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Wind Energy Scam Kicks Off Anew

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Well, the dumbing-down illusion of the Olympic Games mass mesmerism distraction fortnight is finally over and done with, and the common herd inured to Battlefield London’s draconian ‘exclusion zones’ and militarised security – with the goggle-eyed cyclopean Wenlock and Mandeville representing the clandestine CCTV essence of the 5,000 volts electrified Ring of Steel panopticon surveillance cordon that is set to spread and encompass our entire martial law Big ‘Volunteer’ Society even after the Paralympics are done with.

That is unless some civil rights activists get Bolshie and stand up and shout “Foul!” - before they get arrested for pre-crime dissidence under the Kafkaesque statutes of the ‘Domestic Terrorism Act 2006’ – or the equally-Orwellian ‘Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011’ – or the ‘Protection of Freedoms Act 2012’ – a joke in itself which does no such thing.

Hence the Operation Gladio ‘terrorist false flag attack-free’ 2012 Games served the Freemason's scare-mongering purpose to covertly usher in the concept of seeing uniformed, armed thugs on every street corner, keeping us safe from the nasty infidel elements of our multi-cultural society – the ones who hate our democratic freedoms (almost as much as the Royal Family, Parliament and the EUSSR ‘eurocrats’ in Brussels).

Now this dog & pony show of a Libservative Coalition government – a collection of tossers who gained election to public office via manipulating the illusion of credibility and competence – are counting up whatever ackers are left – all ready to squander on the next hare-brained scheme one of the numerous not-fit-for-purpose Parliamentary committees can come up with.

Thus with any mere mention of money-spinning ‘government contracts’ or golden goose ‘subsidies’, the corporate greedsters are coming out of the woodwork like vermin on a mission and petitioning (bribery, graft and corruption) the various House of Conmans and civil service grand panjandrums with free lunches and the seductive services of pikey catamites and three-hole Ukrainian whores for their tender to be blessed from on high.

So, thanks to the fatally-flawed Climate Change Act 2008, topping the ‘must-have’ wish list for foreign investors, devoid of any moral concerns over shafting the British taxpaying public, are ‘Wind Turbines’ – and not just one or two, but actual ‘farms’ of the diabolical things – set to be constructed willy-nilly, up hill and down dale to blight our once-sceptred isle’s iconic ‘green and pleasant land’ scenery – with further deployments of the eyesore seagull-choppers scheduled both along the coast and offshore.

Really, the voting public must pause and ask: why the fuck are these Libservative dog wankers even considering the funding and construction of an extra 30,000 wind turbines by 2020, at a ‘current estimate’ cost of £124 billion quid, to produce a ‘more at scent than substance’ daily 12,500 megawatts of electricity when we’re already stricken and blighted with an onshore and offshore mix of 3,500 of the fucking things - that last week (Olympics in full swing) according to the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA) website only produced a laughable 12 megawatts of power of the 38,000 MW generated by conventional power stations – due the fact the wind wasn’t blowing.

Alas, with global warming / climate change data being subjected to criminal manipulation by such august bodies of learning and research as East Anglia University’s Chicken Little Institute for Advanced Scaremongering - to provide the required propaganda which ‘proves’ that if the cows carry on farting and humans don’t stop breathing as much then we’re all going die – and our only hope of survival is to turn off the kidney dialysis machines and maternity ward incubators – and erect lots and lots of wind turbines.

As is the way with the worshippers of Mammon, the promoters of the wind power industry have managed to occupy all the commanding heights of our energy policy and pervert the media to label global warming sceptics with the same stigma as anti-Semites and Holohoax deniers - a situation utterly at odds with what we might term a ‘conflict of interest’ and a total distortion of the required interface between science and politics when big money-spinning contracts get involved – a damning factor prominently illustrated by the noxious pondscum settled atop the carbon credits cap and trade exchange scam.

To wit, the Chairman of the UK Government's independent Committee on Climate Change, set up following the passage of the corrupted Climate Change Act, is the pro-Zionist Lord Dobber, (formerly John Bummer), whose various money-grubbing activities relating to the environment include his chairmanship of Ripoff Renewables, an international kikester consortium planning the world’s largest wind farm on Doggers Bank.

