Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Syria / Russkies Thwart US ZioNazi Plot

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A report in the Tuesday edition of the Warmongers Gazette claims several Russian military units have arrived in Syria - a development that one United Nations Security Council whistleblower confided would have very serious repercussions emanating from the Rothshite crime syndicate’s HQ in the City of London to Washington and Tel Aviv.

Russia, along with the Lebanon-based Hezbollah and Iran, is one of President ‘Basher’ Assad's strongest long-time allies despite contrived and hypocritical international condemnation of the government's purported violent crackdown on the rebel uprising, and has repeatedly blocked the United Nations Security Council's attempts to launch yet another ‘humanitarian intervention’ scam, accusing the US Great Satan and its crypto-kikester stooges of embarking on their next neo-colonial step to forward the agenda of the Rothshite’s Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – with the batshit psycho leadership of the pariah state of Israel chomping at the bit and ready to gobble up Lebanon and move into Syria – opening a direct land route to the western Iranian border – now sandwiched between the Western-occupied states of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Conversely, and much to the ire of the US and European belligerent military machines, vessels of the Russian Black Sea fleet have arrived in Syria’s Mediterranean port of Tartus with several contingents of Russian troops – including a battle-hardened Russian Marine anti-terror unit - plus elements of the Spetznaz special forces 21st Body Bag Brigade.

President Assad’s government has insisted it is fighting a terrorist insurgency against mercenaries infiltrated from Iraq, Turkey Israel and Libya – whose sole purpose is to cause mayhem and turn order into chaos and thus create a Libya type scenario that calls for a UN-mandated ‘humanitarian intervention’ by NATO that managed to kill, maim, cripple or wound every fucker old enough to bleed during the ‘Let’s get Gaddafi’ fiasco.

An expert at applying the concept of 20/20 hindsight when stating the bloody obvious, Ms Fellattia Gammerotti, a professor of Global Affairs attached to the Pentagon, opined to the Belligerents Review that “I think we can safely assume that the presence of Russian troops in Syria might well be a pretty obvious show of support for the Assad regime.”

“The Kremlin has fostered a very cosy relationship with Basher Assad’s father, Biffo, and now maintain such with the son’s regime, to which it sells multi-zillions of dollars worth of weapons – and in return Russia maintains a Mediterranean base for its navy at the port of Tartus – which really pisses the Israelis and successive White House administrations off no end.”

Meanwhile Russia's Defence Minister Anatoly Suckoff gave the nod to reports that Russian special forces, along with military and technical advisors, were operating inside Syria – just as NATO troops had done in Libya.
“We are not here to take sides – like the arrogant West did in Libya. Our troops are deployed to put a stop to the fighting and terrorist attacks by these mercenaries the Zionists have infiltrated.”

Thought for the day: So what – instead of NATO’s homicidal ‘humanitarian intervention’ psychos they’ve got Russia’s Spetznaz equivalent.

Regardless, fuck the ZioNazis and their New World Order.

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