Friday, 30 March 2012

The Skewed News Views (currently in a forced state of stasis)

Hello Readers n Followers of this blog alike.

My husband Tim Rustige Snr was arrested last Friday by a mob-handed gang of Scotland's Finest: Grampian Plod Squad thugs from Aberdeen - on charges of expressing an opinion concerning the content of the last post on our eldest son's (also named Tim) Prisoners of Conscience International / Skewed News Views weblog which apparently has upset the subject involved - Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini.

Tim Snr has been falsely charged with a variety of offences stemming from the Prisoners of Conscience campaign to expose the Hollie Grieg / Robert Green imprisonment paedophilia ring scandals and kick start an investigation of those involved and as our home office BT Broadband internet phone line is registered in his name and has hence been blamed and accused of cyber-stalking Elish Angiolini and is currently released on bail.

So it looks like another Robert Green style show trial is afoot - the last one is rumoured to have cost well in excess of £500,000 - and another Prisoner of Conscience going to jail to silence their dissent with the order of things expedited by this shambles we are coerced to accept as a freely-elected government.

Regards to all,

Mrs Rustige Snr via Ally


Anonymous said...

I have posted the following comment on "" as it seems that publicity given to this scandal is attracting more clampdowns from the authoities. What else is there to hide?

And I read today that Rusty of “Rusty’s Skewed News Views” whose website at has been campaining for Hollie’s cause for sometime now, has apparently been silenced by the Grampian Police for posting views on the ongoing scandal, and bailed on condition he will not access the internet for the duration. Anyone else had news of this?

Anonymous said...

Rusty's Wife,

Whilst you do not specifically mention the charges or the legislation under which they have both charged him and imposed such draconian bail conditions, there are a few things to remember.

In reference to anything posted on this blog it must be remembered that this blog is located in the US, not Scotland, and is therefore well outside of the remit of any Scottish Court.

If anyone is upset by anything written on this blog, there is civil recourse, but not criminal ones.

I imagine that the powers that be do not think you understand the difference, but be sure to instruct your lawyer accordingly.

wiggins said...

Holy cow...tings are getting bad. I I.

Black Elk said...

Please post any additional info here.

We are not amused !

Perhaps any passing constables might wish to consider their position.

Good or Evil ? Children or Nonces ?

Which side are you on ?

Helene said...

Well, they are digging themselves in more and more.
Robert Green and Rusty are in very bad positions, but believe me the Scottish "establishment"'s position is getting worse by the day.
Whatever they'll try they will never be able to stop their demise.
It is time for justice. All over.

Anonymous said...

Alas Rusty, yet another of our socio-political conscience champions falls victim to the Establishment crime syndicate.

Rusty’s a mirror of Robert Green and one of a dying breed - a constant thorn in their sides for his expose work on the plight of the Palestinians under Zionism, the Rothschild banksters, government abuse around the world, the global warming scam to push the carbon credits exchange bourse and so many more crimes and scams – and in this case the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal and his friend Robert Green’s unjust prosecution.

The word from inside Grampian Police is that Rusty has been charged with offences under the Communications Act 2003, Section 127 (1) (a) and also Section 39 (1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing Act (Scotland) Act 2010.

This is related to the ‘Ban Elish Angiolini from St Hugh’s Oxford’ Facebook page his Prisoners of Conscience group started up along with his Skewed News Views blog posts condemning the woman being elected Principal of the college and too being awarded the female version of a knighthood by the Queen.

Even though this woman is under criminal investigation (well there is a crime reference number assigned to the case: CS-20120125-0112) for the misuse of public funds directly related to the Hollie Greig abuse coverup and silencing of media outlets, she still can pull strings and get a guy in Cheshire arrested and gagged with a bail order issued by an Aberdeen Sheriff’s court.

Angiolini’s mired in scandal and controversy regarding her part in the crimes and corruption of the Scottish judicial system and government – and the allegations Rusty and the Prisoners of Conscience group have posted from a wide variety of alternative media news sources are valid and should be broadcast throughout the public arena.

These are the people who should be prosecuted – not our Truthsayers.