Thursday, 13 January 2011

Palestine Tourism Ad' Hit by Kikesters

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The rogue state of Israel’s Knesset and their homicidal Israeli Defence Force, always hot to trot when it comes to a spot of ‘Schadenfreude’ and pissing on any Palestinian bonfire – West Bank or Gaza Strip varieties – have directed the tediously whingeing Masonic-Zionist ‘Israel First’ lobby in the UK to kick start yet another of their customary Hasbara ‘victims’ shit storms in a proverbial teacup, in a pathetic bid to screw up Palestinian tourism recruitment efforts around Britain and Europe.

The original complaint, filed by Rabbi Shylock Scumstein, CEO of Shifty Shylock’s Tours SA, has pressured Britain's advertising regulator ‘Twat-Watch’ into launching an investigation of allegations that a 'Travel Palestine’ advert in the popular ‘Hamas Happy Holidays’ magazine is in a breach of truth in advertising standards due the unfortunate fact it appears to undermine, if not deny, the existence of the illegal and criminal State of Israel – by proclaiming such torts as “Come to Palestine and Visit the Place Where the Jews Murdered Jesus Christ”.

However Twat-Watch director Heinrich Goebbels has decided there isn’t a case to answer as no actual mention is made in the magazine’s advertisement of the notorious and verifiable fact that, in 1948, a band of pro-Zionist Ashkenazi ‘Jews of Convenience’, led by Irgun’s ‘Half-Cock Brigade’ following Jabotinskyist racist policy and the sanguinary vehicles of armed insurrection and terrorism, brought about the ‘Nakba’ (Yawm an-Nakbah / Day of Catastrophe) theft of Palestine from the rightful owners.

This genocidal campaign drove three quarters of a million of the usurped Palestinian population out of their historical homeland (480 villages abandoned and destroyed) in a desperate bid to escape the Rothshite-funded Zionist’s ethnic cleansing ‘Dahiya Doctrine’ strategy (Operation Kill Every Fucker) that was aimed at snuffing any Palestinians old enough to bleed and the total displacement and extermination of the Holy Land’s true indigenous Arab-Muslim people.

Unfortunately this latest modest attempt by the Palestinians to attract foreign tourists of conscience to ‘their country’ to daub graffiti on the Great Apartheid Walls besieging both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip was promptly met by the Israel lobby’s 'usual suspects’ squealing their indignation and making fatuous territorial claims.

The advert was published by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Shit-Stirring. However, Felix Fagin, the spokesman for the UK branch of the ‘Israel First Society’, grumbled that the advert was misleading as it promoted the impression that Palestine is a country; that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine; and that Palestine still extends from the Mediterranean to the River Jordan – which in reality it hasn’t since the Israelis stole the country in 1948.

Sir Schmok ben Scattberg, a top dog 33rd degree Scottish rite Freemason and chief Israeli apologist for the UK-based Masonic-Zionist Federation, informed one reporter from the Landgrab Gazette that “This advertisement in the Hamas Happy Holidays magazine is designed to mislead tourists, since they wouldn’t find the sites and facilities which it promotes – apart from Calvary, where we crucified Jesus, the false Messiah.”

The story also ran in the Pound of Flesh Gazette, reporting that the Board of Deputies of British Jews – wholly ignoring the criminal realities of Israeli ‘Lebensraum’, had welcomed the launch of an official investigation by Twat-Watch, calling the advert "deeply disturbing" and "an affront to international law" – wholly missing the ironic hypocrisy that the psychopathic Irgun and Stern terrorist gangs were responsible for kick starting the Nakba and the theft of Palestine.

The kikester spin doctors justified this criminal act through the concocted Talmudic fallacy and insane interpretation of the Pentateuch that states the Hebrews (not the Khazar / Ashkenazi Jews of Convenience) are the Children of Abraham’s Covenant, and God’s (read Jehovah’s) Chosen People – and will inherit a ‘Greater Israel’ – whose borders shall stretch from the Nile to Euphrates and beyond (into the United States Congress and White House) – a doctrine that lies at an intersection between folly, stupidity and lunacy.

However, as recently voiced by one of President Barky O’Barmy’s US State Department policy makers, Ms Zonah O’chel Batachat "The United States is a sovereign nation, and we make our foreign policy decisions based on what AIPAC tells us is in the best interests of Israel."

And that is the problem when it comes to getting Israel to observe United Nations sanctions and International Law - the St Shylock Temple of Latter Day Kikesters is infested with fanatics devoted to an ideology of Jewish supremacy, racial and religious segregation from the ‘goyim’, and the creation of a Greater Israel. This illegal rogue state was founded on violence and the blood of others and stole Palestine from its rightful population – and is still maintained the same way 62 years later. A rabid, militarist nation thriving on its illusory victim status and unhealthy doses of paranoia and hasbara.

Thought for the day: Talmudic and Biblical myths claim that the ‘Israelis’ can steal, with impunity, Palestine from it’s rightful and historical owners, then marginalise and abuse them, subject them to siege and gross privations and a slow- cook genocide, after incarcerating them behind their racist Great Apartheid Wall - in the biggest concentration camp on Earth - that is well overdue a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Here, in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the IDF’s homicidal maniacs abuse the Palestinian's dignity and religious rights 24/7 - alike barbaric tyrants and deny them sustenance and medical aid for their children - those they class as ‘goyim’. They are devoid of conscience, empathy and compassion – and all memory of their own purported ill-treatment at the hands of the Nazi during the so-called World War Two ‘Holohoax’.

Letters of humanitarian protest concerning the Muslim population of the Gaza Strip being kept imprisoned behind the Great Apartheid Wall can be mailed to the Israeli Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo, c/o The Knesset, Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Hakirya, Giv’at Ram, Jerusalem, Palestine, 91950 – or directly via his personal office at : Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo, 3 Kaplan St., (PO Box 187), Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem, Palestine, 91919 – or voice your personal take on the travesty by e-mailing those responsible: or or or

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Freemasons and Baron Rothshite’s global criminal empire base in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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