Monday, 27 August 2012

NYPD Morons a Homicidal Liability

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In an all-out effort to deprive American citizens of their God-given right (sic) to bear arms and shoot each other with their Saturday night specials, the US Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, has been tasked by her Zionist neo-con shadow government masters with pushing the US-sponsored all-encompassing UN Arms Trade Treaty which, if passed and implemented, will be the harbinger of a ban on the private ownership of firearms for the American colonists.

This UN-sanctioned ban being petitioned for adoption by the Arkansas-based Mena Mafia’s rug-munching Matriarch is intended to materialise into a full global clampdown, not just on handguns, 12 gauges and sporting rifles, but all weapons – which will include paintgun pistols, billy clubs, catapults, bows and arrows, assegais, hunting boomerangs, baseball bats, piano wire garrottes, blowpipes, and the Irish spud-bashing favourite ‘shillelaghs’.

To wit, in the good ole continental US of A itself, such a UN- approved ban will provide the Great Satan’s Kenyan-Indonesian Muslim leader, ‘Teleprompter Man’ Barky O’Barmy, - aka ‘Bandung Barry’ Soetoro - with a legal excuse to abuse the facility of Presidential privilege yet again and circumvent the 2nd Amendment with another ‘Executive Order’ – not only further trashing the Constitution and totally emasculating the Bill of Rights but paving the way for the armed resistance-less imposition of martial law when the manky Mossad’s latest Kike-Spy cyber-virus is loosed over the internet.

This Stuxnet Mk IV worm has been designed to provide the required excuse for US and European banksters to shut down operations and declare a holiday by fielding the disingenuous excuse they have to clear their computer databases of cyber-attack viruses – which will doubtless make zillions of bucks simply disappear into some numbered account at one of their shifty Shylock banks in the Rothshite crime syndicate empire’s capital of Israel - while they’re busy having an in-house Shred-Fest to cover their own criminally-liable arses.

So, to help the obnoxious Clinton’s efforts along in persuading the UN – and the rest of the known Universe – to do what the Great Satan wants – a few more Edmond / Columbine / Oikos Uni’ – (and ideally a Breivik copycat Utoeya Island) - ‘gone postal’ Slaughterama incidents are the order of the day to supplement the latest Batman premier-inspired ‘kill-a-thon’ in Aurora and further stigmatise the concept of loose firearms in the hands of brainwashed homicidal patsies – and any other fucker and their dog that’s not wearing a military or official civil intimidators police uniform.

To achieve this end and trash the 2nd Amendment, the NYPD’s grossly incompetent Plod Squad are doing their bit to prove to both the ‘Hope n Change’ US President and ultra-Zionist NY Mayor Shylock Bloomberg that guns in the wrong hands are a clear and present danger – unfortunately in this particular case by putting a bevy of bystanders and commuting pedestrians in hospital – and the morgue – in all truth through their inability to shoot straight and hit any fucking thing they’re aiming at – and ‘not’ the disingenuous fact the collateral damage pedestrians were hit by ricochets.

Although this latest sanguinary calamity wasn’t quite a Batman premier homicidal amok revisited but rather the NYPD’s trigger-happy uniformed morons engaging in one of their classic Dodge City shootouts, it serves regardless to forward the Great Satan’s gun control agenda – and one that the O’Barmy White House administration will utilise to the full in their continuing pantomime drive to make the world safe for hypocrisy.

So, what’s behind the gory story brouhaha that’s been dominating headlines since Friday and distracting the world’s attentions from focusing on the media disinformation campaign and blatant lies regarding the US / Israel funded civil war inside Syria - where their proxy psycho foreign merc’s comprising the ranks of the FSA are busy adding to the litany of human rights abuses and war crime massacres of civilians they and a compliant Western Zionist-controlled media are intent on blaming on the Ba’athist Assad regime.

The gospel according to a report in the Headbangers Gazette claims this latest incident took place outside the Big Bad Apple’s Empire State Building where yet another ‘lone gunman’ with a grudge – 96-year old t-shirt designer Billy Bob Redneck - ambushed ex-co-worker Hiram J. E-Coli III, vice-president of a clothing firm and pumped several bullets into him while shouting “Die, you motherfucker, die!”

Redneck’s assault was then rudely interrupted by a passing NYPD foot patrol who instead of hailing him to “Drop the weapon!” simply started loosing off Black Talon expanding rounds from their 9mm Glock and .357 Colt Python handguns, striking not only Redneck but a total of nine hapless civilians – four women and five men – who failed to duck or exit stage left fast enough to avoid the barrage of flack loosed by the shit-for-brains cops – a circus without a tent fiasco recorded for posterity on a veritable battery of CCTV surveillance cameras mounted along 5th Avenue and the corner of East 34th Street.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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