Friday, 20 April 2012

Saudi and Mossad Behind Qatar Coup Bid

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A military coup staged by dissident senior officers of Qatar’s armed forces against the war-mongering dictatorial regime of US-backed puppet, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Fat Git, has apparently failed miserably.

Unlike the Qatari-owned Al Jazeera Zionist propaganda news site, which ran zero coverage of the alleged plot, the gospel according to the Saudi Al Arabiya’s Propaganda Channel states a number of high-ranking military officers, led by chief of staff Hamad bin Ali Al-Attiya, rose up against the Qatari Emir, triggering fierce clashes between their troops and US-backed royal guards outside the Emir’s palace in dusty Doha, the capital of the shithole desert kingdom.

The coup was foiled following the shoot-to-kill deaths of the officers involved when US Special Forces were ordered by Washington to intervene - and a squadron of American military helicopters flew King Hamad al Fat Git and his wives - and harem - out of harms way of the putsch to Damman, the oil rich capital of Saudi Arabia’s Ash-Sharqīyah province.

Conversely, to add to the confusion and Machiavellian plotting, informed Kuwaiti sources claim that regardless of brokered mediations, recent disputes between Saudi Arabia and Qatar have unveiled a new series of disagreements between the officials of the two Persian Gulf states and it is suspected that Saudi’s Prince Muqrin bin Abdul-Aziz, the Director General of Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah (Saudi’s intelligence agency) is the force behind instigating this latest military coup in Qatar.

The ‘until-now’ latent historic wounds of animosity between the all-encompassing KSA and the flyspeck Emirate of Qatar have recently been chafed to the point of drawing fresh blood with revelations leaked by Mossad’s agent provocateurs of Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Fizzy Al-Kaseltzer’s secret Skype conversations on the internet - stirring up a Saudi military coup d'état – which served to intensify internal conflicts between the two barbaric Arab states.

In his hacked Skype conversations the loose lipped Qatari premier failed to engage brain before opening mouth and boasted that coups were a Qatari speciality, with the current ruler coming to power following a US-backed coup against his father in 1995 while he was on vacation at Butlins Holiday Camp in Scunthorpe.

Sheikh Fizzy went on to predict he could bring about the definite overthrow of the Saudi regime, saying Qatar would step in the al-Qatif and al-Sharqiya regions to claim the oil wealth - and Saudi Arabia would be disintegrated – which apparently went down like a leper turning up at a christening back in Riyadh with King Abdullah bin Three Chins al Saud.

But there’s nothing new here as a history of bad blood exists between all six of the states that form the ridiculous ‘Gulf Co-operation Council’.
The United Arab Emirates, the Muscat Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, al Qatar and Saudi Arabia – are all Sunni monarchies fatally aligned with the US-led NATO powers Mid-East geopolitics and their aggressive policy of isolating Iran's Shi'ite regime and instigating the fall of President Assad in Syria by calling for his overthrow and arming mercenary forces that are guilty of atrocities against the civilian population and sabotaging public infrastructure.

And herein we see self-serving Saudi Arabian and Qatari power politicking inflaming the Mid-East with their pathetic ‘brinksmanship’ games – the root cause of sectarian tensions - precisely because they both want to be top dog in this volatile region.

Both ‘Kingdoms’ share a joint responsibility for their political meddling in the affairs of the North African Islamic states – instigating and funding the Arab Spring uprisings which have now manifested an end result of mayhem, and converted dictatorial order into free-range chaos.

In both Qatar and the KSA there are garrotting wire tensions within the al Saud and al Thani ruling families - and too a bevy of competing powerful clans due the excessive, lackey subservience to Zionist demands and compliant alignment with US foreign policy - hence breaking the Islamic fundamentalist adhesive that bonds the Arab Semite ranks together.

Thus within the Arab enclave of the NATO cabal, turmoil is the order of the day, and while the Zionist-dominated Western powers doubtless have convinced themselves they have the nod from the Gulf’s ruling autocrats to redraw the Middle East political map according to their imperialist designs, nothing could be further from the truth.

So for both the graft and corruption-ridden House of ibn Saud and the House of al Thani, as in all such blood feud intrigues of deception and power lust, even the back-stabbers have to watch their backs - as the so-recent Qatari coup demonstrates.

But it’s not just the oil or gas domination or the lucrative pearl harvest – for the al Thani tribe it hinges on the fact that the House of Saud have sought to unseat the incumbent Emir (King) via violent means – repetitive ‘failed’ coups – since 1996 and up to 2011 – and now the present day - no mean feat – so hence one more reason for the animosity borne against the despotic rulers of shitty Saudi and their attempts to reclaim the natural gas-rich enclave that only separated from their mainland a mere zillion years ago.

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