalent – and they return home after a weekend shag-fest walking like a cowboy who’s been in the saddle all night."

Penny Bogbrush, director of children and young people at the ‘What Maidenhead?’ young teens watchdog charity, echoed McSlagg's remarks and urged the government to make a single government minister responsible for the issue – stating "Child sexual exploitation is an appalling crime - it is a form of child sexual abuse and must not be tolerated. This is a complex problem and we are determined to tackle it effectively by working collaboratively right across government and with national and local agencies such as the vigilante ‘Burn the Paedos’ group."

Hmmm, in a perfect world scrotes would obey the laws and not be inclined to breach kiddie fiddling statutes. However, as a ‘perfect world’ is as likely to manifest as Hell freezing over then perhaps a specific minister given formal responsibility for tackling the issue might be the primary step in providing a solution.
Hopefully some fucker or their dog will assign an honest one with the requisite social and moral conscience who’ll publish and expose the National Criminal Intelligence Service’s ‘Operation Ore’ list of the 7,250 child pornographers and paedophile suspects identified in the United Kingdom who used credit cards to access child porno’ websites.

Hence if these social moralisers – and perhaps too the dodgy Libservative coalition government - are so concerned about doing the right thing then they first need to rectify the criminal hypocrisy implemented by the New Labour Slime Minister Tony Bliar in 2003 when he barred the publication of Operation Ore’s index of raving paedo’s.

Nevertheless, Blair's halting of the Operation Ore investigation and his criminally-imposed news blackout to block the publishing of any details of the investigation and revealing that 90% plus of Whitehall and Parliament are infested with shirt-lifters and kiddie fiddlers (including such celebrity perverts as the notoriously arrogant faggot Lord Peter Scandalson, aka Vermin in Ermine) failed to prevent one of his closest confidante's, Philip Lyon, from being arrested and charged after thousands of images of children forced to perform sexual acts were discovered on his House of Conmans and home computers – which Lyons claimed he used his credit cards to pay access for solely out of curiosity and not later sexual delectations or provide masturbation fantasy materials.

In the United States, Operation Ore's counterpart was Operation Avalanche, which netted a total of 35,000 child porno’ website users.

However, regardless of the despicable Bliar pulling down the shutters on the British National Criminal Intelligence Service’s Operation Ore, some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed "under caution" by police, meaning they were suspects and 900 individuals remain under investigation.
In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects named in the investigation, including senior members of Blair's government and a choice selection of House of Conmans Parliamentarian MP’s, Upper House Lords - and Whitehall civil service mandarins. Hence Bliar’s imposed news blackout before the cat got totally out of the bag and the whole lot went tits up.

Perhaps if Operation Ore’s investigation had been allowed to proceed to an honest conclusion and prosecutions, and not been stifled by the preposterous war criminal Bliar to protect the paedophiles comprising his Labour government, then eventually the truth concerning the Dunblane school massacre and Thomas Hamilton running a Freemasons paedo’ club for ranking government officials such as NATO boss Lord Slobertson might have been exposed at long last.

Once the dominoes started to topple, maybe even the scandalous Hollie Greig case involving scores of ‘special needs’ and disabled children being sexually abused over decades by the establishment elite of paedo Freemasons and other assorted Grampian lairds and assorted worthies running Scotland’s ‘Sin City’ crime – and kiddie-fiddling – capital of Scaberdeen might have at long ‘overdue’ last attracted the attentions of the Crown Prosecution Service to bring the perverted pederast villains responsible for child rapes and murder to justice - which to date no Westminster or Holyrood politician nor member of the British police or judiciary has the nerve to mention, let alone investigate as it’s one can of crawlies that when up-ended, will initiate far-reaching repercussions down upon the heads of officialdom’s perverts.

Thought for the day: One of Scaberdeen’s (now twinned with Sodom and Gomorrah) many weird by-laws, that makes it a ‘Paedo’s Paradise’ is a statute declaring it actually illegal to file criminal charges against the Ferryhill-based Masonic pederasts and like august members of officialdom who infest the city’s establishment – from education through medical through social care workers, through the entire policing and injustice system.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the UK’s bent government and civil service – and the holier-than-thou hypocritical Satanist Freemasons.

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