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Justice Again Denied for Dr David Kelly

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While the British public were hoodwinked into believing that since getting shut of such political pariah skunks as Tony Bliar and Lord Peter Scandalson (aka Vermin in Ermine), that under the new Libservative Coalition government justice might once again be seen to work, as per PC Slimy Simon Harwood finally being charged with manslaughter for the vindictive and brutal illegal killing of newsvendor Ian Tomlinson, an innocent passer-by at the G20 protests in London two years ago.
Alas, such false hopes were shattered yesterday when Attorney General ‘Dodgy Dominic’ Grieve rejected calls to hold an actual ‘inquest’ into the suspicious ‘assisted suicide’ death of controversial government weapons scientist Dr David Kelly back in 2003 – just as Tony Bliar’s ‘Coalition of the Willing’ illegal invasion of Iraq was getting underway.

To wit, when examining with due diligence and prudent scrutiny the startling irregularities and inconsistencies laid before the public’s eye – not by conspiracy theorists but the specialist medical community – and to so declare, as per the Attorney General, that nothing is amiss, then obviously something certainly is.
Hence Mr Grieve, with dishonesty aforethought, is in breach of the discharge of his legal and binding duty by disallowing due legal process to be served and the previously stalled inquest to be held that would bring before a Coroner’s court a string of glaring inconsistencies - in every aspect of police evidence and the Lord Bwian Mutton’s dodgy inquiry report.

Inconsistencies – what inconsistencies? - some voice in the wilderness cries.
Aha, such inconsistencies as why did the Thames Valley police launch ‘Operation Ello, Ello, Ello, What Ave We Ere Then’ to search for Dr Kelly hours before he was reported missing? Why were no fingerprints found on the ‘blunt’ gardening knife apparently used to slit Dr Kelly's wrist – or the water bottle – or the Coproxamol pack? How did he obtain the Coproxamol painkillers? Why did his blood and stomach contain only a non-toxic dose of the drug? Why there was a suspicious lack of blood evident for a person who had exsanguinated several pints of claret by slitting the ulnar artery? Why was the bruising on Kelly’s body consistent with a violent struggle and ignored by Lord Mutton’s inquiry?

Why was Dr Kelly not spotted by a police helicopter with thermal imaging cameras which flew over the wood where his body was later found? Why he resorted to taking his own life while preparing for his daughter’s wedding and his return to Iraq?
Why were unpublished medical and scientific records relating to Kelly’s death - including the post-mortem report and photographs of his body - secretly classified with an extraordinary gagging order by Lord Mutton – (who had been personally appointed and instructed by Tony Bliar) - so as not to be made public for 70 years?

Why was the term ‘found dead at Harrowdown Hill, Longworth, Oxon’ entered on the death certificate and the crucial question of ‘time, cause and location of death’ not answered? Is such inadvertently an admission he was killed elsewhere then his body dumped on Harrowdown Hill? Further, why does the death certificate bear the signature of a registrar and was not signed by either a doctor or a coroner as every death certificate should be?

Then we have the lack of a suicide note – a factor wholly contradictory in the habits of such a methodical person? And last but not least, why shifty ‘Special Branch’ officers removed all computer equipment and document records from Dr Kelly’s study before he was reported missing – then ripped the wallpaper from said study and living room to ensure he wasn’t hiding behind it.
Hmmm, sinister aspects abound at every turn.

Casting aside the disgusting black propaganda come character assassination factors that Tony Bliar’s New Labour government used to patronisingly dismiss David Kelly as a Walter Mitty character and nothing more than a middle ranking official in the Ministry of Defence – (so typical of the pondscum infesting Westminster and Shitehall that they would stoop to denigrate his professional standing and memory with such lies) - it must be emphasised that Dr Kelly was arguably the world’s pre-eminent expert on biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction who knew the whereabouts of more than a few skeletons – up to and including the dirty deed details of the Israeli-South African nuclear weapons bought by Britain on the black market at the time of the apartheid regime’s collapse and smuggled into the Middle East – where they promptly went AWOL.

Hence, if Attorney General Dominic Grieve is possessed by any semblance of honesty or a moral conscience; he should resign over this latest contribution to the continuing criminal cover-up and subversion of the truth and due process of the law regarding Dr Kelly’s demise – and ignoring the outcry for a full inquest being in the public interest.

Oxfordshire Coroner Nicholas Gardiner duly opened an inquest on July 21st, 2003 – however, on August 13th the then Lord Chancellor Charlie Falconer, Tony Bliar’s former flatmate, acting on his sinister instructions to halt the proceedings before the entire can of worms was up-ended through conflicting, sore-thumb evidence, then applied the blue moon provisions of Section 17a of the Coroner’s Act, and ordered said inquest to be adjourned immediately, if not sonner, and for an indefinite period.

The derailing of the original inquest by Charlie Falconer constituted a national disgrace and the non-statutory ‘inquiry’ (read ‘whitewash’) staged by Bwian Mutton on Downing Street’s orders – which could not hear evidence under oath, nor subpoena witnesses, nor call a jury, nor aggressively cross-examine witnesses - should be of concern to all British citizens of conscience – as per the all-new felony charge of ‘Pre-Crime Arrest’ powers recently bestowed on the Plod Squad.

Thought for the day: Justice denied in the UK – to name but a mere sample.

Dr David Kelly – murdered.
Absence of war crimes charges against Tony Bliar for the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the resulting deaths of legions of non-combatant civilians.
The details and naming of the thousands of names by publishing the findings of Operation Ore, the child porno’ / kiddie fiddling inquiry criminally suppressed by Tony Bliar to protect members of his own government.
The lifting of Lord Cullen’s 100-year Closure Order on files in relation to his pseudo-inquiry (whitewash) into the Thomas Hamilton Masonic kiddie pimping affair / Dunblane massacre.
Victims of the 7/7 false flag attack on the London tube / transport system by British intelligence service - plus the subsequent Canary Wharf ‘Kratos’ style extra-judicial murders of Mohammed al Patsy and his three Muslim stooge companions.
Hollie Grieg, afflicted with Down’s Syndrome and victim of systematic rape and sexual abuse by members of Scotland’s Scaberdeen Masonic establishment ‘worthies’ since childhood.

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