Sunday, 5 July 2009

Motor Mouth McKinney Takes on Israeli Opressors

Israeli naval forces this week boarded a ship in the south-east Mediterranean attempting to carry aid and pro-Palestinian activists to the devastated Gaza Strip in defiance of Israel's illegal blockade of the territory.

The 20-odd passengers included former US congresswoman Cynthia ‘Supergob’ McKinney, Nobel Prize DIY awardee Frank Spencer, celebrity hotelier Basil Fawlty, world renown hide & seek champions Lord Lucan and Shergar, and a dark man, dressed in sackcloth and ashes, who claimed to be Mother Theresa’s brother.

Ms McKinney’s scathing protests of “You scumbag Zionist kike arseholes will pay for this!” shouted from the bridge of the aid vessel, the ‘Spirit of Inhumanity’, were heard as far away as Cairo, where scores of people sought medical aid for cranial haemorrhaging due ruptured eardrums.

Ms. Fellatia Fuctifino, the official spokeswoman for the Smegmadale Citizen’s Advice Bureau, expressed concern for local DIY celebrity Frank Spencer who was on his way to help rebuild Gaza, and further condemned the hijack as "an outrageous violation of international law", as the boat was on a humanitarian mission and well outside Israeli waters.

The British Foreign Office, in a typical attempt to squirm out of getting involved, stated to the media on Tuesday it was aware of the situation and trying to clarify the facts.

Foreign Secretary David Millipede told Pox News "We would be distressed if the stories of the Israeli Navy boarding the boat in international waters were true, and have made it clear to our very good Israeli friends that we are very concerned for the safety of British nationals – especially so Messer’s Frank Spencer, Basil Fawlty and Lucky Lucan."

The aid relief mission bringing supplies to the Gaza gangsters was the latest by the Free Palestine Movement, which had renamed the Greek-registered ferry ‘Spirit of Inhumanity’ to spotlight the fact that the marginalised Palestinians of Gaza are now incarcerated in the biggest concentration camp on Earth – wherein are starved and terrorised on a daily basis by ‘God’s chosen people’– all of whom seem to suffer from short memories concerning such horrific charnel encampments, yet subject the Semite Palestinians to these privations based on the Jewish Torah’s faulty Manifest Destiny doctrine.

Israeli military spokesman Hymie Greedberg told a reporter from the Genocide Gazette that the passengers and crew of the Greek-registered ‘Spirit of Inhumanity’ would be handed over to immigration authorities in Ashdod, and its humanitarian aid cargo sold off at this Sunday’s car boot sale in Jerusalem.

Thus we have yet a further example of the rabid kelev shoteh illegal Israeli military actions - piracy in International waters – but there again when have the fatally-arrogant Ashkenazi Israelis ever played by the rules or abided by UN laws – unless when going into anti-Semite whinge mode to castigate and persecute some hapless twat for Holohoax denial.

While the new US teleprompter President Barky ‘Mr. Change’ O’Barmy, raises Cain in the media where rumoured rigged ballot protests take place in faraway Iran he is conspicuously – and too conspiratorially - silent where Israeli human rights abuses are concerned – even when they are directed at US citizens in international waters.

Remember the USS Liberty – 1967 – International waters also. Such is the way of mad-dog militarist regimes, political puppets and career hypocrites.

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