Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Israel turns Gaza into ‘Shitcreek’

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Hamas Party spokesman and Gaza Gangster Commander Shaheed al Ka-Boom, speaking to press hacks outside the Jaysh al-Usra Mosque in Khan Yunis on Monday, claimed that vindictive Israeli authorities are systematically destroying the besieged enclave’s environment by flooding the entire Gaza Valley with raw sewage from their Lake Khara Dam.

“The kikester fascist Tel Aviv regime do this as punitive payback against a marginalised civilian population of one and a half million dispossessed souls for loss of their export markets due our overseas-based Palestinian brothers and sisters pushing their Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against the rogue Zionist regime for their disgusting treatment of our people here in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.”

“Not only do they build this Great Apartheid Wall around the Gaza Strip and turn it into the biggest concentration camp on the planet – but now they try to drown us in their kosher sewage to make us abandon our homes or die of cholera and dysentery. We have heard of being shit on but this is too much – even the Nazis never committed such a foul crime against the inmates of Auschwitz or Belsen or Treblinka.”

Conversely, Zayin O’chel Batachat, the Israeli chief engineer at the Lake Khara Dam and sewerage works, in a typical display of kikester chutzpah, informed one press hack from the Schadenfreude Gazette that: “Let these sub-human ‘rosh tahat’ Muslim low life animals boycott this pile of shite if they can.”

Hmmm, for a people whose blatant ‘kvelling’ (boasting) that they’re God’s elitists on Earth – His ‘Chosen People’ – Der Übermensch, no less - and culturally superior to the goyim they so loathe and scorn, if these despicable acts – human rights abuses and war crimes - are yet another stellar example of this sublime pre-eminence, then they collectively come across as a bunch of right nasty cunts – barbarians of the Hitlerian Nazi mould – a Zionist malignancy that should be excised and burned to ash, then cast to the four winds.

Meanwhile, back at Hypocrisy Central in Tel Aviv, PM Bobo Nuttyaho’s war-mongering Foreign Minister Avigdor ‘Bonkers’ Liberman, another Ashkenazi Jew of convenience and former welfare officer at the pariah ZioNazi state’s notorious Facility 1391 - (entered into the Annals of Infamy as the prison where Palestinians go in but only their harvested body parts ever leave to supply the kikesters’ illegal transplant organ black market trade) - was unleashed to speak to the media and spout yet another of his customary Meshuggenah racist diatribes against the true Semite populations of the Middle East – specifically the Syrian regime of Basher Assad on this occasion.

Liberman, a true blue ‘chaneph’ throughout every mongrel gene of his bloated being, interviewed by Shylock Scumberg on the Hasbara Channel’s ever-popular ‘Pound of Flesh’ programme, stated for the public record that the international community must intervene to end the massacres in Syria – just the way NATO did in Libya with their humanitarian intervention ‘No Fly Zone’ campaign that somehow ended up killing every fucker old enough to bleed and decimating the nation’s infrastructure in entirety.

Liberman, lying through his teeth and somehow managing to avoid choking on his own gross hypocrisy, pontificated that "These sights of killing, you only see in Hollywood with Rambo – (no mention of Gaza or the occupied West Bank) we must put and end to this immediately. We are humans first, before we are politicians, leaders, commentators and journalists. What is happening there in the 21st Century is intolerable, and we must help."

He further added that Israel would provide humanitarian aid to Syria in the form of lots of automatic weapons and grenades if it was requested to do so by the Syrian People’s Army or the mouthpieces of the Great Satan in Washington DC.

Conversely, not only Russian and Chinese intelligence assessments but also Red Cross officials support claims by the Syrian government that hundreds of Israeli military advisers, security officials and intelligence operatives have already been infiltrated into Syria along with weapons, electronic surveillance equipment and thousands of insta-chill transplant organ shipment containers.

Have any of these ZioNazi barbarians ever actually read the ‘Nuremberg Code’ or realised that the Human Rights Act also applies to the ‘goyim’?

Israel and its ultra-Jabotinskyist Knesset: the self-promoting ‘showpiece of Mid-east ‘democracy’ indeed. Oh well, the best anyone can expect from a bunch of pigs are grunts.

There exists now a maxim agreed between Christians and Muslims, and too Jews of conscience, that there will never be any form of peace for the dispossessed Palestinians or the Holy Land until the last Zionist usurper is strangled with the disembowelled entrails of the last of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s military-industrial / political stooges.

Thought for the day: If you stand atop the hills of Jerusalem, close your eyes and listen carefully, you can actually hear the sound of injustice carried on the wind.

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