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Kikesters Linked to Kosovo Organ Trade

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The gospel according to an EUSSR Council of Europe / InterPlod report concerning both organised ‘and’ disorganised crime across the 27-state community, released to salivating media hacks in Brussels on New Year’s Day, reveals that the two-year inquiry has linked ranking Vatican figures and Israeli politicians with Kosovo's prime minister, Hashim Twatçi, the Don of the Albanian Pikey Mafia – and their crime network’s transplant organ black market operations – through which hapless donors are selected for positive aspects of good health then kidnapped and their internal organs stolen to end up inside some worn-out slob of a Shylock couch potato – in the end-user destinations of Israel and the United States.

Hashim Twatçi, a former child prostitute strangler and leader of the Drenica cabal, who was described by friends and business associates alike as a “cunt in cunt’s clothing”, has been linked directly to the Albanian Mafia’s money laundering, narcotics and arms dealing, and protection and prostitution rackets – and now stands further accused of the slaughter of Serb prisoners for their kidneys – plus any other internal organs – or gold teeth - that might catch the eye of some chronically debilitated and mangy kikester on their last legs - and fetch a good price on eBay.

The EUSSR report positively identifies Hashim Twatçi as the ‘Capo di Capi’ of a network that began operating criminal rackets in the run-up to the 1999 Kosovo war, and has held powerful sway over the country's government since – mainly due the fact they have all the guns – and hence the shekels.

A copy of the report, which cites the FBI, Wickedleaks, the Daily Sport and other vital intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Scandalmongers Gazette - which names Twatçi as having exerted violent control over the heroin trade and any other illicit enterprise that might turn his gang of scallies a quick buck.

Criminal figures belonging to PM Twatçi's inner circle and government cabinet members – all Kosovo Liberation Army veterans - are further accused of taking captives across the border to Tirana in Albania after the war, where legions of Serbs were murdered for their kidneys, hearts and livers during the KLA’s organ harvesting campaigns, which were then sold on the black market via their ‘Sickies-R-Us’ hypochondria website.

The EUSSR report maintains that during the Kosovo war and for almost a year after, Twatçi and a score of other members of the Drenica group were responsible for detentions, interrogations, beatings and assassinations – and were an all-round bunch of very nasty bastards.

This same hardline KLA faction under Hashim Twatçi has held considerable power in Kosovo's government over the last decade, with the support of the US and other allied Western banksters and military-industrial power brokers keen to ensure a market for their continued profitable arms deals and the heroin / narcotics trade – plus continue to provide a reliable supply of untraceable children for their Satanic kiddie fiddling blood rituals around Europe.

The report further focuses on the international black market end-user destinations for the stolen transplant organs – with orders flowing in via a Vatican-based IP address – assigned to one ‘Cardinal Guido Pederasti’ - which hosts the “Ratline Transplant Replacements” (Organs U Can Trust) website – and the human tissue contraband being shipped out on charter flights (thus avoiding the DNA being scrambled by tetra-wave full body scanners) to destinations in both Israel and Brooklyn, New York – where the organs are auctioned off by a gang of grasping rabbis to the highest bidder.

This information led to the FBI’s ‘Operation Kikester Kidney Snatchers’ targeting ‘The Holy Sepulchre Synagogue for Latter Day Shylocks’ on Brooklyn’s Koos Emakk Street and the arrest of Rabbi Smok Scrotebaum in a sweeping federal case that began - innocently enough - as an investigation into the trafficking of stolen kidneys and replacement foreskins – then expanded to fake designer condoms, arms deals, money laundering and noxious nuclear materials smuggling.

Since it has now mushroomed into a political corruption probe, culminating in the arrests this week of 44 people, including Brooklyn Mayor Grafto Corruptioni, a variety of other scumbag public officials and a score of dodgy Jewish community leaders and doctors - including Rabbi Zayin Scattstein, Rabbi Achzib Slimehoff and Dr Sheldon Shittheim, of New York’s prestigious Josef Mengele Clinic - the surgeon who carried out the illicit organ transplant procedures.

Rabbi Scrotebaum, 58, is a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in the Scumberg Park section of Brooklyn, where he is known to neighbours as a ‘bit of a self-promoting gobshite’ as he boasted he worked for Mossad and was a ‘hi-fiving sayan’ involved the 9/11 World Trade Centre Twin Towers demolitions.

Anxious to cop a plea bargain, and in typical kikester fashion, Rabbi Scrotebaum quickly turned snitch and grassed up the entire illegal transplant organ theft syndicate to save his own arse, not only implicating Kosovo PM Hashim Twatçi and his government but Cardinal Pederasti and the Vatican’s ‘Ratline Transplant Replacements’ network.
Further implicated were a cabal of Israel’s Knesset politicians and the IDF officials running their notorious ‘Facility 1391’ extraordinary rendition and re-education centre - where adolescent Palestinian Muslims, kidnapped from the Gaza Strip - helpless and besieged behind Israel’s Great Apartheid Wall – are taken to be first asphyxiated with carbon monoxide gas (if they’re lucky) then once they’ve stopped kicking and protesting, sliced open butcher-fashion and their internal organs harvested to supply the international black market trade.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Loon told Pox News that “The Council of Europe report is quite damning in its accusations, but which ‘Gangster State’ officials are we supposed to censure and issue International Jurisprudence warrants against first – Kosovo, the Vatican, or Israel?”
“I personally blame the precedent for this entire transplant organ black market crime syndicate on the People’s Marxist Utopia of China and their Smiley Face Prisons where inmates wake up in a morning with all kinds of vital bits of their internal anatomy missing.”

Thought for the day: If you’re stuck on a dialysis machine three times a week - for x-hours at a go, or you have a heart attack every time you try to climb the stairs, then who really gives a flying fuck if the hapless sucker your transplanted organ belonged to previously carried a genuine organ donor card – or their kidneys, whatever, were stolen or legal – Muslim or goyim - haram or kosher?

Letters of humanitarian protest concerning the Muslim population of the Gaza Strip being kept imprisoned behind the Great Apartheid Wall to serve as unwitting organ donors can be mailed to the Israeli Prime Minister, Binman Nuttyahoo, c/o The Knesset, Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Hakirya, Giv’at Ram, Jerusalem, Palestine, 91950 – or simply e-mail pm_eng@pmo.gov.il.

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