Friday, 31 July 2009

Saudis Claim Pig Flu a Western Plot

Saudi Arabian officials in manky Mecca have reported the country's first death from the Sneezy Pig swine flu virus.

The victim was a 95-year-old man, Ali Rectum bin Ramfull, a former magic carpet pilot with the Royal Saudi Air Force, who was admitted to Mecca’s prestigious Veterinarians Hospital on Wednesday suffering from acute bouts of porcine grunting, high fever, and a severe snout blockage.

However he was found dead lying in his trough today after being administered a primary dose of the Novartis Grunt-Gone anti-pig flu vaccine, according to animal health ministry spokesman Sheikh Ramadan Dan.

It was the second death from swine flu in the Middle East since the latest Arab-snuffer pandemic was engineered and spread earlier this year.
The original death in the region was in Egypt on 19th July which WHO doctors claim was a complication of the Sneezy Pig H1N1 virus combined with Pharaoh’s Elbow, Upper Nile distemper, galloping trotter rot and CTS (Curly Tail Syndrome).

There have been more than 300 cases of the virus reported in Saudi Arabia since March.
Considerable concern has been expressed over the impact it could have during this year's Hajj in November, which draws millions of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia – and specifically Mecca - when a broad selection of diseased types and career lepers from all over the world descend on Islam’s Holiest City and shrine to say ‘Hi’ to Allah, do a few Tawaf circuits of the Kabbah and pray for their personal designer miracles.

However, according to one report in the Jolly Jihad Gazette, Arab conspiracy theorists in the Gulf region suspect the H1N1 Sneezy Pig flu virus has been deliberately imported to the kingdom and spread by Western infidel agent provocateurs as swine - and hence any flu associated with them – are haram (forbidden) in the hardcore fundamentalist Muslim nation – even though most of the indigenous Arab population possess the social skills and manners of a pig.

Saudi’s Mutaween religious police chief Sheikh Mustafa Shatt informed a reporter from the Camel Humpers Review “This disease is another evil Zionist Kike plot to snuff us all and seize our oil like they’ve done in Iraq.”
“How can devout Muslims catch pig flu when we don’t eat pork or have any pigs in the country? – apart from the bubble-arsed white whore sows stocking the harems of our exalted Royal family – peace be upon them.”

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