Friday, 17 August 2012

US Orders UK Bitch: ‘Extradite Assange’

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The Libservative Coalition’s closet case Foreign Secretary Willy Vague takes a break from his war-mongering promotion of the US / Israeli sponsored siege of Syria and the end game strategy attempts to turn ‘order into chaos’ via the route of sedition and divide Eurasia and the Middle East – (from North Africa to the Caucasus and Pakiland and India - into Balkanised mini-states, all continually at each other’s throats over historic tribal and sectarian issues) - to go into bully boy mode, rattle his sabre and declare war on far-away Ecuador (well, their London-based embassy to start with).

The smarmy Vague, a career-long Tory Party ‘Friends of Israel Club’ bitch, always ready and willing to pander to the demands of the Rothshite’s Zionist crime syndicate HQ in Jerusalem or their good ole AIPAC-dominated US of A stooges in the White House, has received word from sinister elements inside Washington shadow government that “We want Julian Blancmange – so extradite him to Sweden then we can grab the twat on espionage and terrorism charges”.

The Aussie-born Blancmange, a living legend as the founder and editor-in-chief of the whistle-blowing WickedLeaks website that has done so much to expose and embarrass the Great Satan and incur the kikester-run US’s vehement fury by disclosing their dirty little war crimes secrets, is wanted in Sweden for – believe it or not - the most heinous crime of having three-hole sex on two separate occasions – with two different slappers – Chlamydia McSkanger and Fellattia Trollenberg - (both WickedLeaks wannabe volunteer workers) - once without a condom and once with a torn, purportedly reused Black Mamba ribbed tickler – both of which constitute criminal offences in silly Sweden – and a ‘right royal set-up’ anywhere else in the common sense world.

Blancmange faces investigation of ‘allegations’ by Swedish prosecutors that on 14th August 2010 he committed "unlawful coercion" when he held the first complainant down with his body weight ‘in a sexual manner’ (missionary style / fucking) and that he sexually molested her by engaging in condom-less penetration after she insisted that he go off to the local chemists and buy another pack of three and stop being a cheap git by washing them out in the bathroom.

Further to Case 1, Blancmange engaged in condom-less coital penetration with the second complainant on the morning of 17th August while she was asleep following a night of intoxicated rampant sex – in his bed - and deliberately molested her by thrusting his piss-proud erect cock between the cheeks of her fat arse to wake her – which to a neutral jurist’s mind should amount to no more than a lack of ‘sexual etiquette’ for no whispering in her ear first “Spread ‘em, baby”.

For the record, Blancmange contends that these ‘sexual’ encounters were consensual and the concocted, blown out of all proportion allegations of ‘rape’ did not take place in some field or Doggers Wood, but in his own bedroom, where both women had respectively, on separate occasions, spent the night of their own free will and got laid.

Resorting to coin an over-clichéd phrase that fits perfectly, some core issue of this case has been ‘lost in the translation’ – for in Swedish the two cases are variously described as ‘sexuellt ofredande’, which can be read as ‘sexual molestation’, ‘sexual assault’, ‘sexual misconduct’, ‘sexual annoyance’, ‘sexual unfreedom’ (Que-WTF?), ‘sexual misdemeanour’ and ‘sexual harassment’ – and, of course outright ‘rape’.

So that’s it, life and liberty threatened – and all on the say-so of a couple of immoral ‘golly-flogging’ sluts who’ve been subverted by SAPO, the Swedish intelligence service, to perjure themselves and file charges that he slipped one up them without a kosher rubber on his willy – neither of which seem to have become noticeably preggers or succumbed to any mortality-threatening STD’s – such as Galloping Minge Rot or HIV.

Hence after he lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden, Julian Blancmange sought refuge at the Embassy of Ecuador in Shitesbridge and applied for political asylum on the grounds the extradition was a move being manipulated by US officials to get him into Swedish custody then shove him aboard one of their ‘extraordinary rendition’ flights to the US to be tried for the crimes of espionage and terrorism – in a blatant display of political persecution and an effort to gag the WickedLeaks leadership.

Hmmm, is Blancmange simply paranoid or does he have grounds to fear he might end up sharing the next cell to Bradley Manning at Quantico Marine Brig in Virginia? Well, back in November 2010, Tom Flanagan, a psycho pro-ZioNazi aide to the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, called on the CIA to expedite the Wickedleak’s editor’s assassination to shut him up. To wit and quote: “Target the motherfucker with one of them there MQ-9 Reaper drones and blast him to shit, same as they do these Afghans and Pakis.”

Now, acting under orders from on high (the Barky O’Barmy administration in Washington), the vassal state UK’s Foreign Secretary Vague, behaving like a strutting capon, has come up with the spiffing subterfuge that the UK have a legal obligation to extradite Blancmange to Sweden, and regardless of political asylum being granted, if the Ecuadorian Embassy staff don’t turn him over then he intends to invoke the Diplomatic & Consular Premises Act 1987 which would allow the Foreign Office to revoke the diplomatic status of any foreign embassy on UK soil.
Then the Met’s trigger-happy Plod Squad can be sanctioned to force entry into the building and arrest Blancmange for breaching the terms of his bail – by seeking political asylum.

