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Scottish Justice: the Myth & the Truth

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A dedication to Robert Green HMP # 125799: Prisoner of Conscience.

Robert Green championed Hollie Greig’s sexual abuse case with a passion and determination and no thought for himself – which has resulted in a martyrdom of twelve months in a Scottish prison for publicly exposing the truth that Aberdeen is the crime and kiddie fiddling capital of bonny Scotland.

So, will Robert emerge from this wrongful and conspired incarceration subdued? Doubtful, such will have only served to steel his resolve to further expose and prosecute - with a revitalised, dynamic sense of purpose and vengeance - the child molesting paedo’ cabal that infest Scaberdeen’s officialdom and pursue Hollie’s case for justice denied by the venally corrupt criminals that comprise the establishment of Grampian’s child sex capital - this band of rogue Scottish Rite Freemason pederasts that hold power and sway over all aspects of Caledonian officialdom.

Robert Green - arrested for daring to contemplate handing out election canvassing leaflets in Aberdeen to advertise and support his bid for public office as a candidate for the Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers Party. (Oh yes, things are that bad on the corruption front north of the border that they’ve actually got such a registered political party to fight the good fight).

Arrested for handing out leaflets? Yep, but leaflets graphically drafted for his mission – to expose the culture of graft and corruption that infests Aberdeen – and too the entire Scottish establishment and officialdom – that suppressed and covered up the decades-long sexual abuse and serial rape of scores of disabled and special needs children – like Hollie – by a sinister cabal of Masonic local worthies and their stooges.

Apparently under provisions of the Highlands Cottage Cheese Act of 1857 it is an offence for any person canvassing for public office to hand out leaflets that contain references to sheep shagging or the traditional Scottish pastimes of sporran grooming and child molesting.

To wit, Robert was arrested in February of 2010 and following 24 months of pre-trial hearings and generalised pissing around and time-wasting which have cost upwards of £500,000 quid, was eventually found guilty of a Breach of the Peace and breaching bail conditions (by speaking about his case) and sentenced to a total of twelve months servitude in HMP Craiginches, Aberdeen. A travesty of justice conspired to silence an honest man about his perhaps Quixotic crusade to deliver justice for a wronged child and her murdered Uncle Roy who attempted to expose the ring of scandalous pederasts and met an untimely end for his efforts.

Of course anyone who gets an attack of moral conscience and seeks the confessional – or starts asking awkward questions as Robert Green did - will probably end up dead in the David Kelley Memorial Woods also.

And there we have it - nine months in prison for a Breach of the Peace offence – handing out leaflets - plus an additional three months for purported breach of bail conditions - for publicly speaking about the case and exposing the sins of a vile cabal of pederasts lurking in the midst of polite society.
Well, thank fuck he didn’t actually commit a crime otherwise we can only speculate on the severity of his jail sentence – though ironically if the crime was child molesting then the perpetrators fall under the protection of the Grampian police force and crooked COPFS judicial system - a network of corrupt elitist political and judicial officials linked by the common thread of the Masonic Brotherhood.

How sick can you get, people of moral upbringing may be tempted to inquire? More to the point, what personal inadequacy or mental aberration tempts and compels a person to sexually abuse a child?
Well, just Google up the Hollie Greig paedophilia scandal and the contrived, vindictive persecution of her lay legal champion Robert Green (http links below).
Then, have an even bigger head-scratching laugh by Googling ‘Liam Gibson – Lanarkshire child pornographer gets slap on wrist probation’ - and then ‘Cadder’ and ‘Scott Simpson’ for good measure.

So, how can such a ring of paedos get away with such crimes with impunity, one might ask? Aha, this is where the sinister hand of the corrupted Scottish Rite Freemasonry comes into play – in each and every aspect of Scottish officialdom.

Then Scaberdeen is burdened with this pathetic excuse of a Labour MP, Anne Begg who has also refused to investigate Hollie’s case – and I don’t want to hear any calls of “Shame – she’s disabled with Gaucher’s disease” – cos in that case if she cannot perform her functions such as push for an impartial and honest inquiry into the sexual abuse of children in her own constituency then what good is she - unfit for purpose and should be out of the game.

Never forget these children, like Hollie, who have been sexually abused and systematically raped over a period of decades were ‘special needs’ and ‘disabled’ too – and some so traumatised by this paedo ring that they’ll never function as complete adults.
Anne Begg – what a joke – and yet too another ‘Dame’ – alike the alleged High Priestess of Caledonian Graft & Corruption: Elish Angiolini – a royal honour awarded for criminal incompetence and protecting child abusers on her own doorstep.

