Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bahrain: Climate Change Hits Arab Spring

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The seeds of democratic reform sown during Bahrain’s blighted Arab Spring have borne a most bitter harvest after being hit by the political climate change effect and unseasonable icy blasts of government retribution.

Hence so much for any chance of socio-political reform or regime change when the Shia pro-democracy movement activists are further denied the right to stand and plead before a court of civil law – are presumed guilty until proven innocent - and then arbitrarily tried by a martial law style military tribunal.

To date, in a display of judicial abuse that will go down in the annals of human rights and wrongs infamy - and make the Israeli’s barbaric treatment of the Palestinian population of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip look like some minor euthanasia transgression at a Nazi German old folks care home - twenty-one opposition figures - people who disagreed with their despotic King’s idea of fair play and protested for reforms to Bahrain’s Dark Ages kleptocratic and authoritarian system of government - have been tried in camera by a special security court.

This has resulted in eight pro-democracy activists of the ‘minority’ Shia faith sentenced to eternity in one of the regime’s Happy Face prisons for plotting to overthrow the piss-pot government with nothing more dangerous than an ‘I disagree’ poster – while the lucky ones got away with more lenient ‘first offence’ sentences of a mere 15 years apiece.

Bahrain's naive Shia protesters became fatally enmeshed with the concept of revolution last February in the effervescent enthusiasm of the Western-Zionist funded and controlled Arab Spring protest movements that were sweeping North Africa.

They too then set out to demand radical democratic reforms and more sectarian rights for the country's Shia Muslims in Sheikh Ras al Shitbag’s Sunni sect ruled and dominated kingdom after viewing the results achieved by their Arab Muslim brethren in Tunisia and Egypt, hoofing out the corrupt dynasties – and replacing them with military juntas – a situation that has prompted condemnation inasmuch as “Out of the frying pan and into the fire” – and “Ali Baba might have gone but the Forty Thieves are now running things.”

For Bahrain’s marginalised and disaffected Shia population, they have long complained of systematic discrimination, and point to high unemployment, poor housing and the fact that they are denied decent positions in government departments and access to sweet ‘baksheesh’ deals to earn a few extra shekels for their retirement funds.

Initially a wave of peaceful protests swept the country in February and March, which were put down with extreme brutality by the government, who called in troops from the Gulf's Emirate states and their barbaric next door neighbours in Saudi Arabia, who obliged by dispatching a brigade of Neanderthal thugs from their Blood n Guts Regiment to disperse with extreme prejudice any protesters old enough to bleed – then arrest – or body-bag - all those remaining in the protest areas once the bullets had stopped ricocheting and the CS gas had dispersed.

Further draconic orders were issued to scour the hospitals for any and all wounded protesters – and not only arrest them but also the doctors, nurses and affiliated medical staff (ambulance drivers / paramedics) who had the audacious bad judgement to treat their injuries.

Some 24 doctors along with 23 nurses were slapped with Kafkaesque style ‘guilty until proven innocent’ charges of lying and exaggerating the political situation on satellite channels – plus the Twatter and Facebook social networking websites - with the aim of tarnishing the international image of the country (sic) – which according to officialdom’s fractured logic casts the Hippocratic oath to the four winds and equates as participation in efforts to overthrow the pondscum monarchy.

Hmmm, such are the immoral depths that despots will sink to remain in power – especially when backed – and armed – by the ZioNazi Rothshite-dominated Western powers – who have unanimously bestowed a 5-star approval rating on the fascist, supressive actions Bahrain’s ruling despot, King Ras al Shitbag, and his government of fawning nepotistic appointees – with nary a concern expressed regarding ‘humanitarian intervention’ to protect the civilian population – as per Libya and Syria.

Alas Bahrain, and too the barbaric Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, fail the rudimentary tests of progressive society when their only response to socio-political dissent by their marginalised peasant populations - who meekly beg, in Dickensian fashion, ‘may we have some more?’ – is to brutalised them, crush all opposition and civil disobedience through violent means and imprison the proponents where their contrary demands can no longer be heard.

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