Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nutty Knesset into Nazi Book Burning

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The ultra-Zionist government of Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo has imposed a ban on a potpourri of high school textbooks, declaring them ‘biased’ – in a bid to shift Israel's core values to more of a nationalistic status and finally shrug off the threadbare Beacon of Mid-East democracy illusion.

While education officials claim this is yet another attempt by the Knesset’s hard-liners to use rhetoric over reality and commit the same sins as Hitler’s Nazis did with their book-burning orgies – then rewriting history in their own image to disingenuously re-define Israel's identity as a peace-loving haven of political stability fielding the most moral army in the world – (what chutzpah - the barbaric Israeli Defence Forces thugs, no less) – ordained by divine right (Yahweh) as his Chosen People to rule over a Greater Israel – with no mention of the usurped and disaffected Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip - whose lands were stolen in the bloody 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of the Catastrophe).

Rabbi Shylock Scattstein and Elie Weaselberg – the high priest and carnival barker for the $$$ dollar-spinning compensation / donations focused Holohoax myth – spoke with Yetzer Hara, a press hack for the Pound of Flesh Gazette, stating for the public record that “One of these banned texts even questions the veracity of the Holohoax six zillion dead and speculates the numbers were significantly less – drawing this hypothesis from the original Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial plaque that stated four zillion Jews were gassed and murdered there - which we were forced to replace when the damned Russians started waving the actual embarrassing records that proved there were only one and a half million mixed races and faiths who died from malnutrition and typhus - and not Zyklon B gas.”

So, Western critics and jurists are now asking in light of this current fascist attempt to drastically edit – if not totally obscure or eradicate the record of the past - what are the motives? Is the whole cloth fabric of the Holohoax fairy tale tapestry starting to come apart around the edges of the weave?

The foundation and UN-recognition of the illegal state of Israel – an enormous political and financial fraud – was only made possible due the alleged Holohoax – those purported atrocities and the genocide visited on the Jews of Europe by the Nazi regime inside their forced labour concentration camps. Let us not overlook the fact that today, even more so than in the past, the mere mention of the Holohoax and the term ‘anti-Semite’ is enough to stifle criticism of the belligerent Israeli regime and their crimes - but does not quite carry sufficient potency to negatively affect the burgeoning international Boycotts, Sanctions and Divestment campaign.

Now Western minds are of an opinion the Holohoax deception was spawned by scheming Ashkenazi Jews of convenience – agents of the Rothshite crime syndicate - to generate a Western guilt complex of whom the principal beneficiary would be the rogue state of Israel – issued with an international ‘Get Away with Anything’ ticket to legalise the homicidal actions of the rabid Zionist maniacs.

One of the controversial books to be tossed into the bonfire’s inferno, ‘Taking the Civil Road’, which while being erroneously approved for school use in August 2011, has now been castigated and condemned to the flames for its record of the treatment dished out to the Palestinian population in 1948 – recounting how they were forced to flee when Israel was founded by Abraham Stern’s psycho group, and the Haganah and Irgun terrorist gangs.

The book further places blame for the frayed relations between Jewish and Arab citizens on the ultra-Zionist Knesset, citing for example its lack of a constitution and the free range, criminal expropriation of Palestinian lands from 1948 to the present day – then turns to focus on the occupied West Bank with its plethora of fascist road blocks and check points - and too the brutality visited on the marginalised, hapless Arab-Muslim population by both the IDF’s psychos and the illegal Israeli settlers.

As pointed out in an editorial in this week’s issue of the Shovrim Shtika Review, the chapter dealing with the besieging of the Gaza Strip and the illegal incarceration of the Palestinian population behind the racist Great Apartheid Wall - in a state of continual daily privation and being subjected to repeated ethnic cleansing military assaults by the IDF and their slow-cook ‘Final Solution’ genocide campaigns, actually reads like a war crime indictment that could be used as documentary evidence against the outlaw pariah Zionist state in the canny hands of a sharp prosecuting advocate at a Nuremberg style War Crimes Tribunal.

Hmmm, little wonder it’s book-burning time - but they can't hide the damning and shameful truth that stands out in plain sight for the world to gaze upon in disgust.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known ‘hasbara’ infested war zone and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

"which we were forced to replace when the damned Russians started waving the actual embarrassing records that proved there were only one and a half million mixed races and faiths who died from malnutrition and typhus - and not Zyklon B gas"

Is there any evidence for these Russian records? or is this humour?
Could you point me in the direction of an internet source?

Rusty said...

point u in the right direction? Easy - just void the mass media sources and use alternative internet sites.



Anonymous said...

Cheers Rusty, there's some very interesting stuff there.