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SHITPOT Committee Slam Israeli Settlements

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The United Nation’s ‘Special High Integrity Team’ (SHITPOT) appointed by General Secretary Ban Ki-mooney to investigate illegal Israeli Practices in the Occupied Territories has offended Zionist sensibilities around the known Universe and transgressed both AIPAC and the ADL’s unwritten kosher brochure laws through a display of career-devastating audacity.

Specifically they’ve achieved this stellar insult by daring to expose the truth to the light of day and criticise the rogue Zionist regime’s barbaric treatment of the marginalised Arab Muslim population of what used to be known as ‘Palestine’ - before the entire country was stolen from them in a bloodbath force of arms ‘land-grab’ in the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of the Catastrophe) executed by the Ashkenazi Jews of convenience terrorist groups: the Haganah, the Irgun and Abraham Stern Gang.

The SHITPOT condemnation has further enraged the Rothshite crime syndicate’s kikesters due it being enthusiastically endorsed by Broken Britain’s first Jewish ambassador to the outlaw Zionist state, Matthew Gould, who informed one press hack from the Pound of Flesh Gazette that topping the litany of Israel’s violent practices towards its neighbours was the Ministry for Expropriation of Palestinian Lands continuous policy of squashing US human rights and wrongs activists with Caterpillar D8 bulldozers and building illegal settlements on lands historically owned by multiple generations of Palestinian citizens in the IDF-occupied West Bank.

Gould, since labelled as a self-hating Jew and a Holohoax denier by the Israeli regime after suffering his personal Pauline epiphany and awakening a previously-stifled moral conscience, opined that “If it wasn’t bad enough that PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and the Knesset keep the 1:6 million Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip blockaded in that coastal enclave behind their racist 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall in the biggest Nazi-style concentration camp on the planet - and let the IDF’s psychos use the kids for target practice – now they’re breaking every international law known by continually stealing lands in the West Bank and evicting the owners to house their illegal settlers.”

Following a fact-finding tour of the besieged Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank, the United Nations’ three-member SHITPOT committee, seconded from the UN’s Rachel Corrie Human Rights Memorial Department, described the collective punishment and continued denial of fundamental human rights to the goyim Palestinians as totally unacceptable and genocidal in nature.

They additionally lambasted the Israel government for sanctioning a rigorous crackdown on Palestinian children accused of chucking rocks at fully-armed military troops - plus the barbaric treatment of those kids arrested and held in custody – where they rarely get released without at least one kidney being stolen to feed the kikester Rabbi’s black market transplant organ trade.

In response to SHITPOT condemnation and reports of a daily litany of acts of aggression against the Palestinian populations of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Shylock Scattstein, the Minister for Hasbara, spoke to reporter Yetzer Hara from the Chosen People’s Review and branded the UN committee members as a bunch of goyim anti-Semites.
“These people know nothing of our higher culture and the New World Order that will realise our Protocols of Zion agenda. We are not building our Jabotinskyist walls to encircle the West Bank and Gaza Strip and keep them in, but to keep these unclean goyim cattle out of Israel – the land promised to us long ago by He whose name cannot be spoken.” (Lord Arthur Balfour)

*** Jabotinskyist - after ultra-Zionist kikester isolationist and creator of the WW1 Mule Corp: Ze’ev Jabot the Hutt.

Thought for the day: Alas, whatever format the SHITPOT report takes, the UN remains helpless against Israeli intransigence unless the Security Council sanctions the use of a military force– such as UN blue cap troops or NATO to go in and impose the 1967 borders over the continued abuses of the Zionist scourge – and that has as much chance of happening as Hell freezing over.

What point is there of debating the issue of ‘illegal settlements’ with a die-hard ZioNazi Knesset when the entire rogue state of Israel is itself an ’illegal settlement’ founded in 1948 on the back of land stolen from the indigenous Palestinians.

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