Monday, 13 June 2011

US Beats own Record for Gross Hypocrisy

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Displaying a mega-dose of the global bully boy cum moral high ground ‘Defender of Freedom’ hypocrisy for which they have become nauseously notorious, the United States Chabad / Zionist-controlled craven government have had the venal audacity to go into character assassination / black propaganda mode and commit blood libel by condemning Syria's ‘alleged’ use of violence against anti-government protesters – while with duplicity aforethought, only this past week the Kenyan cuckoo personally greeted His Royal Nastiness, the lard-arsed Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salman Ras al Shitbag bin Khalifa, at the White House.

During the Crown Prince’s buffet lunch visit, where sheep’s bollocks and Moroccan catamites were high on the menu, nary a whispered mention was made of the injustice visited upon the scores of doctors and nurses who were summarily arrested and charged with offences of subversion and treason against the Bahraini state – and attempting to overthrow the country’s kleptocratic monarchy - for their most heinous ‘forced confession’ crimes of providing medical treatment to pro-democracy activists and protesters who turned up at their hospitals and clinics, horribly injured by the despotic regime’s barbaric security forces – recently reinforced by Saudi Arabia’s Renta-Thug Brigade.

Further, adhering to the duplicitous diplomatic niceties of political correctness, the fact that thousands of Bahraini protesters have been killed, maimed, tortured and imprisoned without due process or charges – and like the medical personnel - committed to stand trial before a military court with their civil rights (sic) thrown like so much desiccated goat shit to the four winds – also went ignored.
The same applied to the fact that the hospital staff’s real crime is they witnessed and, in many cases, documented and posted / communicated via the internet, evidence of the horrific brutality meted out against protesters in the ‘Arab Spring’ demonstrations that erupted across Bahrain in February.

Of course, it’s okay for Bahrain’s despotic ruling regime to commit whatever human rights and wrongs offences they wish, with impunity from reproach by the Western powers, while the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet is based out of the poxy postage stamp island kingdom, ready to rattle sabres and attack Iran at a moment’s notice.

Taking gross hypocrisy to new heights, the rug-munching US Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, (formerly the Mena Mafia Matriarch) addressed gutter press hacks following the poxy Crown Prince's visit, emphasising that “Bahrain is a very important strategic partner to the United States, and we are supportive of their King’s stern actions in controlling the rampant Islamic fervour and anti-monarchial terrorist forces who are attempting to overthrown the established government.”

Meanwhile, in blatant contradiction to ignoring the disgusting human rights abuses committed by Bahrain and Saudi Arabian security forces against civilians, Barky O’Barmy’s Shite House declared for any fucker interested enough to listen, that President ‘Basher’ al-Assad of Syria was proceeding down a dangerous path by suppressing the ‘Arab Spring’ pro-democracy movement, protesting for socio-political reforms - and with their customary Zionist-style display of unqualified arrogance, demanded an immediate end to the government security forces shooting back at the gangs of armed agent provocateurs infiltrated into the country by the CIA and Israel’s manky Mossad via the neighbouring 51st state of Iraq and treacherous two-faced Turkey.

The muppet UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Loony-Moony, went into his neuro-linguistic programmed dipshit mode (Sit!, Beg!, Roll over! Play dead!) and described Syria’s use of military force as unacceptable – then fielded one of his habitual cowardly and unprincipled solutions to the problem while vilifying President Basher al-Assad.
“The Syrian dictatorship must hold elections and allow for the revolutionary movement to form a political opposition - or else they might be next in line for a touch of NATO’s Libya-Gaddafi treatment to protect the civilian population from his security forces.”

Thought for the day: Can US military MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper UAV drone attacks, indiscriminately launching depleted uranium-cased HE and chemical weapon Shitehawk missiles against civilian targets inside Afghanistan and Pakiland – (and now Libya and Yemen) - on the off chance some twat from the non-existent al Qaeda or the Taliban’s Jolly Jihad Gang might be visiting - ever be described as ‘acceptable’ – when the ‘collateral damage’ includes hospitals, orphanages, schools – and mobs of non-combatant men, women and children?

Well, when the place is being run by an African impostor who wouldn’t know what the truth was if it jumped up and bit him on the ass, yet blabbers on about Hope and Change, and has sunk so low as to forge a birth certificate and steal a dead bloke’s social security number, then any criminal act’s possible.

Hmmm, God bless America.

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