Friday, 23 March 2012

EUSSR’s Ashton Upsets Kikester Lobby

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The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Baroness Ashton, has been slammed with fiery invectives for daring to compare the killing of three children and a rabid rabbi in a shooting attack in France to the fucked up socio-political terrorist tyranny that oppresses the everyday lives of the marginalised Palestinian population in the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza.

During the recent ‘Palestine refugees in the changing Middle East’ conference in Brussels, the Bolshie Baroness described the murders in Toulouse as a ‘terrible tragedy’, but then, perhaps prompted by a jab of moral conscience, added: “Oh well, never mind - when we see what is happening in Gaza and the occupied West Bank we are forced to look inward and remember young people and children are being crippled and maimed and losing their lives on a daily basis due the criminal racist actions of the belligerent Israeli military – so perhaps this is Karma at work here – with an eye for an eye.”

Conversely a cabal of prominent Zionists and Israeli leaders couldn’t agree less as the gospel according to God’s Chosen People (along with the kikester’s unique brand of skewed rhetoric and self-serving logic) the sufferings of the Jews exceeds all other suffering - and most definitely that of the goyim Palestinian’s.

The British chairman of the ‘World Union of Whingeing Victims’ and career Holohoax propagandist, Shylock Scumberg, opined to one press hack from the Ethnic Cleansing Gazette that “Even when read in context, Ashton’s words are unacceptable – in fact they’re outrageous and revolting to compare the sufferings of these Palestinian Muslim cattle with that of the Children of the Covenant - and she should do the decent thing and fall on her own sword – or do a Rachel Corrie and lie down in front of Genocide Construction’s bulldozers.”

Alas Mr Scumberg failed to explain why it was outrageous and revolting to equate Jewish suffering with Palestinian one – so the press were left scratching their heads.

Next up in the condemnation queue was Chaneph O’chel Batachat, director of public affairs for the ZioNazi Federation who stated for the public record - while failing provide any reasoning - that “Baroness Ashton’s remarks are wholly inappropriate. There is no equivalence between the cold and callous murders of children in Gaza by the IDF’s Half-Cock Brigade and that of Rabbi Ja’akoff Weaselheim and the three children in Toulouse. This is a major crime by another Islamic terrorist and we know the Iranians are behind it.”

Career hater and Edomite mafia frontman Avigdor Lieberman, speaking outside his Foreign Affairs office on Jerusalem’s Chutzpah Boulevard to a reporter from the Schadenfreude Review, claimed Ashton’s remarks were crass and she had to accept the simple fact that Jewish suffering is the ultimate form of human grief.

The notorious war criminal and nutty Knesset opposition leader Tipzy Livid joined with the pro-Jabotinskyist Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo to heap a double helping of their customary captious disapproval on the Baroness’s critical political remarks, with Livid declaring “This woman infuriates me as she fails to make the appropriate moral distinction between a Muslim murdering Jews in France and Jews murdering Palestinian terrorists in Israel.”

Thought for the day: To eradicate any form of criticism and reproach for their war crimes and human rights abuses the Israelis have stooped as low as they can get and hijacked the term ‘Semite’ as their very own to wield as a formidable psychological weapon for branding any fucker and their dog who would so censure their actions as anti-Semites - and wherever possible Holohoax deniers to boot – which their insidious Zionist lobbyists have ensured are classified as actual criminal offences.

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