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Kraut Poem Pisses Off Zionists

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The paranoid Zionist regime of Israel has gone into its customary ‘victims’ mode yet again in condemning a poem by the celebrated German author and Nobel laureate Guenter Grass as anti-Semitic and declaring him "persona non grata" – thus effectively barring him from travelling to the outlaw militarist state for a ‘Kinky Kibbutz’ mini-break – if he ever felt the perverse desire to visit the pariah state.

Grass, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999, recently published a ‘social conscience’ poetic composition which severely dissed the Israel leadership and their insidious ultra-Zionist policies that serve to keep the marginalised Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip under the IDF’s sadistic jackboot and in a subjugated state of ethnic cleansing terror – which constitutes, in Grass’s eyes - an unacceptable abuse of human rights that equates to what Hitler’s Nazis did to the hapless Jews of Europe during the 1930-40’s pogroms.

In the poem - Der Kikesters Sucken (The Kikesters Suck) published by the Shitstirrer Zeitung newspaper last week, Herr Grass, 96, condemned his country's arms sales to Israel and denounced the war-mongering Zionist state’s contrived justifications and threats to launch pre-emptive military strikes against the peaceful Islamic Republic of Iran on the fictitious premise they might just be building nuclear weapons.

“It is a gross hypocrisy, these Khazar-Ashkenazi scumbags running Israel are all stooges for the Rothshite crime syndicate – and Israel has a covert nuclear weapons arsenal and is the greatest danger to regional security and world peace due this fact. They only wish for Syria and Iran to be attacked by the US and NATO so as to neutralise their military capacities and hence no longer pose a threat to Israel’s military hegemony.”
“So if my words of truth, even in a poem, offend them and cast aspersions on the fallacy that the pariah state of Israel is the Middle East’s showpiece of civilisation and a shining Beacon of Democracy, well they can go fuck off, eat shit and die.”

However, Israeli Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo described the ‘Der Kikesters Sucken’ poem as a display of ‘Jew-baiting’ by an ex- Waffen SS Holohoax denier.
“This anti-Semite Grass is henceforth barred from ever visiting Israel for his attempt to inflame hatred against God’s Chosen People and give credence to the falsehood that we stole our lands from the Palestinians. They have their lands – the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip – and we have even been kind enough to build a wall around them so they know which bit is theirs and which bits are ours.”

Grass's most recent work has also been widely criticised in Germany, which is extremely sensitive about attacks on Israeli policy due its predominant role in building chains of ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ concentration camps and the causing the Holohoax.

German Foreign Minister Guido Dorkpuller informed one press hack from the Bild newspaper that "Grass is treading the razor thin edge of political correctness here, for putting Israel and Iran on the same moral level is not only ingenious but absurd – as the Israelis are proven barbarians and guilty of a legion of false flag attacks – and too their human rights abuses and war crimes against the Palestinians - while the Iranians don’t come anywhere near the same level of criminality in their half-arsed support of international jihad movements.”

Conversely Grass’s latest work has been staunchly defended by many sections of international jurisprudence and human rights groups. Writing in the Shovrim Shtika Gazette, columnist Shylock Shochet criticised the ban on Grass.
"A situation in which any German who dares censure Israel is instantly accused of anti-Semitism is intolerable. We need first to denounce this customary first line ‘perpetual victims’ defence exaggeration, then once we shake off the unjustified part of the charge, we must listen to Grass’s words of wisdom and unadulterated truth that so offend the Zionist Israeli leadership.”
“They question why Grass only says this now – that a mad-dog and belligerent Israeli state armed with a nuclear arsenal endangers an already fragile world peace: for if these words are not spoken today, then tomorrow may already be too late.”

Thought for the day: To misquote the French philosopher Denis Diderot: An absence of conflict is no guarantee of peace – nor can there ever be peace in the Middle East or the world until the last Zionist political stooge has been strangled with the eviscerated entrails of the last Rothshite bankster.

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