Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mossad’s Unlikely Coincidence Machine

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Well, leaving the mystifying roots of coincidence to one side for a moment, the spate of ‘accidental mortalities’ - by violent means – among the elite community of Iranian nuclear physicists and engineers over the past year has just been surpassed in the Guinness Book of World Fuckups by the deaths of five Russian nuclear scientists in a single one-off snuff job – all of whom were among the 44 hapless passengers who died earlier this week when their plane crashed in northern Russia.

The five nuclear engineering specialists were killed when the Russian-built Shitolev-134 plane they were flying broke up and caught fire after an explosive device detonated in the cargo hold, just prior to landing at the northern Siberian city of Gulagograd on Monday.

Now this is where the Koestler coincidence factor kicks in. FSB security sources in Moscow confided to gutter press hacks, for a mere thirty pieces of silver, that the team of five had been deeply involved in the design and operation of Iran’s controversial nuclear facilities.

The science team, which included lead atomic designers Sergei Fuckoff, Gennadi Pissoff, and Russia's top nuclear technology expert, Andrei Jackoff – had worked at the Iranian Bushehr reactor facility after the contract for the plant's construction passed, following extreme US / ZioNazi political pressure to halt construction, from Siemens of Germany to Russia’s state nuclear industry.

Professor Jackoff had been personally responsible for solving the problems caused by the Stuxnet computer virus in February of this year – and the one who postulated it had been created by Israel’s rogue Mossad intelligence agency and the US CIA to sabotage Iran's centrifuges, deployed with IAEC approval and oversight at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant.

The nuclear science team were returning to Russian after completing their work on the Bushehr reactor, where they’d been tasked with ensuring it would be able to survive one of the Yank’s HAARP-generated earthquakes – or an attack from a similar scalar type directed energy weapon - (which caused the Japanese Fuckupshima power station disaster with a shitty little tsunami wave) – or a direct hit from one of Israel’s cloned US bunker-busting B-83 dial-a-yield tactical nuclear bombs.

Russian State Security officials have this afternoon placed odds-on bets with the Flatbrokes bookies website that the explosive residue on the inner surfaces of the aircraft’s fuselage will doubtless point back to Israel as the source of manufacture – after discovering the actual device had been wrapped in a Tel Aviv printed copy of last Saturday’s ‘Haaretz’ newspaper – then duct-taped inside a Mama Miriam’s ‘’Hamantaschen Cookies’ wrapper – with ‘Hamas was here’ scribbled amateurishly on the cryptic crossword page in pencil.

Meanwhile, back in Moscow, Dr Trudi Trollenberg - the former oral hygienist credited with curing the Murmansk Halitosis Club of GTR (Galloping Tongue Rot) – and now spokeswoman at the Kremlin’s Ministry for the Apportionment of Blame, informed one reporter from the International Daily Shitraker that “Israeli Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo needs to keep a tighter leash on his rabid Mossad dogs and their Kidon assassins.”

“Every time there is an ‘accident’ such as this, or the blatant snuffing of a Hamas commander in a Dubai hotel with some IIBR-concocted poison, or another false flag terrorist op’ to demonise the Muslims - like 9/11 or the Sari Club micro-nuke in Bali, or the London Tube bombing attacks of 7/7 - then it’s no longer a matter of speculating who was responsible anymore – such as the Taliban or Al Qaeda or Jemaah Islamiyah - or some hi-fiving kikesters dancing on top of a removals van - but one of pointing the finger directly back at Tel Aviv.”
“We know the outlaw ZioNazi state of Israel will strike at anything that threatens to challenge their military – and nuclear – hegemony in the Middle East.”

Thought for the day: (Go to for Russian translation link). The tried and tested Israeli airport security team of ICTS were on duty last week when the pre-doomed / sabotaged Shitolev-134 flight took off from Moscow. This is the very same Israeli-owned corporation that permitted the passport-deficient Nigerian self-harmer and wannabe terrorist, Umar Farouk Muttonleg, to board a plane in Amsterdam and fly to Detroit - where he attempted, without much success, to detonate an explosive device concealed in his own skiddies.

Further, ICTS were running ‘security’ (sic) at various airports in the US on 9/11 – and contractually tasked with safeguarding the Transport for London underground tube system on 7/7 /2005 when Mohammed al Patsy and his suicide bomber buddies managed to defy the laws of physics and explode their ridiculous peroxide and black pepper backpack bombs ‘under’ the floors of the carriages.

Is it worth asking – from a narrow and naïve point of view: are these guys actually worth the money – or is the Trojan horse enemy already inside the gates?

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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