Really, let’s get serious and back in touch with reality here. This is the type of threat one might expect from some Third World rogue regime such as Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia or Israel – but not England. Well, not until this calamitous fuck-up of a Libservative Coalition slithered into Downing Street without a majority vote anyway – whereupon they inherited all Tony Bliar’s US / Zionist ‘servile whore’ criminal habits and now anything goes.

In response to Vague’s intimidative threats, Ecuador’s Ambassador, the comely Ana Alban Mora, has flown back to Quito for urgent war footing discussions with President Rafael Correa-Delgardo – after ordering the embassy staff to take up the drawbridge over the embassy’s piranha-infested moat – then batten down the hatches and man the battlements, keep the murder hole’s lead molten and oil pots boiling – all ready to fight off any foreign aggressors who would breach the diplomatic code and abuse the scared sovereignty of Ecuadorian soil.

Ron McScrote, director of the London-based human rights group Twat-Watch, opined to one press hack from the Fascists Gazette that the UK government has buckled to pressure from the Obama administration – to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy and seize Julian Blancmange
“This tosser Vague’s gonna be in a blatant breach of the Vienna Convention of 1961, ter which Broken Britain is one of the original signatory parties an’ wot encodes centuries – an’ probably millennia of practice wot’s enabled international diplomatic relations ter function.”

“There’s no precedent where the Diplomatic an’ Consular Premises Act has bin previously abused in the manner threatened by Vague, an’ under the political niceties of international law him an’ his gang of Foreign Office thugs would be wise ter exercise extreme caution before they sanction the Met’s bungling Plod Squad ter storm the Ecuadorian Embassy complex an’ start shootin’ any fucker who looks like a Brazilian electrician.”

“Fer fuck’s sake, even back in the days of the Cold War wiv the effin’ Russians, defectors an’ dissidents woz never seized from each other’s embassies. Just watch wot happens next if they do raid the embassy an’ grab Julian an’ turn him inter yet another ‘prisoner of conscience’ - persecuted fer doin’ the right thing. Then yer gonna see British embassies and their staff around the world gettin’ harassed an’ raided by every Bolshie fucker an’ their dog.”

The current situation is one of a Mexican standoff, with scores of plods loitering outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in Shitesbridge collecting mobs of overtime pay, and keeping a beady eye on the legions of Blancmange’s supporters and human rights activists who have gathered to vent their concerns over our sycophantic government turning into the ZioNazi US’s compliant ‘bitch’.

Likewise, in response to Willy Vague’s threats to invoke the Diplomatic & Consular Premises Act and order the Met to storm the embassy and seize the hapless Blancmange, demonstrators also protested outside the British Embassy in Ecuador's capital Quito, with activists holding signs saying "We are a sovereign state, not lackeys of the Great Satan" - and peasants wiping their hairy arses on a Union Jack flag.

Hmmm, so how long will Julian be under siege in the embassy, we ponder? A replay of Groundhog Day, without the happy ending perhaps? While history holds numerous accounts of those who have spent lifetimes in their Ivory Towers, looking out upon a cruel world, an old Oriental adage states: If you sit long enough on a river bank you will see the bodies of all your enemies float past.

Thought for the day: Criticism of Ecuador’s actions by the US, Sweden and the UK besides, at least one Third World nation is prepared to stand up and be counted and snub the bully boy demands of the Zionist corrupted Western powers - to uphold the human rights of a person conspiratorially targeted with political persecution.

But is it not just typical of Willy ‘Shylock’ Vague’s unqualified arrogance and limited intellect to totally overlook the fact that all this ridiculous pantomime posturing and issuing Imperialist threats would galvanise the Ecuadorean President into granting the albino-impersonating Blancmange political asylum.

Now all they have to do is smuggle him out of London to Quito in the diplomatic bag – or a tea chest like the Nigerians do – or one of those black North Face holdalls favoured by MI5.

Stop press: Julian ‘CIA stooge’ Blancmange besides, the real reason the Foreign Office want the embassy storming is to grab whistle-blowing Andrea Davidson, Dr David Kelly’s Iraq weapons inspector sidekick, who sought asylum there to avoid ending up the same way – suicided in the Grassy Knoll Woods, her wrists slashed with a blunt box cutter – to prevent her exposing the Iraq weapons of mass distraction lie with hard evidence.

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Anonymous said...

Brill' - a masterpiece of truly biting satire

Anonymous said...

Nice someone's rooting for Julian

Fletch said...

Like the two Swedish women's names - lol's

Anonymous said...

The UK Bitch thing is spot on - we are to these Rothschild shitbags in Israel and London and US America.

How did we end up like this?

People come on - shout! and revolt!

If we don't then we are going to go under - read 1984.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everyone forgets - the media on purpose I suppose, that Angela Davidson was there first - like David Kelly, she has the goods on the whole Bliar/Bush dodgy dossier lie to invade Iraq.