Friday, 9 March 2012

Scameron Rehashes Iraqi WMD Paranoia

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If the gospel according to the Oracle of Downing Street is to be credited and believed on hearsay evidence alone, then the Islamic Republic of Iran – home to the Anti-Christ - is now developing intercontinental nuclear missiles capable of raining down not only Tel Aviv but also London, Paris, Washington – and the Moon.

In a chilling Bliar-like echo of the sexed-up dodgy dossier push to kick start the illegal invasion of Iraq – that proved to be the vital factor which instigated Dr David Kelly’s assisted suicide - PM Scameron has suggested that the country’s drive to develop nuclear weapons was potentially a direct threat to the UK – with his belligerent comments moving Britain a step closer to war against the hard line Islamic regime.

So Scameron dons his Cassandra alarmist cloak and manifests as the ‘Heir to Blair’ - pedalling his own special Tory brand of weapons of mass distraction paranoia snake oil hysteria to take the common herd’s attentions off all that’s wrong on the domestic front. To wit, just let anyone dare question the wisdom of his declaration and he’ll have an insta ‘Spin n Win’ answer ready.

Let’s stick our necks out regardless and pertinently inquire why would the Mad Mullahs and Mahmoud Ahmadashell’s Tehran government want to bomb the fuck out of poor old Broken Britain?
Oh shit – totally slipped our tiny minds – because they hate our democratic freedoms, of course. Silly us. And London’s a sitting duck for a barrage of Bullshit bombs and Scaremonger II missiles kitted out with 10 megaton Propaganda warheads.

The Prime Minister’s warning came just hours after the Cabinet was given a secret conference call briefing by MI6 and a top ranking member of Baron Rothshite’s crime syndicate staff in Jerusalem on the threat that might be posed by the Tehran mafia if they really had such a high-tech arsenal.

While Western intelligence estimates had pegged Iran as having developed a stock of medium-range missiles with a reach of 1,500 miles, intercontinental missiles such as the Shitehawk III have a range of 3,500 miles with the wind behind them – enough to cover the 2,740 miles from Iran to London – as the crow flies.

However canny Parliamentary critics still possessed with two ounces of common sense and the guts to stand up and be counted have drawn obvious parallels with Bliar’s black propaganda blitz in the build-up to the war in Iraq, when he and Alastair ‘Svengali’ Campbell pasted together a dodgy dossier claiming Saddam Hussein had the ability to launch a chemical weapons or dirty bomb attack on any one of the UK’s Greedy Grocer supermarket chains south of Luton within 45 minutes.

So, if any fucker or their dog’s barmy enough to listen to – and believe – anything this tosser Scameron has to say, who’s going to be first to justify the costs and benefits of military action when it all goes tits up and the craven pariah state of Israel expedite a sneaky pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear sites – then Newton’s Third Law kicks in big time (actions and opposite, equal reactions) – with the Republican Guard sealing off the Straits of Hormuz, sinking every foreign warship – and submarine – in the Persian pond with Suburst missiles, mines and torpedoes– and the price of oil goes through the roof as the entire Mid-East region blasts the shit out of each other.

But that’s just the appetiser – just wait until the Jolly Jihadist moles around the West kick off on their sabotage missions and things start going ‘Ka-fucking-Boom!’ on a 24/7 basis from Tel Aviv to Washington and all points in between.

Enough of Posh Dave going into batshit bonkers mode with his hawkish posturing, for here we have yet another globalist tosspot stooge spouting the hard line Israeli ZioNazi regime’s dingbat ideas and schemes.

Really, does this public school elitist oick ever have a genuine thought of his own or just parrot the spiel sheet he’s been force fed by his Rothshite controllers – or that’s been cobbled together in the cellars of Downing Street by the likes of the disreputable Craig ‘Beam me up Scotty’ Oliver, the Machiavellian propagandist-in-chief replacement spin doctor for the disgraced Andy ‘Hackers’ Coulson.

Posh Dave needs to remember that history does not treat war-mongers kindly.

Thought for the day: Fuck the Rothshite ZioNazi Freemasons and their insidious neo-colonial New World Order.

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