Sunday, 5 August 2012

G4S: A Circus Without a Tent

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There is an old maxim that states “If it wasn’t for bad luck, then they wouldn’t have any” – and that about sums up the G4S (Good-4-Shit) Renta-Thug Security Agency since their recent debacle with failing to supply their contracted quota of 10,000-plus minimum wage morons to guard the 2012 Olympic Games venues – a shortfall that resulted in British Army troops being flown back from opium crop sentry duties in Afghanistan at short notice to be deployed around London and fill the gaping surveillance hole.

Hence, after appearing before a House of Conmans wrist-smacking committee, subservient, cap in hand and apologetic to the point of nausea, G4S’s CEO Dick Chuckles might have been thought correct in assuming “What the fuck else could go wrong?” – ignoring the fact that ‘assumption’ has a habit of wearing a cloak of errors – and as we all (should) know, never tempt Providence with the chance to kick you in the arse – as it will.

To wit we now have bored G4S staff assigned to London’s Stratford Olympic Stadium making hoax terrorist bomb threat calls to the Met’s Plod Squad to liven things up a bit – while over in the good ole US of A, the G4S affiliate / subsidiary security company Wackoff Services Inc (WSI), assigned to guard the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, are about to have their contract scrutinised by a Congressional committee due being derelict in their duties for allowing the facility to be breached by three senior citizen anti-nuclear protesters belonging to the Bolshie anarchist Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance – one being an 82-year old Roman Catholic nun, out for a spot of radical activist adventure.

Led by the octogenarian lock-picking delinquent Sister Mingeeter, the trio bypassed alarms, shorted out the electrified fence, then cut through it and a further two chain link barriers, broke into the facility - undetected by a series of alarms and the high-tech CCTV system – and WSI’s guards - to daub the enriched weapons grade uranium storage building walls with subversive and unpatriotic peacenik slogans.

So, what a circus without a tent G4S and their Great Satan affiliates are – and maligned by international human rights and wrongs groups such as Ox-Rat and Amnesty for their morally-reprehensible, profit-motivated involvement with the Israeli IDF and government in supplying security services to the ultra-paranoid, proto-fascist regime’s detention centres and hunger-strike prisons – especially so the notorious Facility 1391 interrogation facility - ironically located on land stolen from the very Palestinians it serves to detain and torture.

Add to this the litany of complaints regarding their comedy of errors performance in transporting British prisoners from courts to jails with escapes a regular occurence; overdoing their ‘responsibility of care’ two years ago while guarding Angolan deportee Jimmy Mubenga on a repatriation BA Flight 77 at Heathrow and actually killing him - juxtaposed with Olympics-assigned G4S guards, when not busy making hoax bomb calls, spitting at British Army troops and referring to them as “baby-killers”.

Thought for the day. So, for a G4S that’s being viewed as a ‘not fit for purpose’ embarrassment, the only way to justify your existence is pull an ‘inventive security’ bomb hoax stunt – akin to the MI5/ MI6 false flag terror attacks – to rationalise their very existence and increased budgets.

Thomas Hall, a 20-year old student from Norwich, was arrested on July 20th by the Met’s Plod Squad on suspicion of making bomb hoax calls and causing criminal damage at the Olympic venue.
The hapless Hall, hired to work for G4S via their flawed Bridging the Gap scheme – designed to recruit 3,300 students as part of the minimum wage security workforce - was later remanded into custody after being charged by police with communicating a bomb hoax contrary to the Section 51 of the Very Naughty Act 1977.

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Brill' - another laugh-a-minute corker. Nice one giving them a dig over their Israeli contracts.