Saturday, 4 June 2011

INS Clampdown – Obama to Deport Self

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Back in the good ole United States of Israel following his European pit stop tour and G20 ‘secret handshake’ summit in France, President Barky O’Barmy has thrown his support behind the all-out effort to halt and reverse the tidal flow of illegal immigrants into the US – and yesterday stood up to be counted at the head of the Immigration & Naturalisation Services ‘Roundup Ready’ vanguard, promising to lead the fight - by deporting himself back to Kenya.

O’Barmy, speaking to a bed-sheet and dunce-capped audience at the Ku Klux Klan Memorial Church of the Burning Cross in Redneck County, Alabama, declared for the public record that “These scumbag welfare spongers are bleeding the country dry, pumping out rugrats like rabbits so they’re eligible for child benefit and their sprogs can claim US citizenship – or go off working in sweatshops for two bits a day and screwing up the labour market so decent good ole American boys can’t get a job. That’s what’s knocked the shit out of our economy to the point that the Treasury and Pentagon are finding it hard to rustle up enough cash to afford to send financial aid to Israel to finance their new West Bank settlements.”

“Hellfire, the US has enough pigshit-thick trailer trash without letting any more into the country from Wetbackville. I mean, you can see where all this leads – they’re sneaking into the US on forged paperwork and stealing American jobs at all levels of society. Just look at me – born in Kenya, educated (sic) in Indonesia at an Islamic madrassa, then got to the States under the radar via Hawaii on a counterfeit birth certificate and a surfing degree – and end up with the nation’s top job.”
“Now this definitely goes to prove the adage that ‘it’s not what you know – but ‘who’ you know – even if you are the proverbial ‘nigga in de woodpile’ – as long as you’ve got the ZioNazi media cabal on your side.”

Since O’Barmy’s all-new amateurish piece of shit Hawaiian birth certificate was foisted on the American public last month by the White House PR team, his uncle, Kenya’s Chief Winnebago Jaffacake, the Minister for Meerkat Affairs, spit the dummy and denounced him to gutter press hacks in Nairobi.
“What de hell is dat boy doin’ I ask ya’ll? He’s born here an’ now he gets dese big ideas about dissin’ his country an’ ignorin’ his black Kenyan brudders jest cos he got some of dat ‘coffee wid cream’ honky blood in his veins an’ goes an’ has tea wid de Queen of England.”

Conversely, several psychologists have collectively opined to the media that O’Barmy isn’t out to fool anyone, but rather is the dire result of repeated brain-washing sessions by the Rothshite crime family syndicate that control ‘Mr Hope n Change’ – which has resulted in the calamitous creation of a man now suffering from such acute morality and identity problems he doesn’t even know if he’s straight or a raving faggot – or if Larry Sinclair gives better head than Michelle.

It’s their diagnosis that the cuckoo squatting in the Oval Office is cognizant-deficient of the facts of his origins whether he’s the Kenyan-born Barky Hussein O’Barmy - or Barry Soetero, an Indonesian Muslim – or just a guy who missed out on Oahu North Beach surfing fame by only having a forged Hawaiian birth certificate and never actually being born there or afforded the opportunity to hurl a few choice choka curses at the ‘snappers’ rattling his feet, or howl “Cowabunga!” into the wind and spray – or go whistling through the backdoor and carve down a barrel alike some time travelling surfer in a briny wormhole.

Such is the fate of impostors – including this black mascot of the Wall Street oligarchs – the darkie puppet of corporate plutocrats. A pantomime progressive and make-believe reformist, addicted to teleprompters and deluded into thinking he has a mind of his own.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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