Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Followers and visitors to the Prisoners of Conscience Skewed News Views weblog will doubtless be aware of, and conversant with, the Hollie Greig / Aberdeen paedo ring child sexual abuse scandal -


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLUgCO9PTUc : Hollie’s plea for Justice

- and too the fate of her lay legal representative and crusading champion Robert Green, convicted of a Breach of the Peace and imprisoned on 17th February 2012 for 12 months following a kangaroo trial wherein he was denied a jury or access to vital witnesses and documentary evidence seized from him following his arrest.



This courtroom fiasco prosecuted by Procurator Fiscals Anne Campbell and Stephen McGowan under the direction of Sheriff Edward ‘Bent’ Bowen (Masonic stooge) has now entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the only Breach of the Peace trial ever to take 24 months and cost in excess of £750,000 quid of taxpayers’ funds – for the crime of ‘thinking’ about handing out leaflets.

Oh well, in bonny Scotland, where graft and corruption infests and permeates each and every corner, nook and cranny of officialdom – and too much else, the judiciary and government are reduced to a state where they can no longer function without them.

The person responsible for the cover-up and suppression of any police investigation and COPFS prosecution into the Hollie serial rape scandal and too the vindictive arrest and persecution of Robert Green – on behalf of her corrupt Masonic cohorts - was Elish Angiolini in her various roles of Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen, then later as Solicitor General, then as Lord Advocate – where she allegedly earned the title of the High Priestess of Caledonian Graft & Corruption.

Elish Angiolini has since been awarded, for her sins, the royal honour of Dame, and further elected as the next Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford – a seat she intends to assume this September.

For the record, Angiolini is the subject of an ongoing CID investigation in Scotland into the misuse of public funds related to a coverup of the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal and the contrived arrest of Robert Green - which carries the Crime Reference number of CS-20120125-0112.

This woman has a multitude of sins to answer for and if she does take up the position of Principal at St Hugh’s College in September then, on English soil, she might well be open for a citizen’s arrest under the statutes of Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

The Oxford Students Union and students of St Hugh’s College are rumoured to be threatening the faculty with her seizure via a Citizen’s Arrest under the statutes of Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 if she ever so much as dares set foot on their campus in September.

To campaign for the rescinding of Angiolini’s ‘Dame’ honour via Parliament and too to have the St Hugh’s Faculty withdraw their offer of position of Principal the above are rumoured to have last weekend set up an all-new Facebook group:


So, anyone with an interest at tossing the big finger at authority and seeking justice for Hollie and Robert – and too dishing out a large helping of Karma’s ‘payback’ to Angiolini – aka ‘the dodgy Dame’ – then sign up and support the group.

Never forget a simple historical fact – one at a time we fall, but let the Beast beware when confronted with the potential of our numerical advantage (ref 1789 & 1917)- whose number is 144,000.

To wit, disregarding a swathe of threats from Angiolini’s COPFS / Masonic Mafia to close the Facebook BAN ANGIOLINI FROM ST HUGH’S COLLEGE page down already, all that is posted thereon is the TRUTH and available in the cyberspace domain - and falls under the heading of Fair Comment in the Public Interest.


Anonymous said...

This group has now been closed down by facebook! They're getting very jumpy aren't they?

one love said...

Good for you! This needs bursting right open! I'm absolutely appalled by the lot of them! Angiolini needs lobbing in jail along with the rest of the depraved bastards!