Saturday, 3 March 2012

Israel: Let’s Turn the Tables - What if?

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Israel has, since seizing, by force of arms, the sovereign state of Palestine from its rightful owners (the Palestinians) during the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of the Catastrophe – for the Palestinians) achieved a global notoriety as an outlaw, rogue – if not mad dog - state governed by a Knesset infested with Khazar–Ashkenazi Jews of convenience who collectively fall under the Linnean taxonomical index as a mix of genocidal racists, psychopathic warmongers and homicidal maniacs.

These fanatics are hell bent on acting out their Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion agenda – (read New World Order) – this God’s Chosen People / Greater Israel fantasy they are so beholden to promote to justify their acts of terrorism and the daily Nazi-style marginalisation and cruelties visited upon the very people whose lands they have usurped under the criminal false flag of Manifest Destiny.

So we have the career hypocrites in the Knesset and Israeli Defence Force led by their ultra-rabid Jabotinskyist Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo – plus the Christian / Southern Baptist / Mormon crypto-Jews and Zionist stooges infesting the White House, Senate and Congress of the Great Satan – currently all set and gnawing at the bit to be let slip and make a suicidal pre-emptive strike on Iran – under the piss-ant excuse Tehran’s bent on developing the capability to construct weapons of mass distraction.

Of course, apart from the global media being owned and controlled by Zionists and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s banksters, here Israel’s customary chutzpah comes into play – along with their perverted cultural precepts of hasbara, hudaibiya, kvelling and schadenfreude – to get every fucker and their dog believing black is white – and Israel and the US Great Satan are ‘right’ and hapless Iran is wrong and fomenting Islamic Jihadist terror plots against the West as they just hate our democratic freedoms.

Hence this scaremongering ‘hasbara’ (propaganda), coupled with lavish doses of media criticism and political platform cries of ‘poor Israel’, ‘perpetual victims’, ‘anti-Semitism’ and 'remember the Holohoax’ has in the past served well to provide justification for their pre-emptive attacks and destroying the nuclear facilities of two other relatively primitive countries in the Mid-East region: Iraq and Syria.

When Israel attacked Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in June 1981, it was a singular ground-level building that was targeted and destroyed – yet such a simple operation required 14 Israeli aircraft plus lots and lots of Clusterfuck bombs and Shitehawk missiles.

Israel’s later success – (no, not the Hi-Fiving false flag attacks on the WTC Towers on 9/11) – was a pre-emptive air strike on Syria's al-Kibar nuclear facility in September 2007- a partially constructed cylindrical building and a single storey pumping station - and like Osirak, another exposed and exceptionally easy ground-level target.

And now this gang of belligerent expansionists are harping on about Iran’s imaginary weapons of mass distraction – their fantasy Paranoia II missiles, Scaremonger ICBMs and Bullshit bombs – all rigged with nuclear capability – or soon to be so if ‘we’ (Que? WTF? Who me? ) don’t act immediately – if not sooner.
Oh yes, and it all comes down to maintaining Israel’s purported Middle East military hegemony and controlling the ‘Oil’ and expanding the ‘Empire’.

Let’s just suppose – and play the Devil’s advocate for a moment – to conjure up an image of the intensity of the Israeli kikester’s trademark hue and cry of ‘victims’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ racist brouhaha reaction that would erupt if some ‘Terrorist State’ took out Israel’s suspected non-existent secret nuke facilities.

Hmmm, applying the facility of 20/20 hindsight we simply have to speculate what the reaction would be if Iraq or Syria – or too Iran – did exactly what Israel has done in the past with the two former Arab states and currently plans to do with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Pre-emptively – without prior warning, taken the same belligerent stance of the pariah ZioNazi rogue state and bombed Israel’s nuclear facilities at Dimona or Soreq to dust due the fact they presented a danger to the peace and stability of the region?

Hmmm, what if? Karma’s a strange beast with perverse tastes.

Officially Israel neither confirms nor denies possessing nuclear weapons – until of course one goes Ka-fucking-Boom in someone else’s backyard.

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