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Cabbage Patch Dave Backs Secret Courts

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Proposals fielded by the Libservative Coalition – a heap of shits for whom no fucker or their dog ever voted - to enact sweeping new Kafkaesque powers allowing the Government to withhold ‘sensitive’ (read ‘embarrassing’ and/or ‘incriminating’) information from open civil court cases and inquests have provoked a storm of protest from several honest members of the legal profession and a legion of Bolshie civil liberties campaigners.

More damning still is the fact that a socio-political moral impact study conducted by special advocates on Saturday afternoon in the saloon bar of Whitehall’s Pikey’s Retreat pub – these being the very people who would be tasked with overseeing such secret hearings - vehemently condemned the establishment of closed / in camera courts by corrupt government and civil service officials scheming to limit the scope of British justice to protect their own arses, due the potential of damage to the public interest.

Conversely, challenged over the issue by Andrew ‘Bat-Ears’ Marr on the BBC’s popular ‘Totalitarian Dystopia’ programme on Friday evening, PM Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron, in a pathetic attempt to justify this burgeoning culture of dishonesty that is consuming the coalition, stated for the public record that he personally disagreed.
To this end Scameron fielded the totally flawed reasoning that a closed court system was required to prevent terror suspects making personal injury ‘no win-no fee’ compensation claims against the security services in cases that involved sensitive intelligence material – such as instances of water boarding, anal gang rapes by MI6 thugs, holes drilled through the kneecaps with a Black & Decker – and suffering Abu Ghraib manicures and the fingernails ripped out with pliers.

In the typical evasive fashion of all politicians whose credibility has worn threadbare due an excess of mistruths, he made no attempt to justify the proposal to extend secret hearings to inquests and thus avoid further instances of criticism concerning the suspicious assisted suicides of senior government weapons inspectors then having to rig ‘hearings’ chaired by low-life career whitewash merchants like Lord Hutton of the Coverups.

Scameron further claimed ‘‘We need to have a legal way of reviewing unfounded allegations against our security services in court such as Third World shitholes like Saudi Arabia and Egypt do – and they don’t give a toss about civil liberties concerns.”

Secret courts besides, this is simply yet another draconian move to advance the Big Brother control freak state and justify such actions with the flawed rationalisation that state secrets cannot bear the eye of moral justice upon them – when the actual truth of the issue lies in the fact the singular purpose of this proposal is to avoid constitutional scrutiny and insulate establishment felons (war criminals, career pederasts, shirt-lifting closet cottagers etc) from exposure and prosecution – and too serve to target those the state considers a thorn in their side.

Applying the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight here, Scameron, as usual, exhibits a very disturbing economy concerning matters involving ‘the truth’ when he seeks to pose his faulty rhetoric over actual reality.

Here again we see the crooked twat pedalling a rehashed brand of Tory snake oil with a Libservative Coalition label – all to serve the instructions and agenda of his ZioNazi Rothshite crime syndicate bosses in the City. A scandalous display of stage-managed oriental legerdemain designed to distract the proletariat from the glaring ‘Who Dunnit’ truth.

In-camera courts, along with secret rigged inquiries and inquests- all calculated to prevent the exposure of crimes committed against – and false flag attacks on - their own population – as exhibited so perfectly on 7/7/2005 when Mohammed al Patsy and his three Jolly Jihadi cohorts from Leeds non-existent Shaheed Semtex Brigade were so dumb they missed the train and the pre-set military grade explosive devices detonated by remote radio wave signal ‘underneath’ the carriages of the three tube trains without them aboard with their piss-ant black pepper and peroxide backpack bombs.

Attacks carried out under a blanket of government conspiracy to generate a wave of Islamophobia and direct hatred against the populations of Broken Britain’s Muslim communities – and so justify further military excursions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The government of the day under Tony Bliar refused to hold an inquiry into the 7/7 attacks claiming such would be counter-productive – for the guilty parties involved – absolutely. Eventually Justice Heather Hallett chaired an inquest several years down the road which decided that MI5 was staffed by a bunch of tossers, thickies and cunts – and that all Muslims were nasty fuckers who hate our democratic freedoms.

An Iraq War / dodgy dossier inquiry was eventually fielded six years after the event kick started and regardless of Gordon Brown not getting his wish of holding it in-camera, the entire fubar was nicely whitewashed by a compliant Sir John Chilcot, the 33rd Degree Master Mason inquiry’s chairman.

So too with Dr David Kelly’s ‘assisted suicide’ – denied an inquest that might have exposed the truth – Bliar and Co staged a pantomime inquiry chaired by career cover-up artist Lord Brian Hutton – a repeat of Lord Dougie Cullen concealing the truth of the Dunblane massacre and Thomas Watt Hamilton’s role as a paedo pimp for the Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s kiddie fiddling perverts infesting the corridors of Holyrood and the COPFS.