From the Holyrood Parliament all the way down – this is an iniquitous Masonic cadre whom wreak vengeance on any and all who would dare censure their despicable perversions or attempt to investigate and expose these criminal deeds – with punitive acts ranging from rigged legal prosecutions to sectioning under the Mental Health Act – to outright murder. The classical Four B’s Doctrine in motion: Bribery, Blackmail, Bludgeons and Body Bags.

The cases of Hollie Greig and Robert Green are atypical of the travesties of justice contrived by Scotland’s Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service – and they are now legion. All conducted under the aegis of that slack-jawed imbecile Alex ‘I Beat Bulimia’ Salmond and his graft and corruption-ridden SNP-dominated Holyrood Parliament – with the likes of Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill and ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini contributing their two-penneth to maintain and protect the secret society status quo and their venal cohorts from exposure and rightful prosecution.

Both Holyrood and the COPFS are infested with self-serving members of the Brotherhood who are so corrupt and bent that if they dropped dead the undertaker would have no need to dig a grave but simply wind them into the cemetery sod like a corkscrew.

Scotland’s police force, the COPFS and the Judiciary - an ingrained system of institutionalised graft and corruption that runs so deep the entire government body is incapable of functioning without it.
To misquote Heinrich von Kleist – “Scotland’s Parliament and COPFS are both vile, living, breathing monuments to dishonesty and corruption”.

Basically Scotland’s like any other Third World shithole where the rule of law and order are more at scent than substance and money talks for the plutocrats, the oligarchs, the landed gentry and Masonic elitists.
If anyone thought corruption was rife in Whitehall and Westminster – (especially so with Posh Dave Scameron hiring Craig Oliver, the son of disgraced ex-Grampian Chief Constable Ian Oliver to replace the ‘disgraced’ Andy Coulson) - what goes on in Scotland beggars belief.

Alas, when 99% of the common herd operates according to the dictates of its stomach and sex organs there exists a confounding glitch in the perceptions of mass human consciousness that derails their understanding of what the fuck is actually going on in the world and works to their collective detriment.

Yep, none the wiser and in blissful ignorance - alike our legions of dumbed-down Caledonian cousins north of the border – with the mainstream press and TV media too terrified to report on the scandalous sex abuse goings-on in Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Aberdeen where a Masonic cabal of ranking establishment worthies hold sway – and their abnormal lusts are fuelled – and too satiated – through sex with disabled and special needs children.

Applying the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight, one thing that still surprises is the fact these clots in Aberdeen ever took the bait and ordered Robert Green’s arrest on a Breach of the Peace charge.

With no negative reflection or offence to Robert, he didn’t stand a chance of being voted into office over Anne Begg MP, so why bother – simply ignore him as they had been doing for 10 years with the Hollie Greig sexual abuse / serial rape case anyway – with their jackboot heel on the media’s neck.
Yet instead they spit the dummy, go into vindictive headless chicken mode and dispatch Chief Constable Colin McKerracher’s Tonton Macoutes to arrest him.

Alas, I feel Robert, due his optimistic and selfless outlook on life - and a man who embraces the principles of ‘fair play’ - simply overlooked the fact that the truth is no defence north of the border – in fact, let’s go so far and put a label on it – to them, especially where the mention of Hollie Greig is concerned, the truth is an anathema – and as welcome as a pack of lepers at a baptism.
But when the only tool you possess is a hammer then every problem starts to look like a nail.

So, for this elitist fraternity and their absurd sense of entitlement, the clock’s running – tick-tick-tick – and their long-term strategy of turning a blind eye to ritual child sex abuse by establishment worthies – and others - is an unsustainable policy.
Since Sheriff ‘Bent’ Bowen’s sentencing of Robert Green at the Stonehaven Court on the 17th of February and his ensuing incarceration, the entire Hollie Demands Justice campaign has been fired with a fresh dynamic and the festering scandal is now reaching a critical mass state, ready to erupt in a cataclysmic chain reaction proportionate to the sum total of past abuses.

There's a nasty rumour circulating that as the Deeside Christian Fellowship Church is sited in the midst of Aberdeen's scandal-ridden child molesting Bieldside / Milltimber districts and they have the Masonic kiddie fiddler's prime protectors ex-Chief Constable Ian Oliver and incumbent Chief Constable Colin McKerracher as members of the congregation, that they're considering renaming the place as St Sodom's Church for Latter Day Pederasts and establishing a Holy Shrine of the Sacred Catamites.

A most ironic – and too typically hypocritical - quote from Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill came up recently concerning the prosecution of villains for their crimes - which about sums up the entire corrupt COPFS fiasco: 'Where there is sufficient evidence to prosecute – and where prosecution is in the public interest' - but not in Scotland – not where the Masonic kiddie fiddlers of Dunblane or Aberdeen are concerned!

Thought for the day: The Freemason’s credo: "Unity, Peace and Harmony through Masonry. By our acts shall Masonry be judged."
What hypocritical bullshit.

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