Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kikesters Declare Piracy & Murder Legal

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Turkey has condemned as ‘a sham’ an in-camera Israeli inquiry composed of a panel of pro-Zionist kikester jurists that has now returned a verdict stating their naval forces acted lawfully during a deadly raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, which was attacked without warning while in international waters – 80 nautical miles off the coast of Palestine - and on a mercy mission to deliver humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip concentration camp last May.

The Turkish Prime Minister Ricepops Tieclip Erdogan told one press hack from the Bullshit Gazette that the report had as much credibility as a tortoise competing in the Grand National and was wholly unacceptable – albeit precisely the type of holier-than-thou arse-covering attitude and whitewash the international community expected from the rogue state.

The night-time raid, in which nine Turkish peace activists were killed and the wounded tossed over the side of the MV Mavi Marmara vessel for shark food, attracted well deserved global condemnation – with a separate UN inquiry last year reporting that Israeli Navy commandos from the elite Thug Squad had exercised an "unacceptable level of brutality" during ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ – comparable to that inflicted on the Palestinian population of the besieged enclave of Gaza by the rogue Zionist state’s psychopathic IDF ‘Morlock Brigade’ on a daily basis.

The 3,000,000-page Scumstein Inquiry Committee report found Israel's naval blockade of Gaza and the actions of the Israeli commandos in the raid – wherein the troops acted in self-defence – were entirely “LEGAL” – Ha! – wait for it – “under Israeli law!”

The ‘impartial’ panel of inquiry was headed by retired Supreme Court Justice Ja’akov Scumstein, working alongside five Israeli members of the controversial Rabid Rabbi Institute for Ethnic Cleansing and two US observers: AIPAC’s Freddy Fagin, and Sheldon Crumpledforeskin, from the Washington-based Ze’ev Jabotinskyist Centre for Advanced Genocidal Studies.

Turkey has long accused Israel of launching the raid illegally and using unjustified violence during it, with PM Erdogan challenging the moral worth of the Scumstein Inquiry’s verdict.
"This report was prepared under direct orders from their nutty Knesset and Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo. How can there be any value or credibility to such an investigation and report which the accused country itself created sub rosa within its own borders and is directed by these five ultra-Zionist Rabbis from the racist St Shylock’s Temple for Latter Day Kikesters?”

The Free Gaza Flotilla, which had more than 600 pro-Palestinian activists aboard several aid ships, was trying to break Israel's blockade of the territory – currently encompassed by the criminal Zionist's Great Apartheid Wall - when it was intercepted by Israeli navy commandos on the 31st of May 2010.

However, Israel strenuously denied Turkish accusations of conducting an arrogant display of gratuitous violence that was tantamount to banditry and piracy on the high seas and amounted to an act of state-sponsored terrorism - (just like their unprovoked homicidal attack on the USS Liberty in 1967) - and claimed its commandos only resorted to live fire when a group of Turkish activists turned on them wielding a dead fish and a French loaf.

Regardless of Israel’s customary pathetic excuses, the results of Turkish post-mortem examinations revealed that a total of 30 bullets were found in the bodies of the nine dead activists, including one who had been shot four times in the head – apparently by accident.

So, the Scumstein report is good news for Somalia’s pirates at least – with them struggling to make a living under the threat of all kinds of international laws and foreign naval retaliation. At least they can now turn around and quote – “Hey, the Israelis can get away with it – why not us – and we never murder anybody that’s worth a few bob in ransom money.”

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