Yet another Masonic Brotherhood whitewash assigned to Sir Ronald Waterhouse and his inquiry into sordid tale of Bryn Estyn Children's Home in Wales and the elitist paedophilia scandal involving establishment child molesters – specifically senior Plod Squad officials - that took 3 years and cost £13 million quid to cover up.

Once again and so recently we have the Hollie Greig sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs / disabled children case which centres on Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Aberdeen – with her lay legal representative Robert Green being imprisoned on trumped up Breach of the Peace charges to silence him and close the exposure campaign down – with the hearings held at the remote Stonehaven Court and presided over by corrupted Masonic fraternity Procurator Fiscals and Sheriffs and the accused denied a trial by jury and the presentation of vital defence witnesses and documentary evidence.

Hmmm, why the fuck is it that everywhere you look in these matters of conspiratorial cover-ups the place is infested with Freemasons?

The same corrupt influences are behind these notorious in-camera Family Courts that are so secret it’s even an offence to mention them. Here again we see a perversion of British justice that should be abolished immediately if not sooner - wherein crooked ‘for profit’ motivated social services are dragging what they term unfit mothers / parents into these locked door / public and media excluded courts and having their kids snatched and put into care / up for adoption.

Let’s just forget the false benevolence and vitiated magnanimity ‘adoption’ stats targets and focus on the true objective of these secret courts - linked to an agenda which serves to positively endorse the current culture of state-sponsored child trafficking to feed the insidious perversions of the establishment’s pathetic kiddie fiddlers and the practice of Satanic rituals.

Yep, let’s not forget the fact that the jackboot’s first steps on the path to fascism are always tip-toe soft – and one at a time.

Now this tosspot Zionist stooge Scameron is attempting to go one step further down the fascist path to totalitarian control and secrecy with this pathetic 'Islamic terrorists might sue us for torturing them' excuse.

These sadly denigrated people – the Muslims - don’t really give a flying fuck about our purported ‘democratic freedoms’. What they’re pissed off about – and rightly so too – is having their religion maligned and families blasted all to Hell and back by US and NATO ‘Kill Every Fucker’ Predator drones – and the UK’s pro-Zionist politicians and banksters following the US / Great Satan’s lead in blaming Muslim terrorists for the false flag attacks on 9/11 and too the onus for 7/7 on Mohammed al Patsy & Co to generate a wave of scare-mongering paranoia and hysterical Islamophobia / National Bash a Muslim Week and provide a sort-of valid excuse to invade their sovereign nations and steal the natural resources – like the Afghan opium crops the Taliban had all but eradicated.

The gospel according to Shabby Acrobati, director of the civil liberties group Scum-Watch, claims “The Secret Justice Green Paper is not about criminal trials for terror suspects but contains sweeping proposals to shut out war widows, disaster victims and everyone else and their poor dog from open civil justice wherever Ministers define the “public interest” as being against their best interests.”

Considering the aim of successive governments is total control of the actions of the masses – along with their insatiable thirst to monitor our every thought and communication in real-time (phones, texts, e-mails, internet searches) – and thus pre-empt radical reactions as soon as any sign of oppositional defiance disorder rears its rebellious head – this is but a single step closer to achieving that objective.

Alas, while the purported motives to fully implement this agenda run the entire spectrum of dodgy pretexts - from terrorist watch to hacking to child porn eradication to cyber-security to copyright and anti-piracy monitoring – each and every one so far concocted falls short of persuading even the most gullible of the common herd’s number they need to surrender their civil liberties in entirety to provide the Big Brother state with the martial law style over-riding authority to protect them.

While Orwell’s iconic ‘1984’, Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ all provide both alarming and prophetic insights to what a Dystopian state might manifest as, perhaps it is time, and again prudent, to remind PM Posh Dave Scameron and his Libservative Coalition that the revelatory texts were a ‘warning’ aimed at the common people – and definitely not a blueprint and instruction manual – Totalitarianism for Dummies - for governments to impose on their own voting public.

Thought for the day: How do you know when Posh Dave Scameron’s lying? His lips move.
Authorities hate – and fear - Oppositional Defiance Disorder: when a person starts thinking for themselves, inducing a state of independence, conscious self-awareness and a most annoying urge to ask awkward questions of government.
Fuck anarchy and nihilism - what we need is anarcho-syndicalism – an actual ochlocracy – perhaps better defined as a ‘mobocracy’ – government by the masses. No shit, what a harum-scarum, wild ride that would be.

Be it this vaunted yet hypocritical doctrine of Democracy, or the all-consuming Communism system, or the jack-booted political censorship of Fascism at its worse – whatever mask they wear each is a dictatorship set against the interests of the proletariat - and their tools of enforcement are the red-tape bureaucracy, the neighbourhood snitches, the plod squads and ultimately, the nation’s military.

Oh, and by the way, fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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