Sunday, 2 January 2011

Met Thugs Brutalise Wheelchair Terrorist

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After receiving legions of complaints and ‘Fuck Off, Eat Shit and Die’ Xmas cards regarding the policing of the student tuition fee hikes protests by the Met’s Plod Squad, Ms Beverly Titwank, the senior spokesperson for the IPCC (Independent Police Coverups Commission), today informed one reporter from the Whitewash Gazette that they are still investigating the grievances of a disabled man, Jody McIntyre, who was brutalized by plods in two separate incidents at the London demonstration against the exorbitant tuition fee hike on December 9, 2010.

Firstly that McIntyre was threatened by an officer with a baton in a sexually suggestive manner, then assaulted by another plod who deliberately tipped him out of his wheelchair and dragged him along the road – with aggression aforethought - from the demonstration front and ditched him on the pavement – then had the wheelchair clamped and towed away to a police holding compound – depriving Mr McIntyre of his only means of mobility – while a gaggle of the offending officer’s uniformed Stasi cohorts provided a typical display of perverted Israeli ‘Schadenfreude’ – standing around laughing at a disadvantaged person’s misfortune.

The IPCC Commissioner for London, Deborah Scatt, interviewed on the BBC’s ‘Kuntwatch Hour’ related that "There is no doubt this video footage of a disabled person being chucked out of his wheelchair and dragged up the street is pretty disturbing – in as much as the police really have to watch their arses nowadays when the public have access to this type of technology to record incriminating behaviour as evidence of barbaric wrongdoing.”

PC Genghis McTwatt, the officer responsible for tipping Mr McIntyre out of his wheelchair then dragging him along the ground, was at the time on secondment to the Met from the Wankhill Lane TSG Renta-Thug Unit, and has, through his union attorney, informed IPCC investigators he is applying the Sgt Delboy Smellie vs Ms Nicola Fisher defence (G20 demonstrations April 2009) – wherein Smellie was cleared of misconduct for beating the shit out of Ms Fisher as he mistook the orange juice container she was carrying for an AK47 assault rifle.

PC McTwatt has now stated for the public record that he mistook the Boots asthma inhaler that Jody McIntyre was holding to his face for a LAW 80 shoulder-held missile launcher and tipped over his wheelchair while in fear of his own life.

Hmmm, disingenuousness aside, perhaps the IPCC might also consider Alfie Meadows, who, unlike the Plod Squad, wasn’t kitted out with a baton-proof helmet or Perspex shield and ended up in hospital in a critical condition, having brain surgery after being whacked around the skull with a police truncheon - or a 'kettle' - several times. While Alfie didn’t previously suffer from cerebral palsy and wasn’t actually in a wheelchair – he probably will be following the barbarous Thug Squad attack.

Oh yes, yet another nice bit of crowd dispersal and anarchy suppression by Constable No-Name – the one wearing an IRA terrorist scally style balaclava – and with his ID tags removed.

However the Student’s Union are planning their next big demo’ in London for mid-January, with a full brigade of Little Britain ‘Andy’ impersonators having their wheelchairs pushed by a battalion of long-suffering pacific ‘Lou’s’ – and fully reinforced by a regiment of Segway-mounted hemiplegic Olympic Hop Scotch athletes – with the whole caboodle kitted out in Pound Stretcher’s ‘Finest’ camouflage body armour and equipped with aerosol cans of ‘anti-kettle’ spray.

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