Thursday, 1 March 2012

Surgical snafu sees toenail patient in Burns Unit

A patient undergoing surgery to have an ingrown toenail removed at the Harold Shipman Clinic for Medical Excellence in North Yorkshire was set on fire during the procedure when the alcohol solution used to clean and disinfect the skin ignited due a spark from the nurse’s cigarette.

The ensuing inferno triggered an alarm which saw North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue dispatch two units and 15 firefighters to the scene.

Dr Bev Titwank, director of operations at Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust, informed one press hack from the Fubar Review "I can confirm that during a surgical procedure the 70% ethyl alcohol solution used to clean the patient’s skin caught fire due one of the op’ theatre nurses breaking the no smoking regulations.”

“Once the Fire Brigade has extinguished the blaze the patient was transferred to Cinderfields Intensive Care Unit in Hull to be treated for third degree burns.”

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