Friday, 17 July 2009

Common Purpose? - Call 666

There are now legions of people in the UK cognisant that the planned Kaflaesque-Orwellian European Union Superstate - following the manipulated ratification of the Lisbon Treaty - is just a matter of time and not one of ‘what if’ but simply ‘when’.

However a Biblical multitude of ordinary decent people are aware that the Masonic-Zionist Illuminati’s New World Order’s Fifth Columnists are actively weakening the UK internally and preparing covertly new government structures, putting in place compliant stooges and Quislings for when this insidious time manifests into hardcore reality.

These pestilent Trojan termites, since Thatcher snuffed the kid’s free milk and de-industrialised Britain, still gnaw away at the core of the established, traditional Anglo-Saxon social order to ensure the absolute destruction of the vital component that makes us all unique – our national identity – followed by the disintegration of the family unit and thus certifying total social fragmentation.

We have long faced the stealthy integration of alien cultures and racial types coupled with the clash of dissimilar religions.
The myopic eye of promotion stands as a paradox to the averted gaze of probity. Chav and hoodie sub-cultures encouraged. Drugs, gun and knife crimes, binge drinking, vandalism – all thrive. Problem – Reaction – Solution.

The forces driving this agenda forward are spread in wide array, but one faction, operating under the fraudulent guise of a charity, is a head of this Hydra that requires what all creatures of the shadows fear - public exposure in the bright light of day - ‘Common Purpose’ – the indoctrinating Gestapo wing of the extensive European Union espionage network in the UK.Common Purpose poses as a charity, albeit a fraudulent one, for according to the statutes of the Charity Commission "An organisation will not be charitable if its purposes are political.”

Hence, Common Purpose is not a charity and further shouldn’t be confused with ‘Common Porpoise’ a genuine registered charity linked to Dolphin Watch - which aids beached and distressed marine mammals.

Thus Common Purpose has illegally redefined the meaning of a 'charity'. Although Common Purpose might refer to itself as an 'educational charity', it is not the poor and marginalised that shall benefit. Instead, the main beneficiaries will be the global rich and shameless corporations.

Common Purpose is, in all truth and reality, a political subterfuge organisation being used to recruit the zealous and compliant bureaucrats needed to run Britain when the country is taken over by the Fascist European Union.

A principal method employed by Common Purpose in subverting Britain is by infiltrating their graduates into managerial positions of power in both local and national levels of government, the media, the NHS, the military, the police and the judiciary - across the entire spectrum of national bureaucracy.

Common Purpose needs these graduates to run the social control bureaucracy of the British regions of the European Union Police State in what they term the 'post-democratic' society.

The EU intelligence and monitoring teams – read spies and snitches - are currently charged with seeing how well the EU's plans are doing and reporting on anti-EU activists and general dissenters.

They not only engage in legitimate, open-source intelligence gathering such as monitoring websites, newspapers and political meetings but also engage in illegal intelligence gathering activities alike bugging, surveillance of individuals and burglary.

Their ideal recruits are legion and the type of personnel who will bear no qualms about ‘following orders’ and will eventually take a sadistic pleasure in turning on the ‘showers’ to gas the bathers while their peers stoke the crematoria.

Conversely those Common Purpose graduates who are salaried public servants collectively breach the Seven Principles of Public Life as set out by the statutes and regulations of the Committee on Standards in Public Life by implementing the EU’s iniquitous agenda – especially so with regards to murder, when the concentration camps are up and running – and filled to capacity.

We now observe the creation of their extended enforcement bureaucracy : the plastic plod patrols – the PCSO Police Community Support Officers, and too the conversion of Traffic Wardens to the sinister-sounding titles of Civil Enforcement Officers – Community Wardens – all so Gestapo-esque and reminiscent of Fascist Germany under the 12 year long catastrophe that was the Nazi’s 'Thousand Year' Third Reich.

To wit, the main objective of Common Purpose is social control in a collectivist and corporatist society preparing to implement the globally-orchestrated plan to introduce compulsory 'community service' – at youth levels and upwards - leading to national military and security service career assignments - to impose yet another layer of the people policing the people and reduce us all eventually to the status of Pavlov’s dog.

Never overlook the Jesuit maxim : “Give me the child until he is seven, and I will show you the man.”

To recap, the primary objectives of Common Purpose are the destruction of the national identity of Britain, the destruction of democracy in Britain, the undermining of traditional beliefs and values and the slow, secretive merging of the public and private sectors into a state-controlled partnership.

This will be achieved by basically promoting and copying the Hegelian dialectic of creating order out of chaos : and wherever chaos does not already exist, Common Purpose graduates will be tasked with creating it via 9/11 and 7/7 style false flag operations – and shooting any and all Brazilian electrician types who get in their way. Create the Problem – foresee the public Reaction – then provide the desired, pre-prepared Solution.

This is what Fabian New Labour, the European Union Police State and Common Purpose are creating for their Masonic-Zionist overlords. The economic and social chaos that we are witnessing in this recession has been deliberately engineered and infected the body politic of Britain with their malignant cancer that must be excised and burned to ashes regardless of the blood spilled or levels of pain endured.

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