Monday, 27 June 2011

UK Peers Treasonable Corruption Exposed

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A villainous alliance of former Eurocrat scumbag British peers who receive mega-bucks pensions from the EUSSR of up to £100,000 quid per year apiece – which they’ve kept schtum about to the UK Parliament’s ‘Registry of Interests’ – are currently being showered with seven kinds of shit and criticism for sabotaging an attempt by the Libservative Coalition to curb the burgeoning Orwellian powers of the graft and corruption-ridden kleptocracy that’s running the Brussels-based criminal enterprise and dominating the once-sovereign affairs of the 27 member nation states.

This condescending clique of fat cat politicians and diplomats, all of whom have held lucrative posts in Europe, inflicted a series of conspiratorial defeats on the Government’s EUSSR Bill in the House of Lords over the past two weeks with a decisive handful of votes – an action biased to the benefit of the few and detriment of the many – and most definitely against the national interest.

The checkmating of the legislation, drafted to guarantee British voters a referendum on any further loss of sovereignty, was achieved by a powerful cabal of self-interest Freemason-types who receive gilt-edged Brussels-awarded pensions – along with ex-civil service mandarins paid large sums to work inside the EUSSR – and act against the best interests of the British tax-paying public.

These treasonable shits have been backed by pro-EUSSR former Ministers including such career slimes as the bonkers Michael Heseltine – a man who inspires one to count their fingers if unfortunate enough to have shaken hands with him – and who made one his blue moon visits to the Lords last week, specifically to vote against Posh Dave Scameron’s Conservative-led Coalition.

Heseltine was joined in this perfidy by a pick n mix bag of crooked cronies, including ex-Tory Chancellor Lord Geoffrey ‘Porky’ Howe and the despicable shirt-lifting ex-Tory Cabinet Minister John Bummer, now Lord Dreggs – who as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries armed with an MA from Cambridge is entitled to the honorific of MAFIA after his name.

Further traitors to our once sceptred isle include that notorious low-life cottager, Tory ex-EUSSR Commissioner Leon ‘Cuddles’ Brittan – and ex-Labour EUSSR Commissioners Stanley Clinton-Davis, Ivor Seward Richard and Lord Neil Pillock – plus his ex-Labour Euro MP slapper of a wife, Lady Glenys Pillock – who gained celebrity fame and entered politics following her years as a Page 3 girl in Farmer’s Weekly.

No eyebrow-raising surprises of who might be at the centre of this unscrupulous campaign to undermine Britain’s sovereign autonomy and insular identity, right there alongside the infamous Maastricht traitor, Lord John ‘Under the Table’ Kerr, but Tony Bliar’s chief backstabbing arse bandit - none other than old ‘Vermin in Ermine’ himself – Lord Peter Scandalson – a person you can take anywhere twice – the second time to apologise and give the pilfered silver back - and say ‘sorry’ for trying to bugger Carlos, the Venezuelan au pair.

As exposed during the House of Conmans and Lords expenses fiasco which resulted in a pick n mix collection of petty theft MPs and peers smeared with deserved ignominy, and either publicly ridiculed and pilloried for their duck islands and moat dredging claims – or prosecuted and imprisoned on various counts of embezzlement – these worshippers at the altar of Mammon are not to be trusted where the lure of lucre is concerned.

The gospel according to one of the EUSSR loyalty clauses, any person – peer or peon – who’s worked for the criminally-corrupt organisation and has the self-immolating audacity to criticise or speak out against the concept of a united Europe, can be stripped of their fat cat pensions.
These lickspittles must abide by such obligations both during and after their term of office - including maintaining loyalty to the EUSSR’s ‘Debtocracy’ communities – with any breach of this carrying the threat of the loss of their right to a pension and ‘other’ benefits.

Hmmm, well, that obviously gives patriotism a big kick in the bollocks when those in receipt of these pensions have a vested interest in voting to defend the EUSSR’s dystopian and totalitarian control over a sovereign state’s domestic affairs – and are coerced into voting against the best interests and welfare of their own homelands.

Alas, such is the state of the human condition when corrupted by greed – to become venal money-grubbing political animals, devoid of fidelity, virtue and gravitas - the likes of which prompted the ultra-cynical Diogenes to leave his barrel at mid-day, lighted lamp in hand, and scour the streets of Athens in search of an honest man.

Thought for the day: Diogenes would be fucked looking for an honest man in Brussels or Strasbourg – or anywhere else the EUSSR’s web of corruption, under the fatally flawed leadership of its incumbent President, Herman ‘Catweazle’ van Rumpy, has reached.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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