Friday, 16 March 2012

Stop Press: Syrian Danny from Leeds!

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Danny Abdul Dayem, the establishment media’s poster child for ZioNazi Western military intervention in Syria, is touring America begging for a US-led assault on his purported homeland, despite being exposed as faking war propaganda for the purposes of the CNN interview.

Although lying through his teeth that he’s not in the pay of George Soros or CNN or any of the Great Satan’s government intelligence agencies, Syrian Danny claims he’s been flying back and forth between Syria and the UK for months, and came over to the US to lobby the United Nations and Islamic groups to advocate a full scale NATO bombardment to oust President ‘Basher’ Al-Assad’s regime.

Speaking to one press hack from the Charlatan’s Gazette, Danny related in a broad Yorkshire accent “Yeah right, wot we needs is one of them humanitarian intervention operations an’ a no-fly zone ter get rid of Basher Assad – just like wot they did in Libya when NATO went in an’ snuffed that bonkers Gaddafi twat.”

(Yes, right on Danny - got rid of one dictator and ended up with 100 in his place – a heavily-armed Mobocracy in charge and order into chaos – and a decimated infrastructure to boot – which was always part of the game plan).

Danny first appeared on Anderson Cooper’s CNN news programme – now aptly labelled with the sarcastic sobriquet of “The Propaganda 360 Hour″, as the spin employed in their Syria and Iran coverage would make a swirling Dervish dizzy.

It was here that Danny was first caught out in his concocted lies concerning his alleged home country when stating that NATO should bomb the Syrian capital of Beruit – and although Cooper being a seasoned spin doctor was able to direct the flow of the conversation, Danny then went into panic mode and tried to cover his own ass by claiming he hailed from a remote mountain village and had never visited Damascus – yet was adamant he had been in Homs and hid in a wheelie bin as government troops mowed down peaceful protesters with heavy machine gun fire.

The gospel according to Danny maintains” Yeah, there woz this effin’ big tank thingy like wot yer see in war movies an’ I’m peepin’ outa this bin an’ counts the bodies as they’re droppin’ – over 10,000 protesters an’ women an’ kids as well.”

Hence this irrefutable casualty estimate of 10,000 innocents dead from the Assad regime’s crack-down in Homs will be manipulated by the UN Security Council’s new humanitarian bully boy song sheet – along with the ever popular genocide rallying call – and all designed to ram through an international no fly zone over Syria – swiftly followed by the invasion of the armed masses of NATO’s humanitarian intervention brigades.

Conversely, following Danny’s CNN appearance, the Zionist-dominated US propaganda machine finally went overboard in its efforts to demonise President Assad’s Syrian regime for what they term a brutal crackdown on the foreign mercenaries being infiltrated into the country to pose as members of the rebel Syrian Free Army.
Ms Mingeeter Godermiche, spokeswoman for US Secretary of State Hilarious Rodent Clinton, informed a press conference that according to on-the-ground reports coming in from their source in Homs (Danny) that things were pretty bad as everyone in the city was now dead.

And that was when it all went tits up in a Busby Berkeley spectacular fashion – with Danny’s mother, Mrs Fatima Dayem, ringing up the CNN offices from her home in Leeds and apparently grassing her errant son up, revealing “Don’t believe a word the lying little git says – he’s supposed ter be here at home according ter his Asbo an’ community service order wot he got fer tellin’ packs of lies about the Ugandan bloke wot lives down the road an’ causin’ an’ effin’ riot sayin’ he woz recruitin’ school kids fer Kony's Army. His effin’ probation officer’s gonna go ape shit if he doesn’t turn up fer his counsellin’ session next week.”

“The little twat’s never bin ter Syria – the farthest he’s ever bin wiv me and his Dad woz Butlin’s in Scarborough. An’ here’s me wiv this lumbago an’ can’t get out an’ about anymore so I needs him here ter help out an’ do his errands. The coal scuttle needs fillin’ and some firewood choppin’ and the effin’ dog’s not bin out fer a walk since he started this caper of impersonatin’ some Syrian scumbag wiv an attitude problem. Bleedin’ kids – I blame it all on these effin’ X-Box war games wot gets their heads puddled.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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