Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Politically Correct Definition for Rape?

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Gorgeous George Galloway has insisted he regards all acts of sex – whether hetero or homo - as rape unless the second party (and ‘third’ in cases of a ménage à trois) begs the dominant Alpha male / female to ‘give them a good seeing to’ – though in total contradiction stands by the controversial statement he made to the Doggers Gazette regarding sexual assault allegations filed against the Wicked-Leaks super-grass website founder Julian Blancmange.

Galloway, the Respect Party MP for Yorkshire’s Old Scrotum constituency, has copped for lashings of criticism for failing to engage brain before opening gob and publicly stating that to his mind Blancmange was merely guilty of a case of poor sexual etiquette – by not engaging in post-coital after-play due simply rolling off and then surfing TV channels with the remote and not even whispering polite ‘sweet nothings’ in his lady playmate’s ear – such as “Did the earth move for you too, darling?”

Regardless of his formidable intellect, Galloway is still stricken with this fatal shit-for-brains habit of sticking up for political pariahs after the rest of the known Universe has condemned them to perdition – as evidenced by his past flawed defence of Genghis Khan, Atilla the Hun, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Jolly Jihad Muslim suicide bombers - and now Julian Blancmange – an act while being noble in itself often sounds the death toll for politicians.

In a podcast earlier this week Galloway created a shit storm by suggesting that one of the women concerned had consensual sex with Blancmange then woke him and assumed the ‘reverse cowgirl’ position to give herself a good rogering - arguing that in no way could this constitute rape – then added that in his unqualified opinion the Wicked-Leaks editor’s case bore all the hallmarks of a Western intelligence services set-up by the Great Satan’s CIA and the rogue state of Israel’s manky Mossad, both chomping at the bit to make an example of him for publishing leaked diplomatic cables and correspondence, and exposing the crimes of their evil ZioNazi empire.

"What occurred on both these occasions did not constitute acts of rape as the law defines such, plus neither of the women have made a claim that they were raped – these charges stem from Sweden’s moronic Public Prosecutor’s interpretation of the law due allegations that Blancmange failed to slip a rubber on his willy.”

For his troubles of getting involved in an issue that doesn’t concern him, Galloway has come under a barrage of flack from within his own party’s hierarchy, specifically due his flippant comment regarding Blancmange’s precarious ‘legal position’ - to wit: “Legal position? – never tried that one – yet.”

The burka-clad Respect Party leader, Salma Yackgobble, informed one press hack from the Three Holers Review that "Let us be clear on this, just because these women climbed into Julian Blancmange’s bed of their own free will doesn’t mean they consented to having his cock stuck up them while they were asleep.”

“Really, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with your boy friend’s erection jammed between the cheeks of your arse and him whispering in your ear “Let’s have bum sex, darling” - especially if you’re suffering from constipation to start with.”

Hmmm, the garrulous George Galloway besides, on the other side of the Atlantic pond, in the good ole US of A, they too have problems with their own politico’s schoolboy ideas concerning acts of rape committed by males against the weaker sex of the species.

As if Mitt the Moron didn’t have enough personal negative credibility issues with his Presidential candidacy election bid that no amount of big bankster / shadow government funding can cure, he selects a Jonah like Paul Ryan as his running mate – or some fucker did – and now has this clot of a congressman Todd ‘Mr Personality’ Akin, contesting the Missouri Senate seat for the GOP, kick-starting a nation-wide brouhaha by claiming a woman’s gynaeo’ sub-conscious can auto-abort a foetus if she becomes pregnant after being raped.

Really, where the fuck do they get these cretins – by shaking the trees? Obviously need to start shaking them a bit harder.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists spokeswoman, Fellattia van der Gamm, informed the media that Akin or anyone else with so little understanding of basic human biology wasn’t fit to be in a position of ranking political office where their personal opinion – and hence vote – could negatively affect the outcome of a bill sanctioning abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Whereas, ironically, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has informed Akin that if he refuses to stand down as the Senate candidate following this embarrassing fubar then the $5 million bucks worth of advertising finds set aside for Missouri would be spent on a human reproductive tuition literature campaign.

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wiggins said...

If Georgy Porgy was aware of Julian's Mossad connection......I doubt he would be so keen to support him....silly old duffer.

Anonymous said...

True, but like Rusty makes mention of in the skit, anti-establishment / anti-authoritarian Gorgeous has a fatal habit of jumping on the support bandwagon of anyone in officialdom's bad books.