Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Tony Bliar : A Planet-Saving Kinda Guy – Que?

New Labour’s former Chief Scumbag and Spin Merchant Tony Blair joins ranks with the insidious global warming alarmists and is flogging a novel green masterplan fresh from the scheme tank of his Rothshite New World Order masters.

This evangelist – nay Messiah - for world-saving green technology claims it won’t mean giving up our energy-rich lifestyle but it will cost us – yes us – the tax-payers - ££$$ zillions.

“The answer to climate change and cutting carbon emissions” he claims, “is the reduction of the Earth’s population to 12th Century AD levels and a complete shut-down of all the smoke-belching chimneys in poxy Third World industrial wannabe’s like Russia, India, China and Korea.

As statements go, this is pure Orwellian-Kafkaesque bullshit fantasy – and would make one laugh if not for the fact these people are deadly serious.
Over the past few years the Illuminati’s tenured scientists have been issuing ever gloomier warnings about climate change – regardless of the accuracy of the actual science that backs up their claims.

Some of these Fraggle Rock muppets have even called for a deliberate and sustained global recession as the only way to cut emissions – while other NWO radical types – with a bent for eugenics and fuelled by their own unqualified arrogance – push for a massive – 5 billion – reduction in the world’s current population.
Not culled from their own exalted elite number obviously, but the useless eaters – the mass of landless uneducated peasants – the common sheeple.

Now their gospel missionary preacher Tony, who mortgaged his franchise for telling the truth when he assumed political power, takes to the world stage to announce his presence and purpose.

Bliar - the type of bloke that makes you squirm when you shake hands with him – and prompts one to count their fingers right after doing so. A man so devious we wouldn’t trust to babysit for us – or take our dog a walk.

If he dropped dead right now, there’d be no need to dig a grave – just wind him into the ground like a corkscrew – he’s so twisted and bent and couldn’t tell the truth if he didn’t have a lie ready.

So why has Pinnochio stepped into the climate debate? Is he not content or occupied enough posing with an olive branch and bringing resolve and peace to the Middle East conflict, or writing his mendacious memoirs - and lobbying for the post of Europe’s first president? – if Ireland ever vote to ratify the EU’s critical Lisbon Treaty.

Hmmm, thus where did Bliar’s leap of faith in technology’s power to solve climate change — shared by a very few leashed and muzzled scientists — come from in the first place?

Simple- Bliar has been primed to push and sell these dodgy technologies by the dark ruling forces that will profit greatly from the novel cap and trade carbon exchanges – much to the benefit of the elite few and to the absolute detriment of the global many.

Blair claims Westerners can keep flying, driving and consuming while those in developing countries will be starved of the new evolved technologies and have to re-invent the basic wheel for themselves.

What’s more, Bliar suggests, low-carbon technologies can be infiltrated into our lives so subtly that they go almost unnoticed – yes – like the Morgellon’s Disease nano-virus – custom made by the hand of man.

“The biggest single thing you need to make a difference in a person’s life is that instead of getting their energy from a carbon-based fuel they will get it from a non-carbon source,” he declares – “like your own personal nuclear reactor in the back garden.”

No shit – sell that one to poverty-stricken Third World countries whose only source of fuel and heat is firewood.

In the longer term, past the Illuminati-dreaded date of 23/12/2012, Bliar’s vision for deploying science and technology really kicks in. He foresees, for example, a world where billion-pound carbon sequestration plants would sprout around the UK and Europe alike nettles.

Sited next to power stations and other large polluters like landfill sites, public toilets, garbage incinerators and fish and chip shops, these units would strip CO2, toxins and heavy metals from the gases they emit and bury therm underground – right in the middle of the currently-unpolluted water table.

Bliar and Co. dishonestly claim “Everyone will notice the difference in their local environments.” – sure, until their kids start being born looking like Blinky the fish from the Simpsons.

Alas, so far, that practical technology exists largely in the heads of engineers and on the future profit projection spread sheets of greedy accountants.

Only a handful of plants have been built and all have been micro-fit - designed for demonstration only with the practical application possibilities for large scale development rated at zero.

In the duplicitous Blair’s brave new world there will also be dozens of nuclear power stations, all fired by fast-breeder reactors — the type that produce not only steam-generating heat but also lots of plutonium suitable for fuelling more such plants – and building nasty nuclear bombs – which we can then drop on whingeing Third World nations who don’t comply with the UN’s cap and trade laws .

There will be massive investment in research into energy-deficient biofuels, along with the replacement of all petrol and diesel vehicles with others powered by pedals - or highly volatile and explosive hydrogen fuel cells.

However Bliar and Co have a long history of pushing the institutional deceits, false flag wars, policies and brand name Fascist products that their Masonic-Zionist paymasters require – more often than not in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

Bliar’s critics might cite the “dodgy dossier”, on which he based his main arguments for the invasion of Iraq, his support for the moronic George W Bush and the walking disgrace known as Peter Scandalson, and finally handing power to the incompetant Gordon ‘Culpability’ Brown.

The final nails in Bliar’s credibility coffin come from his opportunist religious conversion and beliefs of convenience that got him a handshake off the Pope.

So, how will western voters and the greater Asian industrial nations be persuaded to go along with your plans, Mr. Bliar?

“We will just have to find a way,” he declares with the customary arrogance of the Illuminati annointed.

Hmmm – a NHS-mandated compulsary contaminated H1N1 Sneezy Pig swine flu vaccination anyone- or would you prefer the full global pandemic effect?

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