Sunday, 5 August 2012

UK Gov’ Plan NHS Patient Data Sell-Out

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Zillions of the common herd’s National Ill-Health Service medical records, currently stored in GCHQ’s Big Brother ‘Triple Six’ super-computer, are to be sold off to insidious Big Pharma corporations under the excuse it will assist them in developing new profit-spinning drugs to treat such conditions as Tennis Elbow and Charmaid’s Knee and too the bane of the sex-for-sale industry - Golly-Flogger’s Itch.

PM Posh Dave Sameron announced plans last week to shitcan the personal privacy provisions of the Data Protection Act and mandate radical changes to the NHS Constitution that will sanction hapless patients’ medical records being released to Big Pharma on the questionable premise it will be used for research.

The sinister scheme, known as the Open Data Platform, is already underway and will connect patients’ personal data from their GP, hospitals, venereal disease clinics, drug rehab’ programmes and community services into the GCHQ ‘Beast 666’ centralised data bank ready to flog off to any company for research or selling services back to the NHS – along with credit check and debt collection agencies – and the corrupt bureaucrat snoops staffing the EUSSR in Brussels.

Implied consent for personal data to be used this way will be automatically assumed unless individual Bolshie members of the public suffering from Oppositional Defiance Disorder have the blatant audacity to contest their medical records being made available to every data mining fucker and their dog, and petition family GPs to have their names struck from the Kafkaesque scheme.

Conversely, reflecting on the legion of past instances of government-held personal information being abused, Bazzer McScrote, leader of the Kunt-Watch civil liberties charity campaigners, warned that “We gotta beware cos this data is gonna be re-identified an’ used fer other purposes when it doubtless ends up in the hands of insurance companies, wot will start uppin’ the ante on yer premiums - an’ banks an’ building societies refusin’ yer a loan – just cos yer got some dodgy gene in yer DNA an’ yer gonna get Alzheimer’s an’ forget yer monthly mortgage payments.”

The Libservative cabinet’s Behavioural Insight team, aka the malefic Nudge Unit, are keen to promote the Orwellian scheme to data mine the NHS’ gargantuan information base as Big Pharma’s DNA scanning can be programmed to predict cradle to the grave medical conditions and allow the HMRC and the Department of Works & Pensions to calculate how much in PAYE taxes an individual is likely to contribute to the Chancellor’s Treasury coffers in their lifetime, and what they might attempt to claim in sickness benefit or cost in medical treatment – and predict their longevity – or lack of – to estimate the total outlay of possible pension payments.

Alas the underlying thread in this Mephistophelean scheme has even more profound and insidious Orwellian connotations than those listed above, for while combining genetic data with the results of medical tests might well afford the ability to develop precision medicine, with recent advances in genetic research and computerised ‘prediction’ programmes, Big Pharma, in possession of the afore-mentioned personal data, will be in a position to augur and divine the medical destiny of millions of ‘trusting’ common herd recipients of such toxic vaccinations as MMR during childhood, notorious as the cause of meningitis, encephalitis and cerebral astrocytoma – along with a host of other long-term neurological damage and developed behavioural problems – one of which is autism – and last but not least: death.

Thought for the day. None of this critical information has ever been publicly disclosed by the UK’s NHS nor successive governments, and especially not Big Pharma – while all of the above, along with the infanticide-bent Bill & Belinda Gates Foundation, are still pushing for legally-mandated compliance to have children vaccinated with a legion of noxious substances which compromise and diminish their evolving immune systems rather than boost such.

Such are the end game requirements of Agenda 21 and the human cull ‘extermination’ project.

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Anonymous said...

This might be cutting satire but it's all frighteningly true. Very scary what these elitist Illuminati scumbags have planned for us if we don't watch our backs.