Thursday, 8 March 2012

ZioNazis Push First Strike Option on Iran

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Bobo Nuttyahoo, the pariah state of Israel’s war-mongering Prime Minister, a homicidal Khazar-Ashkenazi kikester with nary a trace of Semitic DNA in his mongrel genes, informed the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee gathering of sycophantic fellow Jews of convenience - (and crypto-Jewish stooges that promote the insidious cult of Zionism for profit) - in Washington that time is running out to put a stop to Iran's nuclear programme.

Delivering his scare-mongering speech before 13,000 delegates at AIPAC’s ‘Israel First’ fund-raiser on Monday night in the capital of the Great Satan’s homeland, Nuttyahoo declared "As prime minister of Israel I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation - like the Palestinian goyim scum infesting the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank have to do on a daily basis."

“We cannot allow these Iranians to usurp our military hegemony and have nuclear weapons like we do. That’s not the way the Great Game is played on the Middle East’s strategy board.”
“We are now good and ready to expedite a pre-emptive strike and destroy their nuclear research and development plants with our bunker buster bombs - but this little Kenyan impostor shit in the White House, he is backing down as he’s trying to get his cuckoo arse re-elected as President and is forgetting his Israel First obligations to the very people who forged his dodgy birth certificate and put him in office in the first place.”

Laying on the black propaganda for maximum effect with his customary chutzpah and belligerence, Nuttyahoo reiterated that Israel was determined to prevent Iran developing their own arsenal of weapons of mass distraction and thus being enabled to challenge Western military aggression and neo-colonial expansionist plans in the Greater Mid-East region.

“What will happen when they have nukes, I ask you? They will target our Promised Land and we’ll suffer another Holohoax. These silly sanctions are not working and Tehran throws us the bird, hence the time for diplomacy has run out and that is why we, God’s Chosen People, must be masters of our own fate - and nuke the mad Mullahs first.”

"Today, we have a state of our own – seized by the Stern Gang, the Irgun and the Haganah terrorists and paid for with Palestinian blood. And the purpose of that Zionist state is to defend Zionist lives and to secure our Zionist future – with a Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to Washington in the west – and to Mount Everest in the east. That is our Manifest Destiny."

In his meeting with PM Nuttyahoo at the White House on Monday, President O’Barmy stated that the bond between their countries was unbreakable while the Rothshite crime syndicate controlled the global money supply.

However O’Barmy later let slip to press hacks that in his unqualified opinion there had been too much loose talk of war with Iran and sabre-rattling by rabid sectors of the Israel administration – and this lack of unity was benefiting the common enemy - Tehran - as it was driving up the price of oil, which in turn funds their nuclear programme.

To the media’s eyes the two leaders relationship had visibly cooled following their in-camera meeting, with correspondents noting the frosty body language and Nuttyahoo deliberately treading on O’Barmy’s foot and making snide remarks that he hoped they weren’t having pork belly and grits for lunch – or bananas and water melon.

Interviewed just prior to the US-Israeli meetings Shylock Slimeberg, chief propagandist for the UN's IAEA nuclear agency – ignored recent reports filed by their own inspectors and the CIA which decisively concluded that all nuclear materials currently being processed in Iran were for peaceful activities – and instead stated, in line with Zionist foreign policy, the organisation had serious concerns that Iran could be hiding secret work on developing atomic weapons – just as Israel had done themselves in the 1960’s.

While the US has pushed for the imposition of ever-stricter sanctions against Iran to force compliance with their demands that they close down their domestic power and medical research nuclear programmes - including recent curbs on its central bank and its ability to export oil to the West – which backfired like a Chevvy pick-up with the timing 10 degrees out of sync’ when Tehran cut off their oil supplies and told the lot to fuck off, eat shit and die – then sold the excess to India and China.

Speculation is mounting that the kikesters might choose to attack Iran sometime during 2012 – with Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookmakers offering top odds on the craven pariah state of Israel making a sneak attack before Easter and kick-staring a payback with knobs-on ‘Day After’ Armageddon which will set the world ablaze.

Thought for the day: There’s only one existential threat to World peace and that’s Israel and their Great Satan / United States of Rothshite ZioNazi stooges.

To eradicate any form of criticism and reproach for their war crimes and human rights abuses the Israelis have stooped as low as they can get and hijacked the term ‘Semite’ as their very own - to wield as a formidable psychological weapon – for branding any fucker and their dog who would so censure their actions as anti-Semites - and wherever possible Holohoax deniers to boot – which their insidious Zionist lobbyists have ensured are classified as actual criminal offences.

Regardless, support the BDS campaign, and fuck the ZioNazis and their New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known Zionist propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of hudaibiya, kvelling, hasbara, chutzpah and schadenfreude – along with the customary anti-Arab and Muslim racial sentiments, gross exaggeration, massive porkies, misaligned references and lashings of Islamophobia.

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