Tuesday, 24 April 2012

CIA Signature Strikes = Operation Homicide

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The career psychopaths running the CIA are seeking White House and Congressional approval to expand their covert drone war in Yemen – and elsewhere on the planet - by assassinating any fucker and their dog on the grounds they might just be up to no good.

CIA Director David Betrayus has requested permission to employ the tactic used illegally for years in Pakistan - known as ‘signature strikes’ - which sanction the launching of MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper drone missiles at groups of people exhibiting suspicious behaviour – such as attending the funerals of the last batch of drone victims – or buying ice cream cornets from a Mr Whippy van when it’s raining.

However international human rights and wrongs groups have pointed the fickle finger of fate at the practice, stating the terminology ‘signature strikes’ is a loosely-defined judgement that serves to lower the threshold for what justifies a direct military assault and will give the spy agency’s war-mongering homicidal maniacs carte blanche to kill whoever they have a cob on with in Yemen – and elsewhere.

The Great Satan’s pathetic Obama administration has already given up on the Hope and Change hypocrisy and escalated drone attacks throughout their ever-expanding Foreign Policy Initiative battlegrounds - and although reports always describe those killed as members of the Big Al Qaeda Gang or Jolly Jihadi mujihadeen militants, the incidences of scores of innocent Muslim civilians being blown away are legion and expanding at a geometric rate.

The gospel according to a damning editorial in this week’s Warmongers Gazette, penned by retired General Billy Bob Redneck, claims the US Pentagon and CIA authors of the signature strikes policy are either demonically possessed or clinically insane – or both – to be using their ‘terror weapon’ drones to expedite the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians and unaffiliated partisan groups that might just not quite agree with the US’s belligerent foreign policy.

Conversely the crux of the Obama administration’s legal justification for killing Muslim peasants outside an actual war zone without due process is that they appeared to be wearing Al Qaeda t-shirts and hence might present an imminent threat to American interests – inasmuch as they don’t want to be part of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s New World Order or have their natural resources stolen - nor be micro-chipped and hold up their right hand and pledge allegiance to the flag of the Great Satan and accept that the usurping Ashkenazi Zionist Jews of convenience running Israel really are God’s Chosen People.

Thought for the day. Fuck the morally bankrupt ZioNazis aggressors and their fatally-flawed New World Order – another Thousand Year Reich destined for history’s trash can before it achieves the age of majority.

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Anonymous said...

What does Rusty call it? - Operation Kill Every Fucker and their Dog? - this should be in the mainstream news and not in a weblog.
We the people are doomed unles we wake up and listen - and act! Act is civil disobedience - nothing more.