Monday, 30 April 2012

Olympics set for False Flag Terror Attack

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London’s 2012 Olympic Games security planning has come under fresh scrutiny, with MPs assessing a massively increased conspicuous contract with a key provider as ‘beyond belief’ – and Candida Mingerot, the Lib-Dum MP for Old Holborn, describing the situation as ‘fucking ridiculous’.

Following a review by the House of Conmans Paranoia Committee the number of private guards required to provide security for the Games has been boosted from 10,000 to 23,500 - at an additional, exorbitant cost of £271 million quid.

During a 20/20 hindsight ‘Reality Check’, MPs revealed that the original G4S contract to provide 10,000 guards was worth £86 million – with the new security deal now costing the Government £553 million nicker - more than the total security budget submitted by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games.

So, what do we, the tax-paying voters get for that kind of cash, one might be tempted to inquire – apart from 23,500 uniformed guards from the Renta-Thug and Moron-Security falling over each others feet?
For starters, an extra 5,000 military, including a 1,000-strong quick reaction force to assist the Met’s Plod Squad operation, which will have 12,000 officers deployed – plus an extra 1,000 military providing ‘logistic support’ (picking up litter) – bringing the military contingent to 13,500 – a significantly higher number than deployed in the Afghanistan occupation.

To add to the security confusion of nobody knowing who the fuck is who, the good ole US of A intends sending over 1,000 of its whore-mongering Secret Service agents, including 500 from the FBI, to provide protection for America's contestants and diplomats – now that factor alone carries a stench of agent provocateurs / false flag attack with it.

The Royal Marines, who helped turn Libya’s national infrastructure into a chaotic demolition site earlier this year, will be based on the Navy's largest ship, HMS Scrapheap Challenge, anchored in the Thames, just off Greenwich.
All three of Broken Britain’s military services would be involved during the Games and 7,500 troops will be used for security along with 3,000 unpaid volunteers provided by Locog to pat-down search visitors to the Olympic venues.

Now, on top of aircraft carriers anchored in the Thames and the deployment of nuclear submarines, Typhoon fighter jets, helicopter gunships and MQ-1 Predator drones, Philip Hammond, the Minister of Defence and Tory MP for Runnynose, is considering placing Shitehawk surface-to-air missiles on top of residential flats in the Olympic stadium area.

700 residents in a block of flats on the Slumborough Hamlets sink or swim council estate have received MoD leaflets saying a High Velocity Missile system is to be placed on the roof of their home - to counter threats from very high performance, low-flying aircraft – the type not used by the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
Apparently the missiles travel at more than three times the speed of sound, and deploy dart-like projectiles on detonation, making one hell of a mess of whatever they hit.

Que – excuse me? WTF? Have Islamic terrorists – even the real ones – ever launched an aerial assault on anything – and don’t mention the 9/11 Israeli Mossad hi-fiving false flag “What Planes?” fiasco attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon? Never, in fact.

Missiles on top of high rise blocks of flats. Hmm, interesting, the ‘missile’ (no, not a fucking Boeing 767-223ER passenger aircraft / American Airlines Flight 11) that hit the WTC North Tower was fired from the top of the Woolworths Building by Mossad operatives – with pre-placed cutter charges computer detonated at an angle across the 92nd to 98th floors penetration point to present the effect of an aircraft’s wings slicing through the walls.

So, the more we see and read, the more it stinks – the 2012 Olympics venue is being stage set for another false flag Muslim terrorist attack by the cunning and deceptive amateur criminal types running Broken Britain’s secret intelligence (sic) services.
Hmmm, we are inclined to speculate if the selected Mohammed al Patsy and his crew of fellow stooges will be punctual this time around – unlike the 7/7 false flag attack ‘drill’ when they ‘embarrassingly’ missed their train – and getting blown up themselves. Really, you just can’t get the people anymore.

Hence why we need mobile missile systems mounting – to shoot down the dreaded Al Qaeda Air Force’s Jolly Jihadist suicide bombers on terminal self-harm missions – wearing Semtex vests and diving down on hand gliders to take out the cyclopean mutant Olympic mascots – Manderville and Wenlock.

Thought for the day. Conspiracy theories besides, it is public knowledge anti-terror drills are being conducted in advance of the games, with recent intelligence service reports claiming Islamic terrorists are plotting a mass cyanide poison hand wash attack on London’s public toilets (WTF – that’s even more preposterous than the ‘ricin’ mass poisoning plot threats and the equally moronic 'salt n vinegar' - or was it 'salt n pepper' bombs).
But just to ad a piquant dash of paranoia with a basis, Reuters have released a news report that Pool Re, the state-backed British reinsurer that covers terror attack-related commercial property losses, has $7.3 billion of assets to cover the Olympic Games. Just in case.

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