Sunday, 1 April 2012

Prisoners of Conscience - the numbers increase

Okay, our Prisoners of Conscience Skewed News Views blog has seen an almost record number of hits in the last 24 hours (weekend) – due the content of the final post and comments.

Hopefully this isn’t out of morbidity – stare at the car accident and the guy bleeding to death as the para-medics get stuck in traffic (caused by the accident – grrrr!).

Sorry, this isn’t my forte – Rusty Junior’s the real practiced ex-journalist and Wordsmith – bear with me and I’ll try to get the message across.

If you wanna make a difference then hit the keyboard and your e-mail function and ask WTF is going on – not only with Robert Green being ‘persecuted’ for his valiant attempts to seek justice for Hollie Greig and her mum Anne, (Justice ‘still’ denied) - but for Rusty's Dad, Tim Snr, too before he disappears down the Caledonian Rabbit Hole – due our global Prisoner of Conscience group’s selfless efforts to help his friend and Cheshire neighbour Robert.

As of now, as far as we know, Robert has not yet been made aware of the fact the Grampian (HMP Craiginches) prison (and Aberdeen police) authorities have been intercepting and subverting mail from Rusty to himself – nor that Rusty's Dad has been arrested on false charges of exposing Dame Elish Angiolini’s associated involvement in the Hollie Greig sexual abuse coverup scandal and the injustice permeating Robert’s imprisonment.

This is going to be yet another Prisoner of Conscience case – not in the depths of some Third World dictatorship – but just north of England – the country now striving for ‘Independence’ with a capital I – Scotland. (Is there a difference under Alex Salmond & Co?)

The best way to let your opinions, voice, and sentiments on this issue be heard is to e-mail the Grampian Police, the Holyrood government and the Crown Prosecution Procurator Fiscal Service, and all and sundry too, on this matter. Let this record number of hits to the blogsite do the same.

Hey, the passive approach worked for Mohandas Ghandi with India, we have to admit – but he was only dealing with the government of the British Empire - and not a corrupt Scottish government establishment.

Don't forget, alike Alice faced, the Red Queen (read ‘Dame’) was a total megalomaniac and insane (“Off with his head!”) and devoid of human empathy.

While Rusty and his group work towards correcting the injustices of today, their main ambition has been to stamp on the injustices of tomorrow – and in this particular case protecting our children and grand-children from the venal clutches and perversions of a ruling cabal of ranking paedophiles that now hold sway within these isles.

Never mind it’s always someone else’s kid. As long as these groups pervert their official positions to cover their crimes and pervert the course of true justice, tomorrow it might no longer be little Johnny from down the road. It could be your child or pubescent relative targeted and stolen by crooked social care workers, put through a secret family court and bartered on to pre-designated foster parents to facilitate their rape and sexual abuse by establishment pederast cabals.

Bless u all,


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