Add to this the fact that Charles Hendry, the Tory MP for Weasels and top dog at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has his head so far up the wind turbine lobby’s arse it’s a wonder he can still breathe.
Hendry preaches the gospel that to reduce our carbon footprint we have to shut down all these horrid coal and oil-fired power stations and replace their functions with wind turbines – an argument he claims isn’t really rocket science.

Well, unfortunately it is – as when there’s no wind then they don’t work - it’s got to be not too fast and not too slow. So here we are dependent on Mother Nature, a bitch possessed by a most vexatious and contrary manner at the best of times, and expected to play ball and make the wind blow ‘just right’ - like Trumpton’s town hall clock - simply to provide Britain with 24/7 electricity.

Then to round off the conflict of interest factor we have the chairman of the House of Conmans select committee on energy and climate change, Tim Yeo, yet another Tory MP in a position of public trust, whose personal business interests reveal that last year he earned, on top of his Parliamentary salary, more than £100,000 by working for renewable energy companies such as E-Off and Shit-Tricity. (ref

On the subject of gaining wind farm acceptance, last June Yeo recommended that green belt residents should be ‘bribed’ to accept the erection of wind turbine monstrosities in their areas – along with ‘fracking’ in their back gardens – overlooking the fact that not every member of the British public has the same shallow morals as our venal MPs and aren’t as open to the practices of bribery and corruption as Yeo obviously is himself.

Bazzer McScrote, director of Twat-Watch, the government abuse monitor charity, opined to media hacks “The target of the Climate Change Act is ter reduce Britain’s CO2 emissions by 80% by 2020 at a cost of £124 billion – not only fer the projected 30,000 absurdly subsidised wind turbines but the open-cycle gas-fired power stations needed ter provide back-up fer when there’s no wind – or its blowin’ a gale an’ the turbines have got ter be shut down.”
“Now here’s the crunch, cos ter generate the same amount of power from combined-cycle gas-fired plants would only cost £13 billion nicker an’ we aren’t cursed wiv the eyesore presence of 350 foot tall wind farms.”

“Just ter add a piquant touch of corruption ter the entire affair, an eight-turbine wind farm on the land of PM ‘Austerity Dave’ Scameron’s father-in-law, Sir Reggie Sheffield, earns a £2 million quid per annum consumer subsidy - hence it’s little wonder wind turbines are his ‘weapon of choice’ for powerin’ Broken Britain. Really, jukebox politicians and civil servants do my effin’ head in – stick a few coins in and they’ll sing along to any tune yer like.”

“I ask yer, who the fuck designed these Heath Robinson fubars – Wallace and Gromit? If there’s no wind they don’t work an’ if it’s too windy they have ter be shut down – which is okay wiv the operators as they get £900-odd quid per k/w hour subsidy fer doin’ sweet fuck all.”
“An’ it might serve us well ter remember that this profit-motivated push fer wind farms is a result of the bullshit global warming scam – now replaced wiv the climate change scaremongering propaganda scenario. Fer fuck’s sake, of course the climate’s changing – it has bin since the year ‘Dot’ and will continue ter do so until Hell freezes over – or the end of time – whatever comes first.”

So, perhaps the 1980’s Tory government, under the leadership of Mad Menopausal Maggie Twatcher did purposely and with malice aforethought de-industrialise Britain and set in the corrupting ‘brokenness’ rot – but we ask, with 30,000 wind turbines and towers to be fabricated for erection on our shores, why the fuck are these things being built in some poxy Third World shithole - out of sub-standard steel - when the UK’s industrial base should be resurrected and thousands of top class skilled engineers put to work instead of indolently stagnating on the Jobless Centre’s human resource landfill site?

Thought for the day: Renewables per se, generating electricity from wind turbines is a concept that might work okay on the micro-scale - getting a shine out of a bedside reading lamp on the gale-swept Isle of Rockall, but not to power a nation that has made pencils and paper redundant and now runs on 220 volt / 60 Hz energy-gobbling computers and smart phones.

Ah well, eventually the fluoridation of our drinking water and ingestion of the neurotoxin aspartame – along with lashings of media propaganda - should have the common herd dumbed down to a sufficient level of moronosity so no fucker or their dog notices the Jolly Green Giant wind turbines swishing around – or not – depending on the vagaries of our island nation’s capricious winds.

* Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles - were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of DECC officials and corrupt politicos were temporarily embarrassed.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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