Friday, 13 April 2012

Israeli Jock Drinks Christian Blood

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Well, if it wasn’t for bad luck – and even worse press and media coverage – the homicidal war criminals running the pariah state of Israel wouldn’t have any.

In what to has to be a first in political incorrectness – and reveals the true Satanic colours of the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience - one of the belligerent Zionist regime’s top athletes - the basketball player Ido Kozikaro (better known by his sobriquet of ‘Ido the Cannibal’) – posted on his personal Facebook page on Good Friday that he gets a hard-on for Passover bread dipped in the warm blood of freshly-slaughtered Muslim and Christian children.

The moronic Kozikaro – known to friends and associates alike as the type of person you can take anywhere twice – the second time to apologise for the first visit – posted the wholly unacceptable comments that he prefers to eat Matzah, the unleavened bread traditionally served by Jews during the Feast of the Pissover, dipped in a bowl of blood drained from the pubescent corpses of infidel Muslim and Christian children.

To quote: “There is nothing like celebrating the Pissover with a few slices of Matzah seasoned with the blood of a bunch of Muslim kids, freshly killed by the IDF snipers for mooching around Gaza’s Great Apartheid Wall and spraying anti-Semitic graffiti – and the blood of Christian kids tastes just as good too.”

Scores of equally perverse and mentally defective Facebook followers of the page ‘liked’ the insidious post, while others left offensive comments, which included; “Yum-yum – Muslim black pudding - I want to be invited to this feast” and “Is the flesh of these heathen scum really kosher?”

Conversely, the token Palestinian Knesset member Muhammad Baraka spoke to an assembly of deaf ears in the Parliamentary assembly on Sunday as he criticized racism in Israel following the repulsive jingoist slurs posted on Facebook by Kozikaro.
“The barriers which block racist remarks uttered by Israelis are non-existent and that is an inevitable outcome when ZioNazi xenophobes and chauvinists rule the stolen lands of Palestine. This Kozikaro should be arrested and brought before a court of justice for his comments,” Baraka opined to one press hack from the Shylocks Gazette.

However, the moronic Kozikaro responded to Mr Baraka’s criticism on his Facebook page, claiming that the comments were simply a bit of a Pissover festival joke to wind up the Palestinian Muslim and micro-Christian Arab communities – and taken totally out of context.

Oh well, what else can we expect from the outlaw state of Israel and God’s superbly arrogant Chosen People who for some misguided reason regard themselves – the genetically-defective mongrel detritus of Europe - as the top end of the human culture chain - and the lowly goyim (the rest of us) as ‘cattle’ – put on Earth by Yahweh / Jehovah’s divine hand to serve them.

If it wasn’t enough to have a criminal cabal of Rabbis dealing in the stolen internal organs of kidnapped and murdered Palestinian children to supply their illegal black market transplant organ donor trade, now we have their national sports celebrities advocating the vampiric practice of drinking the blood of innocent Muslim and Christian children.
Racism – the term doesn’t even come close to describing the aberrant Zionist Israeli condition.

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