Monday, 5 March 2012

Demo Protest: Let’s Get the Paedo’ Protectors

University of Oxford / Oxford University Student Union.

Subject: Dame Elish Angiolini.

This woman - Scotland’s Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service now-ex Solicitor General and Lord Advocate is the chief paedophile protector and the alleged High Priestess of Caledonian Corruption - has been publicly announced as the Principal elect for St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

When (and too ‘if’) Angiolini assumes her elected position as Principal in September of 2012 will St Hugh's College become a mirror of Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Aberdeen, and the iniquitous Roman Catholic Church, both notoriously synonymous with the sick, licentious perversion of pederasty and Masonic ritual child molesting?

‘Dame’ Elish Angiolini is responsible for the cover-up of the sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs Down’s syndrome victim Hollie Greig and a legion of other disabled children by a ring of ranking establishment Masonic paedophiles in and around Aberdeen. See:

Angiolini is further accountable for the conspired arrest of Hollie’s lay legal advisor Robert Green (aka Prisoner 125799 HMP Aberdeen) in February 2010 on a charge of Breach of the Peace for daring to contemplate handing out canvassing leaflets on the streets of Aberdeen to support his public office election bid. Green was bailed and persecuted and eventually brought to trail 24 months later, which cost a staggering £750,000 and resulted in his imprisonment for 12 months.

So much for the reputation of St Hugh’s College - sited amongst the iconic lofty spires of Oxford - as an institute of education when the faculty appear bent on importing a corrupt official to take up the seat of Principal who is currently under police investigation for the misuse of public funds back home in bonny Scotland.

Hence we pose the question “Do we want this scumbag in our midst and lowering the tone of Oxford’s sanctified dignity and reputation with her notorious and noxious presence?”

The simple answer is “No!”

Towards achieving this end and ‘banning’ Elish Angiolini from the midst of our illustrious community a Spring Equinox meeting will be scheduled to discuss campaign demo’s and protest strategies at 19:00 hours on 21st March 2012 at The Purple Turtle at Frewin Court on Cornmarket Street (free entry to non-Union members on the night).

Anyone wishing to pursue and petition this issue individually, the initial persons to contact are Dame Elish Angiolini herself followed by the incumbent Principal Andrew Dilnot and Dr John Iles, the College’s Senior Fellow who chaired the election process and personally vetted Angiolini’s appointment –

Any and all gossip and foul rumours that both Dilnot and Iles are themselves Freemasonic stooges coerced into approving Angiolini’s appointment are – while strongly suspected - currently unconfirmed.

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