Sunday, 12 August 2012

UK Support of Syrian Terrorists now Official

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The UK’s Foreign Secretary, ‘Silly Willy’ Vague, a Tory career ‘Friends of Israel Club’ Zionist stooge, has publicly announced the Libservative Coalition government, while force-feeding Broken Britain’s common herd a nutritionally-deficient diet of bland austerity, are committing an ‘additional’ £5 million quid in communications equipment and medical supplies to the foreign mercenary terrorists comprising the ranks of the Free Syrian Army to further their slaughter-mongering Operation Kill Every Fucker.

Vague defended the criminally-insane move on the controvertible grounds that the assistance would not include any weapons – missing the point the sat’ comm’s kit would come in handy for radioing the terrorists’ backers in Qatar, Turkey, Saudi and Israel to facilitate schedules and drop points for their next arms delivery.

Hmmm, not just five million quid, but five million ‘additional’ – that’s extra on top of the zillions already doled out to these Jolly Jihad terrorists that apparently hate our Occidental democratic freedoms – so it’s little wonder Britain’s ‘broken’ and bollocks-deep in debt to foreign banks if we’ve regurgitated the Empire’s Day Imperialist policy of funding a proxy army of foreign mercenaries and al Qaeda terrorists to overthrow the incumbent, albeit dynastic, regime of Syria’s President Basher al-Assad.

Disregarding the off-the-scale readings on the Bullshitometer generated by Foreign Office propaganda and Phillip ‘Dandruff’ Hammond at the Ministry for Foreign Aggression, in all reality funding totalling £28 million is being provided by Britain in the next ‘aid package’ – along with a further donation of £10 million nicker to Syrian war zone ‘refugees’ – all purportedly to be spent solely on ‘humanitarian aid necessities’ - such as guns, guns – and more guns.

Futile attempts by the Western-backed terrorist rebels to oust Assad and his Ba’athist Party government have led to 17 months of unrest which has now, thanks to foreign meddling, evolved into a full-scale civil war – and resulted in a casualty list of 30,000 dead and tens of thousands maimed and injured.

Let’s be honest here and cut to the chase, the Zionist-dominated Great Satan and compliant European powers have grand designs on a regime change by violent means and to turn order into chaos through Balkanising the whole shebang, that will result in yet another protracted conflict leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths, massive migration, and widespread sectarian violence - just the the same as Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya – solely to put their own compliant stooge on the throne of dictatorial power.

Oh yes, ‘order into chaos’ - the defining characteristics of this cruel New World Order / Project for a New American Century / Foreign Policy Initiative / Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion gameplan agenda – call it what you will – it’s the same criminal scam under different banners - morally unacceptable and strewn with mammoth geo-political pitfalls ‘when’ Russia and China become involved.

Are the Turkeys in Ankara – Tieclip Erdogan & Co – these born-again Ottomans - backing the Syrian terrorists and the call for NATO-enforced no-fly zones as per the disastrous Libyan model - so dumb to realise that if this goes ahead to a bloodbath conclusion in Syria, then Hezbollah in Lebanon – and then Iran - half of their own lands are going to be caught up in the ever-expanding conflicts and declared independent Kurdish and Armenian Republics which will petition the United Nations for recognition – and the Security Council for UN bluecap and NATO protection – and a steady supply of Western arms.

Thought for the day. The corruption-ridden Arab League and Western war-mongering panjandrums, the progenitors and supporters of this Syrian conflict to overthrow and replace al-Assad’s ‘dictatorial’ regime, seem to miss – or intentionally ignore – the gross hypocrisy of the ironic fact that while they castigate Assad and arm the rebel terrorist FSA, they paradoxically support the likes of the barbarian ruler and despotic regime of Bahrain.

On the orders of King Hamad bin Fat Git al Khalifah, the mistreatment of Bahraini pro-democracy protesters borders on a Nuremberg Trials human rights and wrongs / war crimes level – akin to that inflicted by the outlaw state of Israel’s homicidal IDF psychos upon the displaced and marginalised Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip – perennially deprived of their fair share of the Promised Land’s milk and honey bounty.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the vocano's getting ready to erupt big-time, so just wait til Russia and China get really involved in a Mexican stand-off with the West over Syria, Lebanon and Iran and the real shit starts to fly - then the Arab states are really gonna shit kittens - and Israel too.

Bezzer said...

Problem is that the Yanks and Israelis ain't gonna stop and stand back and think again - they're gonna keep on pushing the issue until its gone too far and there's no turning back and it blows up into a major regional conflict with tactical nukes and chemical weapons.