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‘Arab Spring’ Fuels Arms Sales

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To the blinkered mindset of the common or garden ‘layman’ the Paris Air Show, scheduled to kick off on the 20th June for a 7-day extravaganza, will be focused on innovative aircraft that fly across the sky with the greatest of ease, carrying hundreds of fare-paying sheeple in the ultimate zenith of cramped discomfort possible – crammed together, row upon row, like a clusterfuck assemblage of battery hens - or a scabby score of Albanian pikey immigrants trying to sneak across the Channel from France in the back of a Transit van.

Doubtless, in total contrast, the executive Cessna, Falcon, Lear and Gulfstream private jets, rigged out with every luxury imaginable – including the latest Japcrap robotic three-hole suck n swallow stewardesses - will be on offer for the tax-dodging rich and shameless zillionaires – and corporate CEO’s who don’t give a shit what their shareholders think.

However, to the discerning eye, it takes slightly more than a sideways glance to realise that the commercial and private aircraft contingent will contribute but a minor portion to an exhibition traditionally monopolised by that other type of aircraft – not the ones that haul package tour vacationers but those with the ability to fly undetected around radar systems at Mach 3 and carry lots of shit called ‘ordnance’ that goes Ka-fucking-Boom! when it hits the laser-lit target – and fill up the armaments industry’s coffers with zillions of dinars, shekels, dhirams, riyals and dollars in military spending – what banksters refer to as “lots and lots of lovely money”.

The full gamut of war-mongering companies, ranging from the minor ‘conscience-stifled’ anti-aircraft component manufacturers to the morally bankrupt and spiritually excommunicated giant defence and security corporations such as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Finmeccanica and Northrop Grumman, will fill the ‘one point five’ million square feet of exhibition space in the chalets and halls on the edge of the Paris Le Bourget airport's runway with their fighter jets and attack choppers, and a profusion of weaponry designed by science to kill every fucker old enough to bleed.

You name it, they’ll have one: white phosphorus warheads, air-launched land mines, Smiley Face cluster bombs, and tungsten-based DIME ordnance (dense inert metal explosive) - combat proven to blow the legs clean off Palestinian children inside Israel’s Gaza Strip concentration camp; General Dynamics money-spinning wing-mounted M61A2 20mm cannons that can loose 6,000 rounds per minute into an Afghani orphanage; the US-made BLU-118B Fuel-Air Thermobaric bombs that really liven up a Tora-Bora barbeque – and not forgetting everyone’s favourite – the General Atomics MQ9 Reaper drone – the USAF’s hunter-killer UAV - kitted out with laser-guided / heat-seeking Shitehawk missiles that are capable of making a total fuck-up of a Pakiland wedding – or funeral – any day of the week.

The gospel according to the Warmongers Gazette claims that more than 200 official delegations from 88 countries, with the majority involved in the arms industry, are expecting their order books to be dramatically boosted this year due the pandemic of ‘Arab Spring’ pro-democracy and socio-political reform protests occurring across North Africa and the Middle East – with the incumbent ruling despots and totalitarian governments stocking up on ‘extraordinary rendition’ interrogation equipment plus an assortment of anti-personnel nasties such as pickaxe handles, baseball bats, cattle prods, thumb screws, fingernail pliers, Black & Decker cordless knee-capping drills, CS gas, rubber bullets, flash ‘and’ stun grenades, pepper spray, crowd dispersing microwave ‘Stingers’ and that all-American favourite - the tried and tested insta-cardiac arrest Tasers.

A plethora of Arab countries normally not actively involved in armed conflicts have been using up their stocks of weapons and ammunition faster than a lizard drinking. Even those nice bright shiny sub-machine guns get worn out when you select fully automatic and fire clip after clip of 9mm parabellum ball into crowds of screaming protesters out to demand a fair share of democracy and socio-economic reform that’s been denied them for generations by their despotic rulers.

To this end the Bahraini Crown Prince, Mustapha bin Scum al Shitbag, was in the London this week meeting with the BAE conglomerate’s armourers and the UK’s duplicitous hypocrite of a Slime Minister, Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron, placing a massive order of diverse weaponry to re-supply the Saudi-backed Bahraini forces and expedite the ongoing brutal suppression of pro-democracy protests being staged by Bolshie peasant types in the Persian Gulf postage stamp kingdom.

While human rights and wrongs activist groups Amnesty International and Ox-Rat have condemned Scameron and Clogg’s Libservative coalition government for sanctioning the sale of arms to the draconic regime of the incumbent Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa – a stereotype autocratic despot who claims the hereditary grazing rights to every hotel lobby carpet across the Gulf region – Downing Street officials have brushed aside objections and criticism, stating that the size of Bahrain’s cheque for British arms purchases far surpasses the necessity for moral recriminations.

Foreign Office spokesman, Sir Irwin Bogbrush, informed one press hack from the Reprobates Gazette that “It’s all very well these people kicking off about arms sales to a bunch of thugs but they are the rulers of the poxy shithole and have lots of oil – plus their Sharia laws are vastly different from ours – this is a place you get your hand chopped off for a spot of shoplifting.”
"I mean to say, you can’t have a bunch of common raghead scrotes demanding democracy when they can’t even spell the blasted word – then you’ve got all these doctors in trouble for treating injured protesters so they can go back out there and stir up even more trouble. Hence why the Bahraini government needs our armaments – to maintain the status quo – and keep the damn oil flowing.”

So much for any chance of socio-political reforms in Bahrain as dozens of medical staff at the Salmaniya Hospital in the capital of Manama have been arrested and appeared before military courts for trial over providing treatment to the injured anti-government protesters.

Some 24 doctors along with 23 nurses and paramedics have been slapped with Kafkaesque style ‘guilty until proven innocent’ charges of lying and exaggerating the political situation on satellite channels - with the aim of tarnishing the international image of the country – which according to officialdom’s fractured logic casts the Hippocratic oath to the four winds and equates as participation in efforts to overthrow the monarchy.

* Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of Arab despots were hopefully embarrassed and shamed.

Thought for the day: The ‘Arab Spring’ besides, the US still remains by far the biggest global military spender – doubly so with traditionally supplying the ZioNazi outlaw state of Israel with free weapons – at the expense of the hapless goyim American taxpayer – and all thanks to AIPAC.

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