Friday, 2 March 2012

Revoke Angiolini’s ‘Dame’ Honour

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Elish Angiolini – Principal elect for St Hugh’s College, Oxford and Scotland’s COPFS chief paedophile protector. This woman is rumoured to be the High Priestess of Caledonian Corruption.

Viz the currently-scheduled appointment of Elish Angiolini as Principal elect in September of 2012 - will St Hugh's College now become a mirror of Scotland’s crime and child molesting capital of Aberdeen - and the Catholic Church – notoriously synonymous with the sick licentious perversion of pederasty and Masonic kiddie fiddlers?

The aim of our Prisoners of Conscience International group is to have the DBE ‘Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’ honour bestowed on Elish Angiolini revoked for her repeated violations of the course of justice in the Hollie Greig sexual abuse / serial rape case that stand more at ‘conspiracy’ than ‘incompetence’ – and too the contrived arrest and incarceration of Hollie’s crusading lay legal representative Robert Green on a ridiculous concocted charge of Breach of the Peace – for the crime of daring to contemplate handing out leaflets to canvas his Aberdeen South public office election bid in February of 2010: with the ensuing court case spread over 24 months and costing in the region of £750,000 quid – an actual Guinness Book world record.

Angiolini - alike that other scandalous example of Scottish incompetence, the ex-Royal Bank of Scumland’s bungling CEO Fred Goodwin - is undeserving of any honour - and such should be forthwith rescinded - plus her person thus brought before an impartial and uncorrupted court of law ‘not’ infested with a staff of Freemason drones and stooges - to answer for her unethical conduct in striving to conceal the crimes of the Aberdeen Masonic paedophile ring and other associate felonies – which too is an eventual aim of our campaign.

Just wait until Ms Angiolini takes up her post at the iconic St Hugh’s College in Oxford this fall – (if she’s not already detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure for her heinous sins or the St Hugh’s faculty succumb to public outcry and sagaciously withdraw the college Principal post appointment) – then she’ll be off Scotland’s corrupt turf and on English soil - wide open for a citizen’s arrest - and without the corrupt Caledonian legal system to protect her, then the scandalous shit will hit the fan.


Further, as of the 1st March 2012, the St Hugh’s College, Oxford, Facebook page monitors have removed all posted objections to Angiolini’s appointment from site and, following the tried and tested Fascist approach, banned the posting of any like subversive comments or questions from the general public or their own faculty members, student body or alumni challenging the wisdom of assigning the post of Principal to a person surrounded by controversy and perhaps the target of future criminal actions.

Do we see, yet again, the corrupt fraternal hand of Freemasonry at work here in recommending and sanctioning this appointment – then denying any broadcast of the voice of moral dissent in a futile attempt to maintain a travesty of lies and conceal the questionable acts of a person who betrayed her COPFS oath of office and too the Scottish publics’ trust?

To wit, so much for the reputation of St Hugh’s College - sited amongst the iconic spires of Oxford - as an institute of education dedicated to nurturing a culture of advanced learning and objective thought in the next generation when questions concerning the faulty decisions of its own faculty chiefs are not tolerated for discourse in the public arena.

The initial persons to contact regarding this issue are the incumbent Principal Andrew Dilnot and Dr John Iles, the College’s Senior Fellow who chaired the election process and personally vetted Angiolini’s appointment –

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