Tuesday, 21 July 2009

UNICEF Pig Flu Propaganda Targets Kiddies

Swedish wooden toy makers Brio have joined up with UNICEF and the criminal World Health Organisation in developing a propaganda game set to target young children and convince them that the fake Sneezy Pig H1N1 swine flu viral pandemic is a real threat - and not more at scent than substance - so they’ll shout out aloud “Mummy! Mummy! I want my piggy wiggy flu vaccination right now and fuck the risk of autism!”

The toy set is designed to make the globalist scumbag UNICEF out to be a rescuing super hero.
The “Immuno Mission” game layout is a classic Brio wooden railway set converted to look like a Bolshevik genre Gulag, and based around a simple story, which will highlight UNICEF’s work having dodgy contaminated vaccines manufactured then injected into hapless kids worldwide.

The product contains scores of play pieces including syringes, body bags, doctors and nurses, Gestapo type Civil Enforcement officials, plastic plods with tasers and guns, a concentration camp style quarantine zone complete with real barbed wire and electrified fence, Blackwater / Xe armed guards, a working gas-fired crematorium, Christian and heathen-faith cemeteries, disposable plastic coffins and that old Swedish fairy tale favourite - Ulf the Undertaker - to dispose of all the five billion silly peasants who don’t get their flu jabs in time and die agonizing deaths by suffering spasms of porcine grunting before coughing up lumps of festering lung tissue.

In the game’s accompanying story book, Oinky, the nasty Sneezy Pig virus comes to the village and the children have to call Cef, the UNICEF hero.
Cef immediately comes to the children’s rescue driving the WHO emergency ambulance and brings Doctor Quack and crates of Baxter's contaminated toxic vaccines for them.

Once the children have been given their immunization jabs they help Cef hunt down Oinky and beat him to death with claw hammers, baseball bats and hockey sticks then burn his battered corpse with white phosphorous grenades.

The product is aimed at children aged 3 years upwards - to the teenage retard chav and hoodie levels.

The mission set has been stealthily developed with both children and adults in mind. Parents can interact with their kiddies by reading the story book to them, which provides an opportunity for the children to ask questions and soak up the perjurious propaganda designed to promote the scare factors of the fake pandemic and convince parents and kids alike that the toxic vaccines are a must to ensure their salvation.

It is hoped by the WHO and other Masonic-Zionist- controlled New World Order eugenics proponents who are planning on achieving a massive global five billion depopulation cull, that their media propaganda campaigns will lure a gullible scare-mongered world-wide public into accepting the planned blanket immunization programmes and thus avoid the requirement for quarantine camps and enforced gunpoint vaccinations – with recalcitrant non-conformist types getting prematurely snuffed from bullet wounds instead of this week’s special offer viral pandemic.

The only conjecture surrounding the current fake H1N1 pandemic centres around the fact of : ‘Is it the real thing?’ – the global killer virus or just another one to further compromise our immune systems – being spread by aerosol methods and contaminated vaccines – or is it simply a test run to measure and judge the public reactions – so the forces of Darkness are fully armed and prepared to implement the real McCoy on schedule?

However it all comes down to a matter of credibility and the fact the WHO etc, et al, pawned their moral franchise decades ago when millions of female Mexicans, Nicaraguans and Filipinas were duped into taking tetanus vaccines which were purposely laced with a female hormone that caused miscarriage and sterilization.

Almost 100 million Africans were inoculated by the WHO in their smallpox eradication program – the vaccine for which was contaminated throughout with HIV-AIDS – which was further introduced to gay males in the U.S. simultaneously in the late 1970’s through the Hepatitis B vaccine developed by Merck, Sharpe, and Dohm Inc.

So, with Satanic pathogenic nasties like weaponised Anthrax, Ebola, AIDS, Morgellons Disease, SARS, Bird flu and Bubonic plague and scores more in the Iluminati’s peasant-culling arsenal, and able to be spread via a myriad of devices – from chemtrails to automatic sneezing machines – is it any wonder nobody has faith in the probity of the big Pharma’ companies – alike the culpable Baxter - manufacturing this toxic crap, or believes anything their respective governments ordain – or trusts the word of a World Health Organisation directly responsible for the intended and deliberate murder of millions.

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